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Business owners are looking for management software that meets their needs, and with that, basic functionality is a key focus when looking for a provider. With a number of seemingly similar providers to choose from, we are regularly asked how we differ from other apps on the market. We look to objectively critique and analyse the differences between Virtuagym and TeamUp.

  • We look into the differences between our features and tools, integrations, and customer support.

  • While we're not impartial, we will be transparent about the differences between the two software providers.

A clear and open comparison

On the face of it, Virtuagym is comparable to many other software providers. While having a lower starting price and a similar amount of features, Virtuagym has fewer integrations to most competitors. According to GetApp, they also lack important features such as email management, email marketing, and free data imports.

However, even with positive reviews from current customers, the lack of promised features and functionalities essential for running your fitness business is clear when even investigating the product. We're not saying that TeamUp is right for every business, but what we don't lack is support and the right tools and features you need to run your business. How do we know this? Because our customers tell us what they need and so can you.

TeamUp Virtuagym
Ideal number of customers that you serve per location. 50-1000 50-1000
Pricing. All-inclusive. Transparent pricing. Pay per feature. Hidden costs.
Free trial. Yes. No free trial.
GetApp Value for Money.
Best value.
Nontransparent pricing.
Customer support.
GetApp Reliability Rating.
The best in the business.
GetApp Features.
Everything you need.
Rushed out features.
GetApp Ease-of-use.
Built better by design.
Lacking in functionality.
Payments. World-class integrations. No extras. Paypal.
Contracts. Month to month, no fixed term. Minimum 1-year contract.

*based on a comparison in May 2021

TeamUp ideal customer checklist

  • The experience of your customers is your number 1 priority.

  • You think that software should be good value and pay for itself.

  • You value good design and ease-of-use.

  • You love the idea of support that really cares about and gets to know your business.

  • You want scalable pricing that allows you to get started without needing to visit your bank manager.

  • You don't want to be locked into a long term contract.

TeamUp vs Virtuagym

Invest in a system that supports your growth and doesn't lock you into a long-term commitment.

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Signing up...but do you know what for?

Free trial & short contracts.

TeamUp offers a free trial. Go into your trial calm, cool, and collected, and watch as your admin, booking, and payments fall into a seamless flow. We also don't make you sign up for a long-term contract; your subscription will be on a month-to-month basis. No hidden extras, no added costs, and transparent customer service from day one.

A long-term commitment with no try before you buy. Virtuagym does not offer a free trial for new customers. No free trial means no time to see if the software works well with your business or your customers before committing. To learn about pricing, features and tools, you need to go through a demo. And, while this method for exploring the software and learning its usage works for some people with software experience, it can be challenging for new business owners to envision what they need and how they would use certain essential tools and features in use case scenarios. Not to mention, you only get to try the user experience once you've agreed to a plan and then have to commit to a year-long contract (minimum). With no time to review or really assess its value, functionalities, and accessibility to customer service you're already locked in.

Payment integrations

But there are no cracks when you have the right payment providers on your side Not only does TeamUp partner with the best payment providers on the market, but customers rarely express concern over late or missing payments or issues with one of our payment integrations, Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal, Braintree, PaySimple, and more. These systems are built for you to succeed, and you have the option when you sign up for TeamUp to choose which works best for you and your business model and even mix and match for different purchase types to make the most of their strengths. With Stripe's and GoCardless low fees and hassle-free integrations, fitness businesses are constantly choosing TeamUp due to the ease and reliability of being paid on time as promised.

You should never have to worry about money in the bank. When your new software's promise of giving you the best falls short, especially in the payments department, you know you have a problem. The last thing a new client wants to experience is faulty payment integrations that not only don't pay on time but payout slowly and cause businesses to resort to external methods for collecting membership fees. Not only have Virtuagym customers reported that they received no guidance when having issues with payments, but that the issue did not come from the payments themselves but the processing. This is also due in part to having only one option for payment providers for the entire system. When you have to manually charge in order to avoid a steep service fee, payments go missing, customers stop coming, and things slip through the cracks.

Switching over

Fast and free. At TeamUp, we want you to hit the ground running. Our goal is to make the transition from your excel spreadsheets or your previous management software as smooth as possible. Our customer success team takes care of completely switching your data from your previous management software to ours, and for no extra cost. At TeamUp, it's part of the package. You can get on with running your gym or studio knowing that everything you need to hit the ground running will be safely and securely located in your TeamUp dashboard.

Pricey setup fees. Switching management software can seem like a daunting task. On top of learning a new system, you now have to switch over your valuable client data, membership information and payments, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Former Virtuagym customers not only expressed frustration with having to commit to the long-term contract but then pay additional fees to migrate their data over from their previous provider. Not only is this a poor experience for a new client, but another added cost. At TeamUp, transferring all your admin from your previous provider, or adding data from a spreadsheet for a new business is completely free.

