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Canada's health and fitness industry has become a highly competitive sphere where gym franchises are gaining significant attention. These franchises offer a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage established brands, comprehensive business models, and effective marketing and operational strategies.

Investing in a gym franchise within Canada has notable advantages over launching an independent establishment. Franchisees benefit from immediate recognition, often leading to a more rapid attainment of profitability. 

The collective influence of a franchise network can result in enhanced negotiation leverage with vendors and access to an extensive support network that facilitates smoother business operations.

Gym franchises frequently lead the charge in profitability within the Canadian fitness market, driven by their reputable brands and well-established business practices. For the business-minded individual eyeing the fitness arena, joining a gym franchise offers a strategic pathway to financial success.

This exploration into Canada's most prosperous gym franchises will reveal the foundations of their achievements and the possibilities they present for potential investors.

Top Gym Franchises in Canada

  • Oxygen Yoga & Fitness: Energizing Canada's fitness landscape, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness shines with over 66 locations, blending yoga and fitness in a unique Far Infrared Heated studio experience.
  • Planet Fitness: Global gym titan since 1992, Planet Fitness champions affordable, judgment-free fitness across 2,410 locations, fostering wellness for over 16.6 million members.
  • 3rd Degree Training: Redefining group fitness. 3rd Degree Training thrives on HIIT-style workouts and a community-driven approach, making franchisees out of satisfied clients.
  • 9Round: 9Round transforms fitness with a kickboxing twist, growing rapidly with 34 gyms planned in British Columbia, offering a professional fighter-style workout experience.
  • Anytime Fitness: Leading the global fitness frontier, Anytime Fitness boasts 256 Canadian locations, with a goal of 10,000 clubs worldwide, excelling in group training and wellness support.
  • Body Buster Fitness: Revolutionizing group fitness, Body Buster Fitness offers a dynamic boot camp experience, promising transformative results, and a comprehensive franchise training program.
  • F45 Training: F45 Training sets a rapid Canadian expansion pace, distinguished by boutique studios, 45-minute team-based HIIT workouts, and a unique balance of technology and personal training.
  • Oranj Fitness: Oranj Fitness offers a kaleidoscope of fitness classes, from aerial yoga to Zumba, in versatile facilities, fostering a fun, health-centered community.
  • Greco Fitness: Greco Fitness marks its growth with a boutique approach, blending concise, effective workouts that appeal to local fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes.
  • 30 Minute Hit: Specializing in women-only boxing circuits, 30 Minute Hit delivers swift, impactful 30-minute workouts, fostering a strong, supportive community across nearly 100 locations.

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness


Oxygen Yoga & Fitness has become one of Canada's fastest-growing yoga and fitness brands, now with over 66 locations. Their unique offering of yoga-fused fitness in a far-infrared heated studio continues to attract a broad audience. 

With the support from an investment by a Canadian fitness visionary, Oxygen is poised for further expansion, including new locations in Manitoba, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, while promoting a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle rooted in yoga practice​​.

Planet Fitness


Planet Fitness, founded in 1992, now boasts more than 16.6 million members across 2,410 locations worldwide, including Canada. 

Their mission to provide a high-quality, affordable fitness experience in a non-intimidating environment — the Judgement Free Zone® — resonates with a broad customer base. 

The company has set new growth targets, leveraging 30 years of experience to enhance people's lives through fitness, with most locations owned by independent entrepreneurs​​​​.

3rd Degree Training

3rd-degreeWith a focus on coach-inspired small group workouts, 3rd Degree Training offers HIIT-style sessions tailored to individual intensity levels. 

The company has seen expansion as clients become franchise owners, a testament to the success of their community-centric and motivational programs. 

Their charitable contributions and structured fitness and nutrition programs underscore their growth and positive impact on the Canadian fitness industry​​.


9Round has established a significant presence in Canada, with plans to develop 34 gyms in British Columbia alone. Their franchise model is designed for ease of operation, with support in site selection, marketing, and ongoing training. 

Each gym operates with a small team, with no kickboxing experience required for franchisees. The kickboxing-themed workouts, which incorporate a proprietary system of nine challenging stations, offer a fresh, professional fighter-style workout experience with each visit​​​​.

Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness is the largest and fastest-growing fitness franchise globally, boasting 256 locations in Canada as of October 2023. 

The brand, under Self Esteem Brands, has reported a record-breaking first half of the year, with a 10% increase in same-store sales across franchise locations and a notable 400% increase in bookings for group training. 

There are ambitious plans for global expansion, intending to open 10,000 fitness, health, and wellness clubs by 2030. The company's growth strategy aims to expand services to help millions more on their wellness journeys while supporting successful franchise ownership​​​​.

Body Buster Fitness

Body Buster Fitness offers a unique boot camp-style group fitness experience. Franchisees are provided with a proven business model and a leading-edge comprehensive online system that is easy to operate. 

Their program promises personal training results through a wide range of activities and claims to change the way you look and feel in as little as four weeks. 

The franchise also includes an extensive 5-day on-site training program for franchisees, covering everything from marketing to management, ensuring that no two workouts are the same and that every session challenges the Body Buster Fitness community to reach new heights​​​​​​.

F45 Training

F45 Training's aggressive expansion in Canada is set to make it one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the country, reaching 800 locations. With about 95 studios sold and approximately 70 expected to open soon, F45's smaller boutique studios require only 75 members to break even, distinguishing them from larger commercial gyms. 

Sports scientists and elite athletes designed F45's workouts, including over 3,500 exercises, to ensure variety and prevent repetition. Their unique 45-minute team-based HIIT workouts are complemented by technology like the LionHeart Heart Rate Monitor to track progress, offering a bridge between traditional gyms and personal training sessions​​​​.

Oranj Fitness

Oranj Fitness stands out for its many classes, including yoga, cycling, dance, and barre. Their facilities, such as in Airdrie, provide diverse fitness activities, from aerial yoga to Zumba. 

In Grande Prairie, the studio offers a robust weekly class schedule, and Penticton's location is notable for comprehensive amenities, including childcare and various retail options. 

With an extensive online class library, Oranj ensures members can maintain their fitness regimes from anywhere. This franchise prides itself on fostering a vibrant community where health and fun are central to the experience.

Greco Fitness


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Greco Fitness is charting a course for growth with significant investments to expand its boutique fitness model. With 14 franchised locations in Ottawa and a new Toronto site, Greco is set on broadening its influence, focusing on markets with professional sports ties. 

Known for concise, impactful workouts, the franchise has garnered acclaim for shaping the fitness regimens of both residents and professional athletes. 

The company's leadership, including health club veterans, is committed to enhancing the franchisee network and introducing fresh, engaging programs.

30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit is a women-only boxing circuit workout designed to provide an effective exercise regimen. With roots in British Columbia and an expanding Canadian presence, the franchise boasts nearly 100 locations, emphasizing international growth. 

The circuit is crafted to challenge and deliver swift results, encapsulating various fitness techniques into a 30-minute session. The franchise cultivates a supportive community where members are valued and motivated to achieve their fitness goals. 

Offering a turnkey business model, 30 Minute Hit equips franchisees with comprehensive training and tools to ensure their enterprise thrives, catering to women across a broad age spectrum seeking flexible, impactful workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions on Most Successful Gym Franchises in Australia

What Innovative Approaches Are Canadian Gym Franchises Adopting?

Canadian gym franchises are integrating technology for personalized experiences and offering a variety of classes, from yoga to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), to cater to diverse fitness preferences.

How are Franchises Ensuring Member Engagement and Retention?

Franchises foster community through engaging group fitness classes and ensuring varied, dynamic workout routines that prevent monotony and encourage consistent participation.

What are Support Systems in Place for Franchisees in Canada?

Franchisees in Canada receive comprehensive training, marketing, and operational support, as well as access to proven business models for a successful venture.

How do Canadian Fitness Franchises Cater to Diverse Clientele?

Canadian fitness franchises offer tailored programs for different fitness levels and preferences, including women-only spaces, family-friendly classes, and accessibility-focused facilities.

What are the Financial Considerations for Potential Gym Franchisees?

For financial success, potential gym franchisees must consider initial investment costs, ongoing fees, profitability timelines, and member retention strategies.

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