How can a membership system help me grow my fitness business?

Offer class packages that work for all your clients' schedules.
Flexible memberships give you control over your classes.

Recurring memberships

Recurring memberships

Take payments on a schedule that you define. Offer options and different levels to match your business. Schedule your payments to fit your overhead requirements.

Increased commitment

Increased commitment

Members who commit get results. Help your customers attend more classes to get the best from your studio.



Control every aspect of payments. With direct debit and credit card payments, your customers never have to take out their wallets at the studio.



Protect your cash flow with minimum cancellation notice periods and contracts. Customise contracts or find upsell opportunities with complete flexibility.



Make every interaction with your members a pleasure. A customer-centric business makes it easy to spend and attend.

Bring an end to admin headaches with TeamUp.

Stay on top of all the different working parts of your business

Stay on top of all the different working parts of your business

When clients are on different packages, want to come at different times, or want to make up a missed session, things can spiral out of control quickly. With TeamUp's memberships everything is managed in one place, and automatically.

TeamUp is just so user-friendly, and so easy to navigate and figure out. Even the times I have had questions, if I just email then the team get right back super quick, and are so helpful. What I love about it, though, is that the options are there. We were able to launch and encourage people to sign up with a pro-rated membership for the first period. Because of that, people were just like, "Okay, well yeah. I'll sign up," because they didn't feel any risk.

Sarah Macdonald
Sarah Macdonald CrossFit Haddington

Save time so you can focus more on your clients' needs

Time spent on admin is time that you could use more effectively. Whether it's letting someone know that a space on a waiting list has become available, or chasing a missed payment, or any one of hundreds of small tasks - TeamUp can help.

clients needs
Keep track of all the important parts of your business

Keep track of all the important parts of your business

With TeamUp it's all there in one place. You can see their contact details, waivers, what membership they are on, when they registered and any injury information or notes.

Draw payments automatically from your customers' accounts

Set up an automatic payment schedule. Track your revenue, monitor your projected income. Even when you're busy, this runs in the background.

Draw payments automatically from your customers accounts

A system that just fits

You designed your business around your clients. Your software should do the same. Move easily from an existing system without having to change what your customers are already doing.


No more manual chasing or checking class usage

Discount codes

Use on existing or new, added by your client or you

New customers

Set specific memberships to be new customers only

Single purchase

Set specific memberships to be a one time purchase

Member rates

Discounted access to classes or workshops for members

Open gym

Add-on services and fine-tune control

Free trials

Set up free trials, or paid trial weeks

Unlimited options

Unlimited types or numbers of memberships


Set custom categories and groupings


Smart widget allowing you to sell classes, memberships and store items directly from your site


Upgrades and downgrades handled automatically


All memberships linked to automated payments

Class access

Automated online booking


Send member details to other apps via integrations


Detailed membership reports including trends


Amend pricing at any stage, retain existing member pricing, or bulk change

Hidden classes

Hidden classes for groups of members that you choose


Membership holds for member holidays


Offer different payment plans for a membership


Easily specify contract terms and payment rules


Our team will help you import existing memberships

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if TeamUp is right for you? Here are some common questions regarding our membership features.

Can I offer free trials?

Free trials are a popular way to get new potential members through the door. Promote the trial as a normal membership, or use the built-in free trial widget to promote on a page on your website. You will find rich options allowing complete customisability of which classes they can attend and lots of other rules. You can charge for your trials too if preferred.

Can I sell 4 weekly memberships instead of monthly?

Yes, this is one of hundreds of customisable options in the powerful TeamUp membership system.

I've already got a software system, will you help me switch over?

Yes, TeamUp helps business owners transition between services every day. We can help you do it quicky and efficiently.

My clients don't like technology....

If you have a client who cannot use the booking tools, you can book for them, take their payment, and set them up with memberships from your computer or phone.

Can I change the word "membership?"

Yes, you can represent your business using words that best reflect your services. TeamUp is proud to offer a highly customisable tool.