Keep track of active, scheduled, and past membership holds with our latest report

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Our latest reporting tool allows you to pull historical membership hold data and generate reports about scheduled and active holds.

Our latest reporting tool allows you to pull historical membership hold data and generate reports about scheduled and active holds.

The Membership Hold functionality on TeamUp allows you to pause customer memberships individually or in bulk.  While the hold lasts, billing will be paused, and customers won't be able to make registrations.

This powerful tool allows you to pause memberships when you need to close your gym or studio for a given period of time or to accommodate customer absences (injuries, holidays, etc.), without the hassle of having to figure out their first payment when they come back, or how many classes they're owed - the system does it all for you!

Membership Holds Reports

How can the Memberships Report help you

Our latest addition to the business Reporting section on TeamUp, the Membership Holds report, allows you to keep track of your membership hold activity. You'll have detailed information about past, present, and future holds all in one place.

For example, you can:

  • See a history of past membership holds. You'll be able to see which members were on hold, the hold start and end dates, the post-hold payment calculations, and more!
  • Quickly view a list of memberships currently on hold, along with the hold details
  • Generate a list of holds scheduled in the future
  • See the average hold length
  • View which membership has had the most holds so far

You can use the filters and grouping options in the report to get the exact information you're after. There's also a convenient download option, which allows you to save your membership hold reports as .CSV files.

Let's take a look at how it all works!

How to generate Membership Hold reports

The Membership Holds report is available in our new reports section - you can view it here or by heading to your Reports page and clicking the toggle in the top left corner, as seen below.

🎉 We're working on a new and improved reports design with new features! We will be applying this new visual style to all of our reports soon. Let us know what you think in the Product Feedback Portal! 


You can use a combination of filters and grouping options to get a snapshot of memberships currently on hold, view upcoming holds, or see a history of past holds

Membership Holds report with the hold status column highlighted.

and narrow the results down by membership, customer, relevant hold dates, and more.

Membership holds report grouping options.

Pre-baked Membership Hold reports

As part of our new reporting design system, we've introduced report "widgets", which are quick reports that you can take a look at without having to manipulate any data.

The widgets on the Membership Holds reporting page allow you to see at glance:

Membership Holds report widget.

  • The number of active holds you have right now
  • The average hold length
  • Membership with most holds
  • Number of holds ending within the next 30 days

To see the data for each widget, click the 'View Report' button.

Membership Holds report widgets; the cursor is clicking 'View Report'.

Download the report

To download the report with any other additional fields you might need, click the 'Download' button in the top right.

How to download the Membership Holds report.

For a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the Membership Holds report, please check out our help center article.

If you have customers inquiring about putting their memberships on hold or you need to put your customers on hold, you can head to your Membership Tools in your TeamUp dashboard or sign-up for a free trial with TeamUp.

Don't forget to check the what's new section weekly for new and updated TeamUp features.


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