How can a fitness CRM make my business stand out?

Keep track of those fine details that make the difference. Focus on the personal side of your business.

Make it easy to sign up to your classes

Make it easy to sign up to your classes

Newcomers want to try a class, so they go to your website to learn more. Right there, they see how easy it is to sign up.

Make new customers feel welcome

Make new customers feel welcome

Make it easy for customers to set up payments. Let them get online waivers, health questions, and forms out of the way. You can ask specific questions for certain classes. Once in the studio, you can welcome customers without interruption.


...and in control

Your customers can edit any aspect of their profile, including payments, credits, usage, and more, any time.

Be there for your members

Be there for your members

No matter how big your studio gets, you’ll have all the customer information you need. Payment details, health status, pre- and post-natal status, photos, automatic and customizable tags, and more.

So they help you grow too

So they help you grow too

Healthy businesses grow with customer referrals. Use the automated referral engine to power word-of-mouth growth. Integrate your dashboard with other apps like Mailchimp and InfusionSoft to build your list of members.

Bring an end to admin headaches with TeamUp.

See your customer trends at a glance

See your customer trends at a glance

Understand your business more deeply. Gauge which classes need more time slots. Track attendees to give insight into membership limits. Act on no-shows and customers who are slipping away.

Love the freedom of TeamUp! My customers have instant access and don't need to wait for me to reply if I'm teaching for 5–6 hours! They love the control and bookings are so much easier to manage! The 24-hour cancellation fee basically pays for it so everybody wins! Totally love it - the best tool for managing your business ever!

Joanne Bragg
Joanne Bragg Pole Addictz

Keep finances stress-free

Automate payments, reporting, and follow-ups. No more class-day conversations about money. No more checking bank statements to see if someone made a payment.

Keep finances stress-free
Celebrate with your customers

Celebrate with your customers

Never forget their birthday. Encourage newcomers. Remind your customers of how far they’ve come.

Manage the customer journey with a seamless profile

Track new, active, and inactive leads. Trigger emails to customers slipping away. Create packages for new customers.

Manage the customer journey with a seamless profile

A system that just fits


Sign up completely on your website with a fully customized experience


Set up your customer experience to match your brand

No more printing

100% online sign-up for your clients


Add a “book now” button to your Facebook page


Set up safety waivers for your whole business or by membership or class


Safety questions, sign-up, marketing - fully custom forms work for your unique business

Medical issues

Track and flag any medical issues on the profile or register

Customer control

Customers can manage their own accounts


Clear activity tracking and reporting


Full control including cancellations, terms, and more


Create family accounts and allow family management through a single login and dedicated sign-up experience


Automated customer referrals engine including rewards for new sign-ups

Upgrades and downgrades

Easy selling, or completely online and automatic


Integrate with other tools for fitness businesses, such as Zapier

Online store

Customers can purchase your products and services without stepping foot in the studio


Message your customers when they've reached a milestone, or if they haven’t attended in a while.


Automatically message your customers at different points in their experience with you


Find your most active and inactive customers to encourage attendance

Average attendance

See which classes and instructors your customers prefer


Keep it personal with birthday messages

Mobile app

Your customers can book anytime using our mobile app for iOS or Android

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Frequently asked questions

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