How to start a Lagree studio: A step-by-step guide

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Starting your Lagree studio isn't just about creating a fitness space; it's about bringing a dream to life. 

This guide is for those fueled by a passion for Lagree fitness and a desire to build a community centered around wellness and strength. 

Whether you're sketching ideas or ready to break ground, we'll walk you through each crucial step. 

From the seed of an idea to the grand opening, your journey to establishing a successful Lagree studio begins here, where ambition meets action, and dreams take form.

How to start a Lagree studio?

Key takeaways

  • Beginning your Lagree studio journey involves notifying Lagree Fitness, carefully selecting a prime location, and entering a licensing agreement.
  • Equipping the studio with quality Megaformers and other Lagree equipment and building a passionate team, including certified instructors, is vital for an authentic Lagree experience.
  • Developing a comprehensive business plan with a strong executive summary, market analysis, and financial projections sets the foundation for success.
  • Implementing effective marketing strategies and maintaining professionalism and consistency in training are key to attracting and retaining a diverse clientele.

How to start a Lagree studio?

You go on a challenging and rewarding path when you tell Lagree Fitness of your intent. Consider stories of successful studio owners who started just where you are now with a vision and determination.

Application process

Begin your journey by formally notifying Lagree Fitness of your intention to open a studio. This step initiates the process, enabling access to Lagree's resources and support.

Choosing the right location

Select a strategic location by evaluating space, local competition, target demographics, visibility, parking availability, and proximity to complementary businesses. 

The right location is vital to attracting and retaining clients.

Licensing agreement

Signing the license agreement with Lagree Fitness is essential, providing legitimacy to your studio. 

This agreement outlines the collaboration terms, aligning your operations with Lagree's brand standards.

Licensing fee payment

The licensing fee, determined by the number of Megaformers in your studio, is your financial commitment to the Lagree brand. 

This fee varies, reflecting the scale and scope of your studio's operations.

Equipping your studio

Outfit your studio with Megaformer machines and other necessary equipment from the official Lagree Fitness supplier. 

Quality equipment is crucial for delivering the authentic Lagree workout experience.

Staffing your studio

Assemble a dedicated team that shares your vision, including certified Lagree instructors, a studio manager, front desk staff, and maintenance personnel. 

Your staff's passion and expertise are fundamental to creating a positive studio environment.

Did You Know?

Lagree Fitness has a unique certification program for trainers, emphasizing not just exercise techniques but also the science behind the Lagree method, ensuring a high standard of coaching.

Marketing strategies

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to establish your studio's presence. 

To attract a diverse clientele, utilize a mix of online and offline marketing channels, including social media, local collaborations, and community events.

Why open a Lagree studio?

Owning a Lagree studio is not just about joining a fitness trend; it's about shaping a community's approach to health and wellness. 

This reflects the unique opportunity Lagree studio owners have to personalize their space and offer a fitness method that resonates deeply with their clientele, blending resistance training and cardio endurance dynamically.

What to write in a business plan for a Lagree studio?

Crafting a business plan for your Lagree studio isn't just about numbers and projections; it's about outlining a vision. 

It's a narrative of what you want your studio to be and how you plan to get there.

Executive summary

Begin with an executive summary that encapsulates the essence of your studio, including its name, location, and the unique services offered. This section should capture the vision and mission of your studio.

Company description

Detail the Lagree method's distinctiveness and benefits. Explain how it stands apart from traditional fitness methods, highlighting its appeal and effectiveness.

Market analysis

Conduct a thorough analysis of your local fitness market. Assess the presence of competing studios, understand the demographics of your target audience, and identify potential opportunities and challenges.

Organization and management

Outline your studio's organizational structure. Describe the roles of the studio owner, instructors, and other staff members, delineating their responsibilities and contributions to the studio's success.

Services offered

Describe the range of classes and services your studio will provide. Detail the types of Lagree classes, the unique features of your studio, and any additional amenities that enhance the client experience.

Marketing and sales strategy

Develop a robust marketing and sales strategy. Explain how you plan to attract and retain customers, detailing both digital and traditional marketing initiatives.

Financial projections

Present a comprehensive financial plan. Include estimates of startup costs, ongoing operational expenses, and revenue projections. 

This financial forecast should offer a realistic picture of your studio's financial health and potential for growth.

How to find the right location?

Selecting the ideal location for your Lagree studio is a decision that can significantly impact its success.

Square footage: Aim for a space ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 square feet. This size accommodates 410 Megaformers and allows for additional activities like mat exercises and stretching.

High ceilings: Ensure the ceilings are at least 10 feet high to set up ropes, pulleys, and other equipment effectively.

Competition analysis: Investigate the local boutique fitness landscape. While a lack of competition offers a clear market, existing studios indicate a demand for boutique fitness services.

