The WellnessLiving alternative with more integrations and no hidden costs

As businesses grow, the need for streamlined administrative tools grows as well. For the majority of business owners in the health and fitness sector, finding a reliable system that meets their needs means spending a lot of time investigating different software. We are often asked what sets TeamUp apart from other management software. We look to give a detailed comparison between WellnessLiving and TeamUp.

  • We analyse the differences between integrations, tools and features, and the overall functionality of the two apps.

  • We will be transparent and objective in our appraisal of the two websites while we accept that we're not impartial.

A direct comparison

When comparing WellnessLiving to TeamUp, there seem to be several similarities. However, when closely examining the two side by side it becomes obvious that the small details make a big difference. While both achieve helping fitness businesses streamline admin, manage class bookings, and collect payments, the way they approach this is different. For WellnessLiving customers, this comes at a higher cost and with obstacles that can go unresolved.

As a business dedicated to offering our customers the best customer experience, we want to also help you make the best decision for your software needs.

TeamUp WellnessLiving
Ideal number of customers that you serve per location. 50-1000 50-1000
Pricing. All-inclusive. Transparent pricing. Pay per feature. Additional costs apply.
Free trial. Yes. No free trial.
GetApp Value for Money.
Best value.
Even discounted it's not ideal.
Customer support.
GetApp Reliability Rating.
The best in the business.
Efficent, but inconsistent.
GetApp Features.
Everything you need.
Hidden behind various paywalls.
GetApp Ease-of-use.
Built better by design.
Does the job.
Payments. World-class integrations. No extras. Paypal.
Contracts. Month to month, no fixed term. Minimum 1-year contract.

*based on a comparison in May 2021

TeamUp ideal customer checklist

  • The experience of your customers is your number 1 priority.

  • You think that software should be good value and pay for itself.

  • You value good design and ease-of-use.

  • You love the idea of support that really cares about and gets to know your business.

  • You want scalable pricing that allows you to get started without needing to visit your bank manager.

  • You don't want to be locked into a long term contract.

TeamUp vs WellnessLiving

Choose a system that doesn't surprise you with hidden costs and upsold features when you could be running your business on scalable pricing and no fixed-term contracts.

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Pick the best integrations for your business. At TeamUp, our full stack of integrations enables our customers to streamline and automate their marketing with Zapier, host online classes with Zoom, send out regular email newsletters with MailChimp and Constant Contact and advertise their classes online using ClassPass, MoveGB, and OpenActive. All done from the same place at the same time right in their dashboard. And it doesn't stop there. TeamUp partners with the best global payment providers with the lowest fees in the market — Stripe and GoCardless, along with several other commonly used payment systems to give you the best option for your business.

Intuitive but limited integrations. WellnessLiving and TeamUp both offer integrations with well-known apps and platforms in their systems. However, where WellnessLiving falls short is that the options available to their customers is comparatively less than the number TeamUp offer. Customers are restricted from using some apps that they need to run their businesses such as Zapier. WellnessLiving also only offers one option for collecting payments online, where TeamUp offers several of the top global payment providers in the market.

Pay per feature

Pay a flat fee; no added costs or hidden expenses. Not only does TeamUp partner with the best payment providers on the market, but customers rarely express concern over late or missing payments or issues with one of our payment integrations, Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal, Braintree, PaySimple, and more. These systems are built for you to succeed, and you have the option when you sign up for TeamUp to choose which works best for you and your business model and even mix and match for different purchase types to make the most of their strengths. With Stripe's and GoCardless low fees and hassle-free integrations, fitness businesses are constantly choosing TeamUp due to the ease and reliability of being paid on time as promised.

Cheap at first but limited features. Much like other management software, WellnessLiving structures its pricing based on the features you wish to use, and at $59 per month for the basic package, it comes across as a great deal. However, while it seems like WellnessLiving offers a decent price for the bare minimum, any additional features come with a higher price tag. That means if you want to incorporate any of the features only available in the other subscriptions, you’re going to be paying up to $259 per month for the professional package.

