Why TeamUp works with lots of business types

Having software built around your needs is essential for running your business. At TeamUp, we're dedicated to the small details, flexibility to build your business the way you want, and seeing you succeed.

This page summarises some of the key fitness areas we focus on and why 2500+ business owners like you trust and rely on our tools, features, and support to help them with their day to day.

Franchise and multi-location
Group Fitness
Martial Arts
Personal Training
Pole and Aerial

5 key features for all businesses

An easier way to run your businesses

We've seen it all. Business owners drowning in admin, struggling to understand just what's going on, and energy wasted on trying to get things under control. TeamUp takes the complexity out of running your business. With a streamlined dashboard, easy to use tools and features, and the ability to see what is going on with your customers and staff at all times, you'll get your time back and most importantly, you'll start loving your business again.

A better way for your clients to register for classes

There is nothing more exhausting than calls, texts, and emails at all hours of the day and night from clients wanting to book classes or make amendments to their current registrations. You shouldn't have to be responsible for each and every little detail, but without software to give your clients a place to register and manage their own memberships, you will be. An online booking system will allow your clients to sign up and register without having to contact you and make it even easier for them to be clients of your business.

Know the ins and outs of your business, not just the surface

It's pretty difficult to grow a business when you aren't quite sure what's going on. Reporting tools can guide you in making important decisions for your business when you have all the facts and data to support you. Without the intuitive information and details, valuable clients will slip through the cracks, you'll lose out on income, and you won't be able to determine which of your classes are outperforming others. Take back control of your business and watch as it grows without you having to make any major changes.

Connect with your clients

Helpful integrations will make it much easier for you to stay connected with your clients in and out of the gym or studio. Through apps and websites with powerful tools and automations, your clients will know what's going on at all times, and you won't have to reach out to each individual customer with every update. Not to mention online integrations can help you keep classes full and your revenue boosted.

Collect and automate payments

Nobody enjoys chasing down customers to ask about missing or late payments. All it creates is a lack of trust, awkwardness, and results in you missing out on valuable income. TeamUp's payment integrations will ensure that you are always paid on time, you know just how much to expect, and allow you to forecast your minimum income for months in advance.

Business types


Keeping on top of your payments and attendance can be overwhelming, especially when you are away from your desk for hours at a time. TeamUp's fully mobile tools ensure that you know who is supposed to be in a session, that they've paid, and that if they stop turning up you can rely on smart messaging automation to make sure they don't slip away. Read more...

"But when you've got an all-in-one solution like this, it's really worth its weight in gold that it enables you to be able to scale the business."


Run your club with ease. With TeamUp, you can improve your customers' experience by simplifying membership payments and clearly laying out your administrative tasks makes managing your business less complicated. Whether you're managing one location or several, TeamUp can help you ensure your clients keep coming back. Read more...

"Whether you want memberships, pay as you go or you want flexibility for your classing and your pricing and you want ease of use for your customers, it is the best system out there."


Build a strong community by getting the small details right. You don't want to waste time before or after class talking about membership payments, and you want your athletes to turn up ready to train. Online booking helps you ensure that sessions run smoothly, and TeamUp's advanced payment systems mean you know that the money side of your business is looked after. Read more...

"I highly recommend TeamUp. I think one, the functionality of it is very good. It's very simple for me to have like this is the first system which I have experience with for making bookings and it is all self-taught. You guys also have great resources on your site, so your how-tos are great. And then also if I ever have a question, if I can't find something on the how-to you have that chat option, which I've used a lot. And then the response from you guys is always super quick."

Franchise and multi-location

We want to help your business grow, and once you've built a successful fitness business, you may find yourself wanting to branch out to a number of locations, or even franchise your gym or studio. The management software provided by TeamUp is an ideal solution for this next stage. From a powerful franchise dashboard to full support covering all your locations, TeamUp can help you with powerful franchise tools. Read more...

"TeamUp works incredibly well because it fits our model very well and the service they provide allows us to communicate with them quickly and easily and address any problems when they come along. They're also open to new ideas and development, which we'll work on with them to help improve their solution and therefore our solution."