Visibility and parking: Select a location that's easily visible and accessible, with ample parking. Proximity to complementary businesses can also enhance your studio's appeal.

How do I get a license to open a Lagree studio?


Gaining a license for a Lagree studio involves a few key steps, with insights shared by Tim Green, COO at TeamUp, highlighting the experiences of studio owners. 

Start by notifying Lagree Fitness of your intent, a crucial step to set your plan in motion. When choosing a location, consider its potential for attracting clients. 

Signing the straightforward and financially feasible license agreement with Lagree Fitness is your commitment to the brand. 

Finally, based on the number of Megaformers, the licensing fee is an investment in quality and authenticity. 

How does Lagree licensing work?

Lagree's licensing process is designed to be uncomplicated and cost-effective. You can choose between a one-time or annual fee structure without worrying about royalties or hidden costs. 

While Lagree offers autonomy in studio operations and naming, they provide support in areas like music and lighting upon request, ensuring you have the necessary resources for success.

How much does it cost to start a Lagree studio?

The cost of starting a Lagree studio varies based on the number of Megaformers you intend to operate. 

The license fee structure ranges from $8,000 for one Megaformer to $75,000 for operating 21 or more. 

This fee is annually set at $3,990, regardless of the number of machines, making it a scalable option for different studio sizes.

Did you know?

While significant, the initial investment in a Lagree studio often sees a quicker return on investment compared to traditional gyms due to the high demand and premium pricing of Lagree classes.

What equipment do you need to start your studio?

The right Lagree equipment is crucial for your studio. Let's look closely at each one and understand why it's essential.

1. Megaformer

Picture the Megaformer as the beating heart of the Lagree method. The versatile piece of equipment forms the core of your studio, facilitating a wide range of exercises and movements. 

In essence, it's the star player that makes your Lagree workouts possible.

2. Bars and rigs

These trusty companions are like the supporting cast in your Lagree studio. They provide stability and support during various Lagree exercises, ensuring your clients have a safe and effective workout experience.

3. Hand weights

Think of hand weights as your studio's secret weapon for achieving your clients' fitness goals. These simple yet essential tools enhance strength training and toning exercises, helping clients build strength and tone their bodies.

4. Floor mats

These mats serve as the foundation of comfort and safety in your studio. They provide a cozy surface for floor-based exercises and stretching, ensuring clients have a comfortable experience during their Lagree sessions.

5. Resistance bands

These versatile companions add an exciting challenge to your clients' strength training routines. 

They're like the spice that takes your Lagree workouts to the next level, helping clients push their boundaries and reach their fitness goals.

Remember, sourcing all your equipment from the official Lagree Fitness equipment supplier is vital to guarantee they meet the stringent quality and design standards.

How to get Lagree certified?

Ready to kickstart your journey toward becoming a certified Lagree trainer? Let's dive into the process step by step:

1. Create a guest account

The first step is to create your guest account on the Lagree Academy website.

2. Payment

To unlock the doors to your Lagree teaching career, you must submit the required fee for the teacher training program. This fee covers the costs associated with your certification journey.

3. Take the course

Enroll in one of the training sessions offered by Lagree Fitness. In this intensive program, you'll gain valuable insights into the Lagree method, covering training techniques, Lagree principles, Megaformer mechanics, and the art of teaching Lagree effectively.

4. Certification

Congratulations! After completing the course, you'll receive official certification to teach the Lagree Fitness method worldwide. It's a significant achievement and your gateway to becoming part of this rapidly growing fitness trend.

5. Continuing Education

Stay up-to-date with the latest Lagree techniques and variations by enrolling in advanced training courses Lagree Fitness offers. 

These courses grant access to the Lagree database and contribute to earning a Master Teacher Trainer Certificate.

How do you market your Lagree studio?

Marketing your Lagree studio effectively requires a well-rounded approach. Let's take a closer look at some strategies to consider:

1. Networking

Establishing connections with local fitness studios and gyms is critical in expanding your presence in the fitness community. 

Networking also encourages open communication and client feedback, creating a positive and engaging atmosphere in your studio.

2. Professionalism

Maintaining a humble and approachable demeanor is vital. Fostering a positive, fun, and encouraging environment will help you build a loyal client base and fill your classes.

3. Consistency

Lagree is a dynamic method that continuously evolves. To keep your Lagree studio ahead of the curve, take advantage of the regular training content updates Lagree Fitness provides. 

This consistency in staying updated and refining your skills will benefit you and reassure your clients that they receive top-notch training.

4. Promotion

Finally, implementing diverse marketing and outreach efforts is crucial in spreading the word about your Lagree studio. 

A professional website, active social media promotion, distributing well-designed flyers and coupons at local businesses, and forming partnerships with complementary wellness establishments can all contribute to your studio's success.

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