Added costs and hidden extras

Full support whenever you need it. At TeamUp, there is no limit to the amount of support you receive. Our team cares about helping you run the best version of your business and we’ll help you navigate how to do that with our software on your side. From the moment you sign up for TeamUp, we listen to you and assess your needs based on your circumstances and plan for your business. We then assign you to one of our account managers who specialise in the areas you want to cover and the tools and features you need to support you. From then on, whenever you’re in need of additional support, you can book a time to chat with your account manager. And since they know you and your business, you’re guaranteed the most accurate support and advice for your exact needs.

Pay extra for set up and migrations. When you sign up to WellnessLiving, a tutorial and demo of how to use the dashboard and set up calendars and billing is included in the intro. But if you need any additional set-up or assistance by customer support, you get hit with an extra charge of $299. On top of that, provided you pay for the professional or enterprise packages, you are allowed just two data migrations. After that, you are then expected to pay for additional migrations.

Try before you buy

Take your time and make sure we're right for you. At TeamUp, we want you to make sure that you're completely satisfied with our product, and for you to feel as comfortable as possible using it. While WellnessLiving currently doesn't offer a free trial period, at TeamUp, we offer a free trial, so you can take your time setting up your account how you like it. You can also sign up for a trial account and set up yourself without even needing to speak with our team. We're confident that you'll find it that easy and intuitive.

Schedule a demo but no trial run. As with several other management software providers on the market, WellnessLiving doesn't offer a free trial period. In order to find out whether the software is the correct choice for your day-to-day business needs, you'll have to schedule a demo with a customer service representative. While a demo is a useful way to learn about a product, it doesn't give you the opportunity to really try out the software and to come to an objective decision about whether or not it's going to be the best option for you or your business.

TeamUp testimonials: see what our customers have to say

TeamUp is widely considered one of the best alternatives to other management software solutions, including WellnessLiving. We want you to feel confident that signing up for TeamUp is the right choice for you and your business. With hundreds of reviews from customers who want other business owners they too can succeed when using our software, the testimonials are fantastic representations of the service we provide our customers from the moment they sign up.

“Overall both myself as the business owner and my clients/members like TeamUp for its ease of use, ability to book in advance for sessions via their straightforward easy to use app on their phone, tablet or laptop, makes tracking sessions simple, tracking payments straightforward & the functionality is excellent.”
Trevor, Lean and Mean Fitness


“Wonderful, I love it, a real game changer. It makes life so much easier for the management team, the fitness instructors and the members, and it saves us time (and money) and removes stress.”
Richard, Richard Clarke Health & Fitness


Thinking about switching to TeamUp? Here are some common questions.

Where do I learn more about TeamUp?

Everything you need to know about TeamUp can be found on our website. With our complete guides, customer stories, and how-tos, you can easily find out how our features could work for you and your business. There is also a complete rundown of all the fitness types we cater for. You'll also be able to find out about our transparent pricing. There are no hidden extras or costs and includes free, personalised support. All you need to do is book a call with us at a time that suits you or sign up for your free trial to get started.

To find out more about TeamUp, you can chat with a member of our team by booking a call at a time that suits you. However, all of our information is transparent and also available for you to explore right on our website, including a full rundown of our pricing and available features. Additionally, you can find complete guides, customer stories, and how-tos in our resources section. We're upfront, and there are no hidden fees or catches when you sign up with TeamUp.

How much does TeamUp cost?

While WellnessLiving bases its pricing structure on the features you want or need to access, at TeamUp, pricing reflects how many customers you have per location. On top of that, you will have full access to all of our features and tools regardless of the subscription you are on, as well as free support.

How can I switch to TeamUp?

Joining TeamUp couldn't be easier. We are confident that you'll find our software to be so intuitive that you won't need our assistance at set up. But that being said, we'd be delighted to take you through a demo or help you migrate your data over from another software provider. 

Does TeamUp integrate with the apps I need?

Thanks to our integration with Zapier, you can streamline all your day-to-day marketing and communication with your customers with the help of 3000+ apps. Your important tasks can be automated, saving you time with administrative tasks, and allowing you to focus on your customers and active members. To learn more about the apps available through Zapier, check out their full list here.

Can I import data from WellnessLiving?

The most important thing to us at TeamUp is to help you grow your business. To make sure you can get on with running your business, we want your switch to TeamUp to be as seamless as possible. We offer a completely free import service. All your customer accounts, membership subscriptions, class schedules, and your payments will be imported by a member of our customer support team. All you have to do is let us know what you need from your previous software provider, and we will take care of the rest.

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