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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial work? Is it completely free?

Yes, the free trial gives you time to set up, no credit card required to access, and full personal support from our team at all times.

I'm not confident at setting new things up, will someone be available to help?

Yes, full support is included with your account, including one-on-one screen shares and unlimited access to our helpful team.

Do I have to choose a more expensive plan to get access to all the features?

No, every TeamUp account comes with our full set of features including all payment methods, reporting, integrations and mobile apps.

How do the plans work? Is there a long term commitment?

There is no long term commitment or contract. You pay month by month, based on your usage. TeamUp’s pricing automatically scales up or down based on the number of active customers in the previous month.

What happens if someone stops coming?

Pricing adjusts based on how many active customers you have. If you go through a period where you have less active customers your plan will automatically reflect your usage. You can have unlimited customers in your account, we only count the active customers who have booked or made a purchase in the previous month.

I'm not open yet, should I wait to start my trial?

You’ll probably want to set up your system ahead of time, which is why you only start paying for TeamUp after your free trial. Full support is available from the moment you sign up.

What is an active customer?

An active customer is someone who has a registration or purchases something from your business during the month. A customer is only ever counted once, regardless of how many times they attend or purchase.

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