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  • Simplify class bookings
  • Reduce cancellations
  • Improve customer experience
  • Streamline administration tasks

Easy class bookings

Easy class reservations

Keep it simple for you and your students. It's best for them to have control over when they book and how they pay. If they need to change classes, it should be simple to do so.

Ever had a beginner accidentally sign up for an advanced class? It can get awkward. With TeamUp, you can assign ability levels to students, and then offer only classes to that individual at that ability level. That way no one signs up for the wrong class.

You're the boss. Clear cancellation policies are easy to manage with automatic waitlists and prepayments. Say goodbye to no-shows and lost revenue.

Make running your studio easier

Running a business is complicated enough without chasing for payments.

Handle payments automatically

Who hates awkward payment conversations on class day? Literally everyone. Keep payments automated and easy to set up so that you can focus on more important conversations.

Your brand is important to you. It represents not only your business but the community you've built over time. So, students should be able to book and pay straight from your website.

Keep track of everything in one place. Make payment headaches a thing of the past with automated renewals and block payments, as well as the ability to integrate recurring payments into your business. Reminders, notifications, and easy online account management for your students will drastically reduce or eliminate manual chasing.

Booking software pole and aerial people love

Your students will love TeamUp, and it will also help you manage the fine details with ease, so you can focus on the quality of their experience.

No more communication overload

No more communication overload

You're busy and your business needs you. Automate a huge range of your communications via TeamUp's customisable notifications. Send newsletters to your students by integrating Mailchimp. Your time away from your work-life is precious.

Business management for pole, aerial and dance studio owners

Business management for pole, aerial and dance studio owners

Understand your business easily with TeamUp's intuitive reporting. Read (or view just glance at) reports on class attendance, billing, memberships, and more.

The right team on your side

The right team on your side

We'll be there for you when it counts. Whether you need help importing your existing customers, making changes or recommendations on how to approach a new idea - our friendly and expert team will be available to assist you.

Pricing designed around your needs

With TeamUp You'll Get

  • All features included with all plans
  • Unlimited support to get your account set up
  • Free data migration from any other software
  • A free trial when you start using TeamUp
  • Real people on the customer support channels

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Frequently asked questions

Not sure if TeamUp is right for you? Here are some common questions we've heard from pole businesses.

I’m worried customers won't be able to handle doing things themselves on their computer.

TeamUp is simple and intuitive. Most people are now comfortable with pole booking software. However, we also give you complete control. You can easily help a client who can't or doesn't want to manage their own account.

I don’t run memberships, but use term-time blocks. Can TeamUp handle this?

We use the word “membership” to describe any type of class package. Our course platform is specifically designed to handle multiple class options including term-time blocks.

I'm already busy, will I have enough time to manage TeamUp?

TeamUp will save you time. Period. If you're busy with a second job and offering classes in the evenings, busy growing your full-time business, or anything in between, TeamUp lets you automate payments and notifications while letting your customers manage their own memberships and bookings. This means more time for you to do what you need to do.

Will online payments get me money quickly?

Online payments will ensure that you receive a steady and predictable income compared to cash, cheques or bank payments. TeamUp works with some of the leading processors and is intelligently designed to know when payments have arrived in your account. This means no more checking to make sure you've been paid. If there's something you need to know, then your TeamUp dashboard will tell you.

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