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See how Anthony uses TeamUp to:

  • Simplify class bookings
  • Reduce cancellations
  • Improve customer experience
  • Streamline administration tasks

Easy class reservations

Keep your classes full

Your students can book for their class each week. They'll get reminder prompts.

Your time with students is valuable. Do away with repetitive conversations about payments.

Manage families properly with child-specific waivers. Your grown-up customers will love booking each child as they need.

Know your students as well as you
know your financials

Understand your business instantly. Focus on your students.

Know your students and your financials

No more awkward payment conversations. Bookings are seamlessly tied to payments, so you can let customers update their payment details themselves.

'Remember' those important details about students injuries and other notes before each class.

Understand your business easily with TeamUp's intuitive reporting. Read (or view just glance at) reports on class attendance, billing, memberships, and more.

Club management software for martial arts

Focus on your students - not their wallets - on class day. Clear up precious minutes to talk about the things that matter to them.

Easily deal with no-shows and catch ups

Easily deal with no-shows and catch ups

TeamUp is designed for any size of business. If you are a franchise, or are interested in franchising in the future, get in touch via our dedicated franchise page.

Filter classes by ability levels

Filter classes by ability levels

Manage ability levels for clients, and then offer classes to that individual at their level. Avoid welcoming beginners into the advanced classes.

Business management for martial arts

Business management for martial arts

Understand your business at a glance. TeamUp provides reports on class attendance, billing, memberships, and more.

Pricing designed around your needs

With TeamUp You'll Get

  • All features included with all plans
  • Unlimited support to get your account set up
  • Free data migration from any other software
  • A free trial
  • Real people on the customer service phone and support channels

Don't pay until you get paid.

Enjoy quick bookings, easy payments,
and full reporting in your free trial.

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Frequently asked questions

Not sure if TeamUp is right for you? Here are some common questions we've heard from martial arts businesses.

I've used martial arts billing software before but it was very difficult to set up. Will this take a lot of time to get up and running?

TeamUp is simple to set up. You can have students booking and paying in less than an hour. We're here to help you and offer unlimited help to get you up and running.

I don’t run memberships, but use term-time blocks. Can TeamUp handle this?

We use the word “membership” to describe any type of class package. Our course platform is designed to handle multiple class options including term-time blocks.

I’m not very confident with computers. Is there a way you can set up my account for me?

Yes. We will personally help you whenever you need. You can schedule a call whenever needed at any time (not only during setup). For imports, you'll have a dedicated person and personal service every step of the way.

Can I manage my belt gradings?

While TeamUp doesn't come with a native belt-grading feature, it is possible to track and manage belt grading. To learn more, reach out to our team and we'll help you set it all up.

I currently have membership software with another provider. Is it easy to switch over?

Yes. It's important that your business stay organised and operational when you decide to switch providers. You'll be able to seamlessly transfer direct debits, customer accounts, member subscriptions, automated payments, class schedules, and everything else you need, without interrupting your customers. TeamUp will be there to make it easy - our support is always free.

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