Know how much income to expect every month.

Know how much income to expect every month

Collect payments on time. Track and forecast your expected income.

My yoga business has benefited greatly from being able to take payments online with TeamUp. My ability to convert an interested web browser into a paying client is quick and easy - they can book and pay at any time of day and night without me needing to be available. I can take and track payments so much easier so no trawling through bank statements, chasing cash payments or taking cheques to the bank. I find it increases my class sizes too as people have paid so they are much more likely to actually show up.

Lucy Bannister
Lucy Bannister Lucyoga

Have customers chase you for makeup classes

No more checking if payments have been made. No more chasing late payers.

Have customers chase you for make up classes.
Make it easy for your customers to pay you.

Make it easy for your customers to pay you

Payment at booking takes the awkwardness out of dealing with money. Make it simple for your customers to set up recurring payments.

Are you currently using any of the following payment tools?

TeamUp integrates with GoCardless, Stripe, PaySimple and other processors like PayPal and more. If you still use cash/cheques or standalone card readers, we support that too.

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Bring an end to admin headaches with TeamUp.

A system that just fits

Fully integrated

Customers complete their purchase entirely on your website


With payment tokenization and no storage of details, payment data are secure


All payments work with recurring or one-off payments


Offer more than one processor and let your customer choose

Set up for clients

Let clients pay online or take payment directly to complete purchase for them


Schedule payments according to your members' needs via memberships


Save card details for future purchases or even use active direct debit mandates to complete store purchases

No charge

TeamUp don't charge or take any fee for use of payment gateways

Your account

You have your own account with payment providers and therefore money comes straight to your account


Fully GDPR compliant, with customisable policies


Fully compatible with all upcoming SCA legislation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if TeamUp is right for you? Here are some common questions regarding our online payment methods.

Can I offer free trials?

Yes. Free trials are a popular way to get new potential members through the door. Promote the trial as a normal membership, or use the built-in free trial widget to promote on your website. Customise which classes newcomers can attend, how much they cost, and more.

Can I sell recurring plans non-monthly, i.e. 4 weeks, every 3 months etc?

Yes, this is one of hundreds of customisable options in the powerful TeamUp membership system linked to payments.

Can I change the word memberships? I don’t call my class packs/packages/services “memberships”.

Yes, you can use whatever words best suit your practise. Add your choice in the business settings part of your dashboard.

Can I take payments for retreats/training courses/events?

Yes, you can offer classes, training courses, courses, events, retreats, and more via the TeamUp courses system. This is a powerful feature that takes payments, and books customers into courses so that you can keep track of everything, and ensure you don't get overbooked.

Can I have contracts, i.e., a 6-month commitment?

Yes, this is one of the hundreds of customisable options in the powerful TeamUp membership system linked to payments. Set any length of contract and renewal options. Set a cancellation notice. TeamUp is designed to be flexible enough to help you run your business the way you want.