Sports Facility Management Software

Sports training management software for your facility

The best booking software to seamlessly manage your facility and kids' sports club. Get your payments engine running and reduce admin headaches.


How is TeamUp different? 

Managing your sports training facility is seamless when you have full access to all the features you need to completely customize your software to your business. No headaches, no membership hurdles, everything is easy for you and your members right from the start. Learn how TeamUp can make your club elite.

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Easy for you and your members

TeamUp isn't just easy for you, it's easy for your members at every levelparents and kids. Use simple management to boost retention and progress their members and athletes' growth and success, personally and as a team.


A customer experience that spreads like wildfire

Get customers talking about the incredible experience at your sports training facility. Customizable memberships for your center means TeamUp fits into your business, not the other way around. Having complete control over the experience means more flexibility, opportunity, and possibilities for you and your members.


Automate sports training payments

Get paid in advance and never miss crucial revenue. As you grow it's harder and harder to keep track, so moving away from cash, and onto a best-in-class automated online payment system will be a huge win for your business. Customize the payment experience and increase your cashflow.


Understand your business and member growth

Detailed reports give you everything you need to know about your members, sessions, practices, attendances, and more. Make fact-based decisions about your business thanks to easy-to-understand data, get to know your members on a deeper level, and create a bond built on trust with your players and athletes throughout their developing careers. 

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Manage access over your facility 24/7

Use access control to help you keep your facility secure. Automated membership access means you know who is present in your facility at all time, which parents and children are able to enter based on their memberships and registrations, and will have better insight into whose making it to practice or a session. 


Free import service

Ready to take your athletes, members, kids, and students from spreadsheets to the big leagues? TeamUp's free import service means we bring over all your data for you, upload it, and get everything ready to go for you right from the start. 

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Let your members make their own registrations

Put membership management into your members' own hands. Parents and their kids can use the member app to make their own registrations, renew their memberships, and access additional content you supply outside of practices and sessions. It's easy to stay connected right from the palm of your hands.

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Software to empower your athletes' growth

When someone comes in and it's a kid aged 14 or over and they have a cell phone, I explain to both the parent and the child how to download the TeamUp app and schedule their training sessions. I think if a kid has that responsibility they can execute it. Being able to manage their own memberships helps with their maturation and shows them that they are ready to become more than just an athlete.

Carlos Codie

Carlos Codie

Elite Speed & Sports Performance, Texas

Powerful all-in-one facility management software

Everything you need to strengthen your community, secure and manage your facility, and empower your members.


Manage your facility all in one place

Memberships, payments, reporting, marketing, and more managed all from your one TeamUp app. Engage with members, track your athelete's growth and attendance, and stay on top of your business admin at all times.


Automate your marketing tools

Integrate TeamUp with Zapier, ClassPass, MoveGB, OpenActive, and more to communicate with your members and their parents' without back and forth calls and emails. Always get in touch with them and them with you.

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Retain members with a personalized experience

Automated sign-up waivers and forms mean you get to know your members and their needs from day one. Notifications keep them informed, and always know when a milestone or birthday is coming up.


Give your customers an easy-to-use booking platform

Connecting with your members and their families should never be a challenge. A simple solution will always lift your members up and keep them coming back for more.


Invite your members' friends to join

Your marketing tools including your customer referral program make it easy for your members and their families to refer new members to your business.

Pricing built to support your growth

Pay for how many active customers you have per month, not which core features you need.

  • All core features included
  • Unlimited personal support
  • Free import service - we'll help you switch
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TeamUp for your large business or franchise network

We have special tools to help you manage and scale your larger operation. Enquire now to find out more and setup a consultation with our enterprise team.

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See why club and sports facility owners choose TeamUp.

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Start your journey with a free trial

We want you to be certain that TeamUp is the right fit for your business. With our free trial, you can explore our facility management software without obligation and contact our support team for help and advice at any time.


Fully functioning features you need

With TeamUp, you get all core features right from the start. Everything in your software is tried and tested by club and sports facility owners just like you to make sure it's what you need to deliver the best customer experience to your members.


Payment integrations you can trust

TeamUp integrates with the most reliable payment solutions including Stripe, GoCardless,, Braintree, among others, so that your members' payments are secure and timely and you can automate recurring memberships.


TeamUp is consistently rated the leader in Fitness Management Software by our amazing customers.


Team Up is the best choice I ever made for my dance business. It looks great and can be used intuitively by business owners and customers alike. Clients can book and cancel classes easily, without contacting me or my admin assistant. It adds a professional touch to a small business at an affordable cost. In addition to this, clients can sign up and pay online and 'paper-free'. This has been a god-send during lockdown with online classes and continuing to use this function will save work. Team Up is more than paying for itself with the saving I make on admin hours. Above all the support team at Team Up is out of this world. They direct you to answers swiftly and offer the personal touch at every turn.”

Joanne Wu, Joanne Wu’s Flourish with Fitness


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A system that just fits

Everything you need to run and support your club and facility.

No hidden costs

Unlimited access to all core features and tools from day one

Customized branding

Keep your business unique and true to your business’ image

Detailed reporting

Make business-based decisions with reliable, bespoke reports

Member app

Members can book and manage their attendances through iOS, Android devices, and tablets

Reliable payments

Track and control payments through an automated and reliable system

Referral schemes

Increase your member base and reward members for referring friends and family

Activity feed

Follow customer’s lifecycles, keep track of membership purchases, and see who registers or cancels

Incomparable support

Receive unlimited support from our knowledgeable team whenever you need it

Create customized memberships

Make recurring memberships, course packs, and workshops that fit your business

Access control

Automate your facility's and members' access to your center right from your app

Increase customer engagement

Use automated messaging to send out reminders, birthday messages, milestone emails, and more

Add one-on-one appointments to your schedule

From new member consultations to one-on-one training sessions, let your members know you and your staff’s availability

Join our 4000+ happy customers

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