How can a booking system help me grow my fitness business?

Help your customers book their classes quickly and easily. When they get to the studio, they want you, not your credit card reader.

Boost attendance

Boost attendance

Help your customers book their classes quickly and easily with our gym scheduling software. When they get to the studio, they want you, not your credit card reader. Invite newcomers back and let them reserve their weekly spot.

Eliminate no-shows

Eliminate no-shows

Advance payments drastically reduce no-shows. Automatic waitlists keep classes full with our fitness booking software.



Keep your business polished to help customers feel welcome and supported with our fitness class scheduling software.

Make it easy for customers to book your classes

Make it easy for customers to book your classes

Make visiting your studio as frictionless as possible. Make it easy to pay you ahead of time using their computers, tablets, or phones with our fitness studio scheduling software.



Make your calendar easy to read. No matter how complex your mix of recurring classes, class types, cancelled blocks, and ranges of classes, they'll know what's available with our fitness booking software.

Bring an end to admin headaches with TeamUp.

Allow clients to manage their bookings the way they want

Allow clients to manage their bookings the way they want

Your customers can access their bookings 24/7 on your website or the TeamUp Member App. Their sessions can show up in Google or Apple calendars. App notifications ensure they never forget a session.

TeamUp has helped me to both control and grow my business immensely over the last 10 months. As a growing Yoga & Pilates studio, I was starting to spend as much time doing admin (taking bookings, cancellations, payments, etc.) as I was teaching classes, which didn't allow me time to invest in my growth plans. Overnight, TeamUp freed up hours for me, with its user friendly system for bookings, customer records, and financial recording.

Di Artemis
Di Artemis Artemis Wellbeing

Don’t waste any more time on admin

Catch-up classes, waitlists, and payments are all handled automatically between your new gym scheduling software and your clients.

Manage online classes seamlessly with our Zoom integration. Automatically generate and deliver links, and access each online class directly from the class register. Read more.

Don’t waste any more time on admin
Keep track of all the important parts of your business

Keep track of all the important parts of your business

With customer details in one place, you can see their contact information, waivers, membership status, registration date, and any injury information or notes directly on the register.

A professional system for staff members

Clear operating procedures ensure consistent service for your customers. TeamUp is easy to use and can be customized to fit your business needs.

A professional system for staff members

A system that just fits

Your customers are central to your business. You can modify TeamUp’s software to best fit your own best practices.

Online register

Mark off attendance or no-shows on any device

New clients

Add new clients in just a few taps

Website sign-up

Clients can sign up and manage their accounts from your site

Injuries or issues

Record and flag important details on the register or profile

No-show automation

Messaging, rules, and reminders to reduce or eliminate no-shows

Class management

Reminders and pre- or post-class messaging for members or staff


Manage popular classes automatically, messaging via mobile app or email


Set custom forms or waivers per class or membership prior to class day

Recurring reservations

Let your best customers keep their favorite class spot

One-plus bookings

Charge extra fees for non-members or discounts for members


Sell single classes direct from your calendar


Online booking directly from your Facebook page


A fully featured membership system linked to your booking


Promote single sessions directly on social, discount codes, notifications, and more

Embed your site

Easily integrates into your website or social accounts, plus your own TeamUp site


Enable family bookings for kids classes and partners


Smart payment system linked with the leading payment providers


Sell spare class capacity via MoveGB or other systems with integrations

Fine-tune details

Control how long before a class clients can book and tons of other detail to enable you to build your business the way you want


Create your own cancellation policy

Mobile app

TeamUp's mobile member app for iOS or Android that your customers will love using

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