Most Successful Gym Franchises in Australia

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Aussie gym franchises provide a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs in the fitness industry to align with trusted brands. These franchised entities have proven business blueprints that deliver excellent results in the field. 

Investing in a gym franchise in Australia offers several strategic advantages over starting a gym from scratch. With an established franchise, entrepreneurs can benefit from an existing brand allure, which often translates into quicker financial gains. 

The consolidated power of a franchise network affords a stronger stance in supplier negotiations and access to a suite of support services that streamline business functionality. 

Compared to standalone gyms, gym franchises in Australia consistently lead the pack regarding financial performance. Their success is built on solid brand identities and efficient business operations. 

For those considering a venture into the fitness industry, investing in a gym franchise is a decision that offers financial promise and operational support within a growing marketplace.

Top Gym Franchises

Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness is the most extensive gym franchise across Australia, with a reach that includes over 500 clubs and engages a community of more than half a million members. 

The organization's expansion has been propelled by a vision for a healthier Australian population and an accessible investment threshold starting from $350,000.

Investors are presented with diverse options, including the compact club model, designed to elevate the fitness experience for every member. The strategic setup of Anytime Fitness clubs optimizes convenience, situating services within easy reach of where people live and work.

Committed to fostering a culture of acceptance and community, Anytime Fitness strives to secure its position as the most welcoming gym environment by 2024. 

Its dedication to creating an inclusive space has been recognized industry-wide, highlighted by receiving the FCA International Franchisor of the Year award in 2018.

In summary, Anytime Fitness presents a significant opportunity for franchisees to operate under a banner that champions extensive brand support and promising profit prospects. 

The franchise's focus on inclusivity, combined with its strong financial and operational framework, has solidified its status within the fitness industry.

Snap Fitness


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Snap Fitness is a global leader in the fitness market that offers a world-class franchise opportunity in Australia. Since its launch in 2009, Snap Fitness has experienced substantial expansion in Australia, with a current count of 1248 franchise units. 

The brand's advancement is anchored in member-friendly policies and offerings that align with current market trends, such as state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment. 

Snap Fitness provides franchisees with comprehensive support systems, including HR, marketing, and brand performance, to ensure the success and growth of their ventures. 

The initial investment range for a Snap Fitness franchise in Australia is $250,000 - $300,000. With locations in every state and territory in Australia, Snap Fitness has the perfect spot for your new gym. 

Snap Fitness is the first health and fitness franchise system in Australia to achieve five stars on the Australian Franchise Rating Scale. 

Snap Fitness is also a part of ANZ's Preferred Franchise Network, a partnership that opens doors to smoother and more accessible franchise financing. Snap Fitness is committed to fostering a positive lifestyle for its members and empowering its communities. 

The company has held franchisee roadshows across Australia and New Zealand, bringing together franchisees to reflect on their achievements and opportunities. 

With a focus on pushing boundaries and achieving greater heights, Snap Fitness is committed to cultivating positive lifestyle habits among its members.

In conclusion, Snap Fitness is a successful fitness franchise in Australia that allows franchisees to manage their health clubs, benefiting from comprehensive business support and enhanced profit potential. 

The brand's commitment to member-friendly policies, state-of-the-art equipment, and a positive lifestyle has contributed to its success and reputation in the fitness industry.

Plus Fitness


Plus Fitness has made a significant impact on the fitness industry, with over 300 franchises sold across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia since 1996. The brand's rapid expansion and innovative fitness approach have earned it awards and a reputation for fast growth.

An initial investment for a Plus Fitness franchise ranges from $249,000 to $350,000, which includes all equipment and startup costs. This investment provides franchisees with comprehensive support systems, including HR, marketing, and brand performance, to ensure the success and growth of their ventures.

The brand's franchise model emphasizes profitability and offers ongoing support, including business updates and networking opportunities. Plus Fitness is committed to fostering a positive lifestyle for its members and empowering its communities. 

The company has held franchisee roadshows across Australia and New Zealand, bringing together franchisees to reflect on their achievements and opportunities.

With a strategic plan for continued expansion, Plus Fitness is leveraging AI technology to enhance member experiences and provide franchisees with cost and time efficiencies. 

The company's commitment to innovation, along with its robust financial and system size, has contributed to its success and reputation in the fitness industry.

The brand's commitment to member-friendly policies, state-of-the-art equipment, and a positive lifestyle has contributed to its success and reputation in the fitness industry.

F45 Training


F45 Training, hailing from Australia, stands out in the global fitness franchise market with high-intensity, functional workouts. The franchise's visibility has significantly increased in Australia, and it has achieved global reach, with over 3300 studios sold in over 67 countries worldwide, including 550 in Australia.

The company's revenue streams from franchise licenses, equipment, and merchandise sales are robust despite substantial operating costs. By 2021, the franchise boasted 1,749 studios. 

