Your business customized

Your business, customized

Make your sign-up experience matches the personal approach you take to your classes. Add or amend any form and control all the information that is collected about your clients. Be completely compliant with GDPR and privacy rules with our policy tool.

Safety always! Waivers and ParQ

Protect your customers and your business with exactly the right waivers. Sign waivers online and automate ParQ collection. Match waivers or safety questions to specific classes or memberships, and add custom questions as required. Make it compulsory to have completed safety requirements before booking classes.

Safety always Waivers and ParQ
Ask the right questions

Ask the right questions

What do you need beyond emergency contact details? Age? Experience? Favorite music? With customizable forms and fields, you can edit or add any question to be asked at any time. Automatically re-ask questions on a schedule in the future. Keep up to date and keep your business protected.

Keep track of injuries

TeamUp includes an issue tracker to see at a snapshot any pertinent medical or life details. Track injuries, allergies, and more, and see all the info right on the class register.

Keep track of injuries

Deliver a great experience to your clients.

A system that just fits

Custom forms

Add any custom form and add any custom fields

Integration ready

Send your custom data to any of our integrations including Zapier


Create a customized sign-up experience

Contact information

Collect contact information including address

Emergency contacts

Automatically collect and keep up to date


Alerts for any changed details


Customized reports to analyse details

All core features included

Enjoy all the core TeamUp features, regardless of your price plan

Online waivers

Collect online waivers and sign online


Automated privacy policy opt-in

Injury tracking

Keep track of injuries and other important details


Only allow permitted staff members to see customer details

Website sign-up

Clients can sign up and manage their accounts from your site or the member app

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if TeamUp is right for you? Here are some common questions about waivers and forms.

Can I edit the sign-up form to collect phone numbers?

Yes, you can edit any form in TeamUp. You have full control to add or change fields.

Do I have to collect gender or other fields?

At TeamUp we have a motto: only collect the information that you need, when you need it. If any piece of information is not needed for your classes, then you can switch it off. Usually the only necessary fields are email and name.

Can I amend my waiver and get existing clients to re-sign it?

Yes. To do this, add a new waiver and then archive the old one. All clients present and future will have to sign it when they next come to book or purchase. You can also customize waivers depending on the class type or membership.

I run kids classes. Can I keep track of things like allergies?

Yes, you can use the issue tracker to track all important details including allergies. Issues flagged as important will be visible on the class register and customer profile.

Can I add a questionnaire to find out more about...?

Yes, you can add any number of custom forms and fields. There is a huge range of options of types of questions and answers. We make some recommendations in this article.