Unlock the power of customer reviews

Take control of your business's online reputation with Community Happiness, the ultimate fitness business reputation management tool.


Automate review requests

Streamline the process of gathering reviews by automatically sending emails to your customers. Encourage them to share their experiences and leave valuable feedback, effortlessly boosting your online reputation.


Simplify review management

Community Happiness seamlessly integrates with external review sites, such as Google and Facebook. Monitor and track all your reviews from a centralized dashboard to ensure you never miss a beat.


A dedicated review report

Stay on top of your business's online reputation with the Customer Happiness report. Gain valuable insights into your customers' sentiments, identify areas of improvement and track trends, all in one place!


Respond to reviews from TeamUp

Community Happiness allows you to engage with your customers and address their feedback promptly directly within TeamUp, saving you time and effort. Strengthen your relationship with your community while showcasing exceptional customer service.


Harness the power of loyal customers

Community Happiness enables you to encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experiences on external review sites, amplifying your online reputation and attracting more potential customers.


Intelligent review assistance

Help your customers craft thoughtful and impactful reviews by providing keyword suggestions tailored to your business. All your customers need to do is select a few keywords, and the AI assistant will write a high-quality review.

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TeamUp service fees are based on how many active customers you have per month, and the Community Happiness feature
costs $29/£20/24€ per month

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We have special tools to help you manage and scale your larger operation. Enquire now to find out more and set up a consultation with our enterprise team.

A system that just fits

Having one place to manage your memberships, payment methods, form and waiver collection, and client details will add value to both your and your clients' experience. Clients will love how quickly it is to go from registration to confirmation, and you can enjoy the benefits of a system that works for you in all aspects of your business.

Website sign-up

Clients can sign up and manage their accounts from your site or the member app

Venues and rooms

Allocate specific rooms in a venue to your appointments

Instructor availability

Set and manage instructor availability to schedule appointments

Online register

Mark off attended or no-show on any device

Appointment management

Reminders, pre or post-class notifications for clients and coaches

Plays nicely with others

Host class and appointment booking side by side


Set client forms of waivers per membership prior to appointment day


Take payments for appointments on their own or via memberships


Include appointments in your membership plans


Keep all your content and classes in one place

Client relationship management

Find your clients' appointments in their profiles

Activity Feed

See when and what your clients are booking

Mobile app

Native App for iOS and Android included


Track your most popular appointment types and coaches

Everything included

All features included on every plan


Offer in-person and online appointments


All the integrations you need including Zapier and Zoom


Automate all communications - just turn up and coach

Waiting Lists

Manage popular time slots automatically, messaging via mobile app or email


Promote one on one sessions directly on social media with discount codes

Customer referral program

Clients refer new clients to your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about TeamUp’s reputation management tool.

What is a reputation management tool?

Reputation management tools allow businesses to request customer reviews and track their brand reputation by monitoring reviews, comments, and brand mentions on social media, review sites, and other online sources.

What is Community Happiness?

Community Happiness is a powerful reputation management tool that is available as an add-on feature in TeamUp, a fitness business management software. It allows fitness business owners to take control of their online reputation by managing and cultivating positive reviews.

How does the Community Happiness feature work?

Community Happiness streamlines the process of gathering reviews by sending personalized email notifications to your customers, prompting them to submit feedback. It also integrates with external review sites such as Google and Facebook, providing a centralized dashboard to manage and track all reviews. Additionally, it enables you to respond to reviews directly from your TeamUp account, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Can I view and track all my reviews in one place?

Yes, Community Happiness provides a dedicated report that allows you to view and manage all your reviews in one convenient place. This report provides valuable insights into customer sentiments, ratings, and trends, helping you understand your community better.

How can I respond to reviews from external sites within TeamUp?

With Community Happiness, you can respond to reviews from external sites directly within TeamUp. This feature saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to navigate to each external review platform individually.

Can I encourage loyal customers to post their reviews on external sites?

Absolutely! Community Happiness empowers you to identify loyal customers who have submitted positive reviews and encourage them to share their experiences on external review sites such as Google and Facebook. This helps amplify your online reputation and attract more potential customers.

How does AI technology assist customers in review writing?

Community Happiness leverages powerful AI technology to assist your customers in writing thoughtful reviews. It provides customers with keyword suggestions (previously configured by you in the feature's settings), helping them craft impactful reviews that reflect their experiences accurately.

Is Community Happiness available as a standalone product?

No, Community Happiness is an add-on feature exclusively available within the TeamUp fitness business management software. To access Community Happiness, you need to have a TeamUp account. Click here to start your free TeamUp trial.

How can I get started with Community Happiness?

To get started with Community Happiness, first, you'll need to sign up for TeamUp. Click here to start your free trial! Once you have a TeamUp account, you can easily enable the Community Happiness add-on from your Settings dashboard.

How much does Community Happiness cost?

Community Happiness is a paid add-on feature in TeamUp. It costs 29 USD/20 GBP/24 EUR per month. You can disable the feature at any time.

How can Community Happiness benefit my fitness business?

Community Happiness enables you to manage your fitness business's online reputation, gather positive reviews, respond to feedback, and engage with your community. By leveraging the power of positive reviews, you can attract more customers, enhance your online reputation, and build a thriving fitness community.