Finding features can be fiddly…

Integrations to take your business forward. When you join TeamUp, you're presented with a number of fully functioning features, tools, and integrations right from the start. Built and tested by our team of expert engineers and developers and trialled by our customers before release, you will know that when a new feature is promised it will come to fruition in a reasonable period of time. Our high-powered online integrations will give you the tools you need to seamlessly run online classes via Zoom, automate your marketing content and connect with 3000+ apps and websites with Zapier, keep your classes full with platforms including MoveGB, ClassPass, and OpenActive, track the performance of your customers with BoxMate, and so much more. Whether you are interested in running a hybrid version of your business, want to improve your customer experience, or elevate your offering with new services and classes your system provides you with the tools and features you need to run your business your way.

Faulty features and limited integrations. Like TeamUp and most other management systems, Virtuagym's main task is to help its customers better organise their day-to-day administrative needs. Where Virtuagym does compete with larger more expensive competitors is being able to offer a lower price. But when problems arise across the board and valuable customer suggestions and requests go unheard, the level of confidence in its users begins to dwindle. It doesn't help that when important features including online services stop working and customers can't reach support or figure out how to solve basic issues on their own, that feeling of things not being quite right grows stronger.

Customer service

Customer success with guaranteed results TeamUp has a small and dedicated team that cares about the fine details and calling them experts would be an understatement. Once you sign up to TeamUp, one of our account managers who specialise in the areas you want to cover along with the tools and features you'll need will reach out to you. You will then be able to book a call with them whenever you need additional support, from a demo to introduce the software to help with any questions or queries you may have thereafter. From the frontend to the backend and everything in between, no question, comment, or concern is too large or small for that matter for our team to address and give you their full attention. You'll also avoid sitting on hold for hours because you book the time that suits you to talk to one of our team members.

From one advisor to another, and another, and another... When it comes to onboarding, Virtuagym's support staff listens, but do they deliver? A number of previous customers mentioned concerns over customer service and reliability to fix issues with the product. One customer said that they were passed down the line through multiple team members, resulting in misinformation and miscommunication. Having a large staff has its benefits, but when there are a high number of employees who don’t all know the ins and outs of their product, it becomes a painstaking process getting anything resolved.

TeamUp testimonials: see what our customers have to say

TeamUp is widely considered one of the best alternatives to other management software solutions, including Virtuagym. We want you to feel confident that signing up for TeamUp is the right choice for you and your business. With hundreds of reviews and customers sharing the success they have using our software after signing up or switching from a previous provider, the testimonials speak for themselves.

“The support given during set up and ongoing has been amazing. Not only is there online support, TeamUp have always returned my calls, taken as long as needed to help with any questions. I have been given advice on different marketing ideas, which has been particularly helpful. I have also been offered suggestions to utilise all areas of the TeamUp software.”
Denise, Discover Pilates


“I've been using TeamUp for 7 years now and I continue to be very happy with it. I recommend it all the time as I feel it is not only excellent software but also a really great company and team to work with [...] The customer service is the stand-out feature of this software. It has loads of great functionality and does all the things I need it to, to be able to run my independent yoga business.”
Lucy, Lucyoga


Thinking about switching to TeamUp? Here are some common questions.

Where do I learn more about TeamUp?

To find out more about TeamUp, you can chat with a member of our team by booking a call at a time that suits you. However, all of our information is transparent and also available for you to explore right on our website, including a full rundown of our pricing and available features. Additionally, you can find complete guides, customer stories, and how-tos in our resources section. We're upfront and there are no hidden fees or catches when you sign up with TeamUp.

How much does TeamUp cost?

Pricing is solely based on the number of active members you have, not on the features you need. You will have full access to all of our tools, features, and integrations. Your subscription also includes our free customer support if you ever need some additional assistance.

How can I switch to TeamUp?

Signing up to TeamUp is easily done via our website. However, if you prefer a more personal touch, book a chat with one of our customer success representatives, and they will gladly guide you through the process. 

Does TeamUp integrate with the apps I need?

TeamUp boasts integrations with some of the top payment processors, marketing platforms, as well as Zoom for all your online classes. Our integrations are designed to help save you time by automating your most important daily tasks, allowing you to focus on your customers. Our Zapier integration allows you to link with not just a few of your favourite apps, but 3000+ apps and services. Find out which apps and services you can use through your TeamUp account here.

Can I import data from Virtuagym?

Ensuring you can continue to run your business seamlessly is our top priority once you've switched over to TeamUp. In order to allow you to continue running your business day-to-day, we offer a full, free import of your data. All we need from you is information about what you want to import from your previous provider, and we take care of the rest. If this is your first time using management software, we can also import any of your old spreadsheets and data to your dashboard, all free of charge.

Where do I learn more about TeamUp?

Everything you need to know about TeamUp’s features and the fitness types our software works best for can be easily found on our website. Complete with full guides and how-tos and customer stories, our resources section has all of the additional information you need to make the most of our software. Unlike Glofox, the full breakdown of our pricing (with no hidden costs) is available to see on our website so that you know exactly how much you’ll start paying once your free trial ends. Once you’ve signed up, our unlimited go-the-extra-mile support will be available to you by phone, chat, or email.

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