How can our APIs help you design a custom solution for your business?

With the APIs, you’ll be able to build sophisticated automations and create personalized websites, apps, and portals that make the most of TeamUp’s powerful functionality.

Supercharge your project with TeamUp’s APIs

Everything you need to take your project to the next level.

Technical benefits

Technical benefits

Our full-featured APIs allow you to interact with TeamUp as a customer or as a staff member at a business so that you can build functional applications and integrations. You’ll be able to bridge your tools and systems and create solutions for specific use cases, both on the business and customer sides.

Ease of use

Ease of use

We provide full documentation for our APIs and instant access to the credentials you’ll need to start building your project.



Within the TeamUp Business Dashboard we offer various Activity Feeds that list recent actions and updates, such as which customers registered for a class and which memberships were purchased. The feed displays which API Application performed these actions if they were done via the API, making it easy to check at glance if everything is working correctly.

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Unify your business data

With the APIs, you’ll be able to extract all the data you need from TeamUp and consolidate it with your other data sources, allowing you to carry out an in-depth analysis of your business’s performance.


Authentication solutions

Leverage TeamUp’s business and customer authentication systems to create secure access to your business’s protected resources and applications.

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Create applications and integrations
powered by TeamUp

Create applications powered by TeamUp.

If you’d like to customize how you interact with TeamUp or integrate some aspect of TeamUp with another application, the APIs will be your primary tools for accessing the data.

Our full-featured APIs interact with your TeamUp business and customer accounts, allowing you to build robust integrations and custom websites and applications.

Exceed your clients' expectations.

A system that just fits

Having one place to manage your memberships, payment methods, form and waiver collection, and client details will add value to both your and your clients' experience. Clients will love how quickly it is to go from registration to confirmation, and you can enjoy the benefits of a system that works for you in all aspects of your business.

Website sign-up

Clients can sign up and manage their accounts from your site or the member app

Venues and rooms

Allocate specific rooms in a venue to your appointments

Instructor availability

Set and manage instructor availability to schedule appointments

Online register

Mark off attendance or no-shows on any device

Appointment management

Reminders and pre- or post-class notifications for clients and coaches

Plays nicely with others

Host class and appointment booking side by side


Set client forms of waivers per membership prior to appointment day


Take payments for appointments on their own or via memberships


Include appointments in your membership plans


Keep all your content and classes in one place

Client relationship management

Find your clients' appointments in their profiles

Activity Feed

See when and what your clients are booking

Mobile app

Native App for iOS and Android included


Track your most popular appointment types and coaches

All core features included

Enjoy all the core TeamUp features, regardless of your price plan


Offer in-person and online appointments


All the integrations you need including Zapier and Zoom


Automate all communications - just turn up and coach

Waiting Lists

Manage popular time slots automatically, messaging via mobile app or email


Promote one-on-one sessions directly on social media with discount codes

Customer referral program

Clients refer new clients to your business

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Frequently asked questions

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