Initial investment for setting up an F45 gym in Australia hovers around $315,000, with annual revenues estimated at $359,000, suggesting a possible investment recovery period of around five years.

An initial franchise fee of $50,000 is mandated, encompassing the cost of initial training and ongoing support from the corporate team. 

This fee is part of a more considerable investment that includes expenses for training, site improvements, office and training equipment, furniture, signage, and other startup costs.

With an average payback period of 4.8 years, F45 Training presents an attractive proposition for franchisees, offering a net profit margin of 15%, outpacing the typical EBITDA margin. 

The franchise model is advantageous for both the company and franchisees, blending the strengths of corporate and franchised businesses, which allows for considerable operational oversight and brand benefit.

F45 Training ensures franchisees are thoroughly equipped for success through an exhaustive training program covering marketing, operations, and customer service. 

This program is meticulously designed to enable franchisees to manage their F45 gym effectively.



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Jetts Fitness stands out for its 24-hour gym access, offering unmatched flexibility for members to exercise anytime.

Pioneering this service in Australia has led to widespread acclaim and substantial growth.

Currently, Jetts operates 199 clubs across Australia and New Zealand, with ambitious targets to increase this number significantly by 2030. 

The brand is enhancing its franchise model, including the rollout of the Generation 4 concept gyms. It is committed to the success of its franchisees through robust support and performance improvement initiatives. 

Jetts maintains a rigorous hiring process, ensuring only the best talent is onboarded, with a decisive policy to part ways with underperforming recruits promptly.

Genesis Health and Fitness


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Genesis Health and Fitness, launched in Ringwood, Victoria, in 1997, has expanded to become a premier fitness organization within Australia.

Boasting a membership exceeding 100,000 and over 40 locations nationwide, Genesis is a key player in the country's fitness franchising landscape.

The company extends franchising options, empowering entrepreneurs to operate their own health clubs under the Genesis banner. Aligning with Genesis affords business owners the advantage of an esteemed brand, extensive operational support, and a strong potential for increased profits.

The flexible franchise structure allows for customization of club size, accommodating facilities from 500 to over 2000 square meters.

Dedicated to franchisee achievement, Genesis ensures a 'Commitment To Your Success' Guarantee, providing franchisees with a specialized Franchise Support team. This team assists in many business facets, including marketing development and financial management.

Continual education is delivered through Genesis Health + Fitness masterclasses, equipping franchisees with the knowledge to escalate their business success.

The franchise's fee structure is based on revenue, which supports franchisees by aligning expenses with their growth stage. 

Genesis Health and Fitness focuses on evolving fitness trends, enabling members to sustain healthy lifestyles and meet their fitness objectives.

EFM Health Clubs


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EFM Health Clubs, initiated in 1991 by ex-footballer Shane Radbone, is recognized for its tailored training services and strategic placements within academic and healthcare institutions. With over 65 franchised venues across Australia, EFM has risen to prominence within the fitness club sector.

Prospective franchisees can launch their own boutique gym with an upfront investment of $50,000 plus GST. This investment secures a position in a network that enjoys a consistent member base and solid support from the franchisor, setting the stage for a favorable return on investment. 

EFM's business approach situates health and fitness facilities in locations frequented by potential members, enhancing convenience and membership accessibility.

In 2012, EFM Health Clubs received a Bronze award in the Fitness Australia Quality Awards, underscoring its dedication to service excellence. 

The company's steadfast focus on quality personalized training has played a pivotal role in its sustained success and esteemed standing within the fitness realm.

Frequently Asked Questions on Most Successful Gym Franchises in Australia

What are the Key Factors Contributing to the Fitness Industry's Growth in Australia?

Australia's fitness industry growth is primarily driven by increasing consumer health consciousness and government initiatives promoting active lifestyles.

How is Technology Impacting the Success of Gym Franchises?

Technology enhances gym franchises by streamlining operations, personalizing fitness experiences with apps and wearables, and expanding service offerings with virtual and on-demand classes.

Why are Specialized Workout Programs Gaining Popularity in Gym Franchises?

Specialized workout programs cater to niche markets and individual preferences, offering tailored experiences and expert guidance that broad fitness programs often lack.

What Should Potential Franchisees Know About Investment and ROI?

Prospective franchisees should understand that while initial investments can be significant, the ROI is influenced by location, brand strength, and effective management.

What Trends Are Predicted to Shape the Future of Gym Franchises?

Emerging trends include: a focus on holistic health, increased use of AI and virtual reality, and the integration of flexible, hybrid models that blend in-person and digital fitness solutions.

How do Franchisee Success Stories Influence the Reputation of Gym Franchises?

Success stories from franchisees serve as powerful testimonials, enhancing the brand's credibility and attracting new investors and members by showcasing the potential for success.

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