Manage multiple parents and guardians multiple kids

Manage multiple parents and guardians, multiple kids

No matter how complicated the family, keep track of their class schedules, payments, and waivers. Keep families together by offering discount codes for siblings.

Sensible logic for logging in, signing waivers and managing information for children

Keep track of everyone automatically, so you can focus on hosting amazing classes. Use automated notifications, reminders, and reporting to get the admin out of the way.

Sensible logic for logging in signing waivers and managing information for children
Make it easy for parents to book for their kids

Make it easy for parents to book for their kids

Make it easy to see classes, book each child, and pay. Offer easy web booking from your website, or the TeamUp Member App.

No more chasing parents for payments

Keep payments straightforward and automatic. No one wants to be the parent who always pays late. Help your customers stay on top of due dates.

No more chasing parents for payments

Deliver a great experience for parents and kids.

A system that just fits

Your customers are central to your business. You can modify TeamUp’s software to best fit your own best practices.

Family sign-up

A simple and user friendly signup including payments


Record and manage waivers or safety information on behalf of kids


Powerful reports to help you understand your business


A custom privacy policy with GDPR consent

On your website

Easy installation on your website to fit your design

Mobile apps

Native apps for iOS and Android included

Online classes

Offer online classes alongside your in-person classes


Manage payments and classes in one place


Offer any combination of recurring or one-off memberships


Logins for your staff and custom permissions

Everything included

All features included on every plan

Online register

Powerful online register to help you deliver a great experience


All the integrations you need to manage your business including Zapier


Automate all class related communications — just turn up and teach


Manage popular classes automatically, with kids pre-registered

Let's get started.

Deliver a great experience for parents and kids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if TeamUp is right for you? Here are some common questions regarding families and children.

Is it easy for parents to register kids without my assistance?

Yes, the whole experience is easy to use and understand. Parents can register on your site or via a link that you provide them. You can set up your classes and payments the way that you want.

Does it cater for multiple kids in a family?

Yes, it's possible to have any number of kids in a family. You can also set multiple parents (or guardians), and they can both book on behalf of their kids.

Can I change payment dates and other details myself?

Yes, you have full control of every aspect of payments. You can change any future payment amount, refund, add extra adhoc payments, change dates and even bill store orders to saved payment details.

I offer a regular schedule so I don't want to make parents book each week — is that possible?

You can use TeamUp completely without class booking if desired, or you can set reservations for attendees so they are pre-registered for classes every week. You have full control over your business.