Group fitness

Stay on top of your admin and up to date with your customer's needs by keeping a record of your client's names, any injuries you need to be aware of, and any other special requirements that they could have. With TeamUp, you can keep all of this information in one place; your pocket! All this information can be kept in a logical manner along with your scheduling and payment information. Read more...

"I would definitely recommend TeamUp for anybody in the fitness business, particularly now with the On Demand section being a must. If you're face to face, it's going to work. If you're a hybrid system, when you're using On Demand and face to face, it's going to work. But if you're going to be working online integrated with Zoom, and I think it's integrated with other things as well, it will work. So absolutely. I recommend it."


TeamUp has helped gyms to grow their business with online payments, scheduling classes, automated emails to clients, and a great member experience. Add to that value boosting tools like on-demand content and online classes, you have a complete and modern gym support system. Read more...

"I would say TeamUp would be the best money you will spend because it is money you will save in the long run and it will make your life easier. You will make your life easier, you will make your business more personal, but also more professional at the same time. So I would highly recommend TeamUp."

Martial Arts

Manage your martial arts business without complicating your scheduling needs. With TeamUp, your active members will receive reminders to book their next session. Our platform allows you to specify how you want your classes and courses to be reserved, including term-time blocks. Flexibility is a key aspect of what we do, and you can make your scheduling as flexible as you need it to be. If you need to change timings in your calendars, you can do that swiftly and simply. Read more...

"As a martial arts business we need to track attendance and student numbers so that we can cater the classes to our client's needs, we also need the flexibility to change timetables quickly and easily. This helps us focus on what we do and not worry about the admin side of things."

Lorenzo Fraquelli

Lorenzo Fraquelli

Wave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Personal training

Whether you're a personal trainer in a gym, or you run a freelance PT business, classes could be on a one-to-one basis as well as small group training. Chasing payments from clients is a thankless task, especially when working freelance. By using TeamUp, you know that your payments are guaranteed. Helping you to maintain control of your business, TeamUp is easy to use with an experienced support team just a phone call away should you need them. Read more...

"Initially, I came to TeamUp for my scheduling and my payments, and that is still the primary coming role it plays in my business. But the financial reports, I'd also say actually as a CRM, it's amazing in the way that I can speak to clients to set up to send out automated emails after a first session or maybe a full session...The last thing I'd say is TeamUp is amazing. You need it. It's only going to enhance your business. Your members are going to love it. You're going to love it. "


An efficient system will support you in building a thriving business and helping ever more clients. Dispense with spreadsheets and free solutions that never quite hit the mark and invest in automation that will support your cashflow and your work life balance. Flexibility is the key to software being able to fit your needs and TeamUp is the most flexible and powerful system available. Read more...

"And what I also love about it is if you have an idea or something that there's not on or hasn't been available before in the system, then the developers are willing to listen to you and add that which I've noticed over the years that a lot of features on that weren't there, to begin with. So I highly recommend."

Pole and aerial

Who said exercise can't be elegant? Pole and aerial classes are becoming increasingly popular, and with the workouts they offer in a fun, sociable, unique environment, it's easy to see why. An elegant form of exercise deserves a business solution to match, and that is exactly what TeamUp offers. Taking bookings yourself is a thing of the past so you can concentrate your time on your classes and clients. Read more...

"The customer support is one of the biggest selling points for me when I tell people about TeamUp. I've had a couple of times where I've needed to actually bring up or email in where I haven't quite found what I wanted on the FAQ page. Although, that is quite thorough and the response is so quick and you get to talk to a real person, not somebody who's not familiar with the system. They're always really familiar with it. So it's really, really nice to actually talk to someone and talk to people who really understand the system."


When running a studio, especially if you're newly up and running, you want to be sure that your management software is value for money, and it keeps the experience focused on an amazing class day experience for your community. Instead of paying for added features, with TeamUp, your plan is based on how many clients you have, and you have full access to all the features we offer. Read more...

"I started using TeamUp then as a way of managing that seasonal project and I've stuck with it ever since. It's become completely the backbone of my business because everything that I do stems and flows from my TeamUp booking system and it's really come into its own in the last year because I've had to completely shift and remodel my entire business...And I can feel really confident recommending TeamUp to one of my yoga teacher clients, because I know that the customer support is so helpful."

No credit card details required, and pay nothing until you're sure you love TeamUp.