How easy is it to switch my business over to TeamUp?

It's fast and efficient. You and your clients will feel right at home when it's done. We run disruption-free platform switches every day.

Works with any system

Works with any system

We've transferred from every software system and know the best ways to help you. Whether it's making sure your members are set up on the same package, or bringing over emergency contact information, we're there for you.

As much help as you need

As much help as you need

You can provide us reports with your data, or we can even extract the data for you at no additional cost.

Bring everything you need

Bring everything you need

We can bring all your current and former customer details, memberships including remaining pack usage, and often even payment details. Just ask us and we can talk you through.

Transfering data work

How does transfering data work?

  1. We get access to your existing provider and extract the relevant information or you provide the reports
  2. We import to your account and you check everything
  3. Your customers accept an invite to start using their account

TeamUp's switch service was absolutely seamless. They took away all of the stress of switching systems and handled any issues that came up promptly and without fuss. I'd recommend their switch service to any gym owner who's looking to change their booking system.

Ross Stewart
Ross Stewart Improve Glasgow

Bring an end to admin headaches with TeamUp.

A system that just fits

Seamless transfer

Only let your customers know when you are ready to go live

You have full control

Check everything before going live

White-glove data service

We install all the data for you

Data extraction

We can extract the data for you


Personally invite customers when you're ready to launch

Customers find it easy to use

All they need is a new password

Single login

With only one login, customers can book on your website and via the app


Our customer service team know what they're doing

No rush!

Switch at a time that makes the most sense for you

Sign up for a free trial.

Use all of TeamUp's features completely free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if TeamUp is right for you? Here are some common questions regarding our free import service.

Will I lose customers as part of the switch?

We will import everyone for you and advise on the best steps to communicate with customers. Sometimes there is a learning curve but over time you will find you have happier clients because they will find their software easier and more friendly to use.

Will my billing be disrupted - will I miss payments?

We will figure out all the complexity for you and ensure that all dates are respected and you don't miss payments. Sometimes this means waiting a little longer to ensure you take the next batch of payments before making the switch - but we think this is worth it to make sure that you don't miss any vital cash flow.

Can you do the import for me?

We will do the import for you - all included as part of our service. We will also help you extract the data, or even do it for you, if you prefer. Our friendly team will chat you through the options.

It took me months to set up my last software, how long will this take?

We can do the whole transfer in a matter of days including getting the data ready, or sometimes it's better to take a little longer. Chat to us about what you want to achieve and we'll make a plan based on your circumstances.

Can I bring my payment method across? Can I import payments from x?

If you work with one of the payment processors that we link with then we can usually import your active payments (for example, we can always do this for Stripe and GoCardless). Even if we don't, then we have some straightforward processes for helping you get payments across and orderly.

What do my customers have to do?

Your customers don't have to be aware of the switch at all until you are ready to launch. We import everything and have a special block on the system to ensure they don't receive any communications until you are ready to get started. When you give us the go-ahead, they will receive an invite email and they click to set up a password. When they have done this they will find their account created and ready to go.

Can the sessions remaining on current class packs be brought across?

Yes, we can usually import all of this for you.

I have customers booked into recurring time slots, what about them?

We can often import customers into their regular repeating timeslots. Just ask one of our experts.

I am a family based business, can you still help me switch?

Definitely. We'll create any family profiles as needed, all of which can be linked to a central manager account for easy access and management from one login. We even have dedicated sign up flows for family businesses.