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A video series for learning about common topics for launching a new fitness business.

Identifying target customers Building community
Marketing Social media

The Fitness Journey Project

The Fitness Journey Project

Follow the fitness journey of customers at leading Pilates, Crossfit, boxing and bootcamp businesses.

How customers make decisions
What stands out to prospective customers
What encourages community


Delivering high quality fitness classes online

How to use Zoom to run great fitness classes online

Taking your fitness classes online

COVID-19 How to message your customers about your business plans

COVID-19 How to run smooth, professional online classes with kids at home

COVID-19 How to access UK government support for your fitness business

COVID-19 New features and resources for fitness business to help with quarantine or lockdown

COVID-19 Running your first online class - business owner perspective

COVID-19 Coronavirus 2020 fitness business recommendations

Give instructors and coaches what they need to succeed - but have boundaries

Online booking frequently asked questions

Running a successful free trial for your fitness business

Segment your fitness customers into memberships

What is online payment software?

Family tools: so parents can book for their kids

Who attended your class? When? Check out the attendance reports

How to run a powerful referral program for your fitness business

How to reduce or eliminate late payments for your fitness business

How to reduce no-shows for your classes

Choosing online payment processors for your fitness business

How to handle mixed abilities in your fitness business

Reduce how long you spend booking customers into classes

How to produce the best customer experience at your fitness business

How to manage customers who are slipping away

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