Lagree certification: Your path to becoming a Lagree trainer

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Are you passionate about fitness and looking to channel this enthusiasm into a rewarding career? Becoming a Lagree trainer might be your ideal path. 

This guide is your comprehensive resource, detailing every step you need to take to earn your Lagree certification. We cover everything from the specific requirements to the diverse opportunities awaiting certified trainers. 

Whether you're just starting to explore this exciting field or are ready to take the leap, let's discover together what it takes to join the vibrant Lagree Fitness community.

What is Lagree certification?

Lagree certification. A woman being coached while using a Megaformer.

Lagree certification is a specialized program that educates individuals in the Lagree Fitness method, known for its high-intensity, low-impact workouts using the Megaformer machine. 

This certification covers skills such as performing, cueing, modifying, and adjusting Lagree exercises, along with essential knowledge of anatomy, form, alignment, and muscle dynamics. 

It further encompasses important fitness concepts such as stabilization, time under tension, EPOC, and the differences between aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.

How to become a certified Lagree trainer?

To become a certified Lagree trainer, these are the three steps you need to follow:

1. Apply for the certification: Apply for the certification course through official Lagree certification academies or studios that offer the program.

2. Attend the training: Once you have applied and been accepted, attend the training to learn the Lagree method and become proficient in teaching Lagree Fitness classes.

3. Obtain the certification: After completing the training, you will receive an official Lagree certification, demonstrating your expertise in the Lagree method.

What are the requirements to become Lagree certified?

To become Lagree certified, your primary requirement is a commitment to personal and professional growth in fitness. 

The program is uniquely inclusive, welcoming individuals irrespective of their fitness background. 

While no specific prerequisites are needed, having experience in group fitness or a CPR/AED certification is beneficial. 

A willingness to learn and a passion for fitness set you on the path to becoming a certified Lagree trainer.

How long does it take to become Lagree certified?

Achieving Lagree certification is a swift and focused journey, completed over a weekend. The program, conducted monthly at the Lagree Fitness headquarters, consists of two intensive 12-hour training days. 

This rapid pace is designed for those eager to transition into Lagree training swiftly. 

Before this immersive weekend, you'll engage with preparatory materials and videos, a crucial step to ensure you are fully prepared for this comprehensive learning experience.

What are the different certifications for becoming a Lagree trainer?

Lagree offers a variety of certifications to suit your professional goals. 

Beyond the basic training, you can dive into advanced certifications focusing on form and alignment, time-effective teaching, and sequencing. 

Specialty courses like The Ramp, The 25-minute Workout, and Teaching Large Group Classes are also available. 

These options provide a path for continuous learning and specialization, allowing you to tailor your expertise to the needs of your future clients and stay ahead in the dynamic world of fitness.

How much does Lagree certification cost?

You can start your Lagree training journey with an investment of around $2,500. This cost opens the door to a comprehensive training weekend, where each minute is a step towards becoming an expert. 

Some locations, like Club Lagree, offer flexible payment options, and places like Lagree213 provide early bird discounts. 

Consider this not just an expense but an investment in your future as a fitness leader, a stepping stone to a career that's as rewarding as it is invigorating.

Where can you get Lagree certified?

Becoming a Lagree trainer begins at the Lagree Fitness headquarters in Burbank, California.

Imagine immersing yourself in an intensive, transformative weekend, where each hour involves learning and practice. But the journey doesn't end there. 

You can also find certification courses at various Lagree studios globally, each offering a unique experience steeped in the same rigorous standards and enthusiastic community. 

Where can you find work as a Lagree trainer?

You can find work as a Lagree trainer in various fitness studios and centers that offer Lagree Fitness classes. Some of the places where you can look for employment as a Lagree trainer include:

  1. Lagree studios and fitness centers: Many Lagree studios and fitness centers, such as Club Lagree, Lagree Luxe, and Chromacore, offer employment opportunities for certified Lagree trainers.

  2. Job search websites: Websites like often list job openings for Lagree trainers in different locations.

  3. Lagree certification academies: After completing your Lagree certification, you can explore opportunities with Lagree certification academies such as Lagree Academy and Lagree Fitness, which may offer job placement or assistance in finding employment.
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