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What's new

Use the newly updated waivers tool and report to collect and review customer signatures

TeamUp's newest update makes it even easier to create and edit your waivers and review your customer signatures. The dedicated waivers report gives you a quick view of which your customers has accepted your gym or studio's policies.

What's new

Use the updated bulk holds tool to pause multiple memberships at once

Membership holds have been updated to allow gym and studio owners to put multiple customer memberships on hold at once for all types of plans.

What's new

An easier way to change your membership pricing using the new bulk edit tool

Use TeamUp's updated bulk edit tool to easily make changes to membership pricing for existing customers.

What's new

[Preview] Track payments easily using the new invoices report

The easiest way to find out everything you need to know about your customer payments.

What's new

An updated business management calendar

Simplify your business and improve your day to day by using TeamUp's newly updated calendar. Eliminate stress, complicated schedules, and juggling tasks when you can manage your entire business, instructors, and customers, all in one place online.

What's new

A new activity feed: your customer activity in one place

Your personalised activity feed is the key to staying up to date with your customers without having to check in on them daily.

What's new

Updated membership holds now include packs and prepaid plans

Membership holds have been updated to allow gym and studio owners to put holds on all types of memberships including packs and prepaid plans.

What's new

Member app updated: new features

Encourage your customers to download the TeamUp member app to book their favourite classes even faster. Having access to your schedule and membership packages is now more convenient than ever.

What's new

Milestone emails: recognise your customer's outstanding progress

Let your customers know they have hit a major milestone at your gym or studio by sending them a milestone email.

What's new

Send the perfect class confirmation email

When a customer books into your class, it's important to send them a confirmation email. This helps to increase attendance, motivate your customers, and most importantly re-enforce trust. Start your customer communication off on the right foot.

What's new

GoCardless is now available for TeamUp customers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

TeamUp integrates with GoCardless for affordable, efficient payments for fitness businesses

What's new

List your classes online with Sport England (it's free)

Sport England is publishing a live timetable of curated virtual (live stream) classes on their website. You can add your online classes to their campaign for free.

What's new

Account credits report: check pending credits

TeamUp's newest feature allows you to run a report to see an overview of your customers' pending credits to your gym or studio.

What's new

Quickly book your customers into multiple classes using the block booking tool

Save your class regulars time by booking them into their favourite classes in advance, using the block booking tool. Your customers will love that they always have a booked spot in your class and never have to worry about forgetting to register.

What's new

Schedule one on one appointments for your customers

Give your customers extra support by offering one on one personal training sessions. Learn how to use the newly improved appointments tool to help your customers reach their personal goals.

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