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If you're considering diving into the fitness industry, the realm of fitness franchises offers a wealth of opportunities. 

From high-intensity interval training and Pilates to specialized formats like Pure Barre and Barry's Bootcamp, these franchises present an array of fitness experiences. 

Leading the pack in 2023 are notable names like Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, F45 Training, Orangetheory Fitness, 9Round, Pure Barre, Crunch Fitness, The Camp Transformation Center, and Barry's Bootcamp. 

The fitness sector is thriving, with countless members dedicated to enhancing their well-being and achieving their fitness goals. 

These franchises excel in crafting a robust brand identity that deeply connects with consumers, offering unique, immersive fitness experiences. 

Leveraging technological advances and efficient franchising models, these rapidly growing gym franchises have scaled their operations remarkably, enhancing their brand presence and unlocking new possibilities for revenue and partnerships. 

The future of fitness shines brightly, with gym franchises leading the charge, introducing innovative business approaches and a heightened focus on customer experience. 

Whether you're an experienced business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, venturing into a fitness franchise could be a strategic move to tap into the escalating demand for diverse fitness options.

9 Fastest Growing Fitness Franchises

  • Anytime Fitnessanytime-fitness

Anytime Fitness has been recognized as the "World's Fastest-Growing Fitness Club" for several years, as highlighted by data from The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). 

This franchise stands out for its 24/7 accessibility and global presence, with more than 3,000 gyms that serve nearly 3,000,000 members across five continents. 

The brand prides itself on providing convenient fitness options in well-maintained facilities with top-quality exercise equipment. Their rapid expansion, significant membership growth, and substantial revenue increases testify to their success in the fitness industry​​.

Anytime Fitness Gym: Step Inside - YouTube

  • Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness, established in 1992, stands out in the fitness franchise sector with its economically priced memberships and welcoming, non-intimidating atmosphere. This model has proven successful, facilitating the brand's expansion to more than 3,000 locations worldwide. Planet Fitness has attracted a broad spectrum of members, emphasizing a non-judgmental workout space, with a noteworthy % growth rate of 20.1% over the past three years.

The brand has also strongly emphasized inclusivity, committing to providing accessible exercise equipment to accommodate individuals with disabilities. For gym owners and fitness professionals, Planet Fitness represents a franchise model that combines affordability with a strong ethos of inclusivity and accessibility, driving a consistent increase in membership and geographic expansion.

  • F45 Training

Since its inception in 2011, F45 Training has carved a robust niche in the fitness industry, emphasizing high-intensity, functional workouts. The Australian-born franchise boasts over 500 locations globally, reflecting a remarkable growth rate of 66.3% over the past three years.

F45 Training stands out for its challenging yet practical workouts, strategically designed to fit into a 45-minute session, aligning with the fast-paced lifestyle of modern fitness enthusiasts.


The initial investment for establishing an F45 franchise ranges between $350,000 and $565,000, indicating a higher entry point than some fitness franchises. 

Nevertheless, the brand's significant growth trajectory and successful business model suggest a lucrative venture for investors and fitness professionals seeking to enter the market with a differentiated offering.

  • Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness, launched in 2013, is a rapidly emerging name in the fitness franchise domain, known for its science-driven and heart-rate-monitored workouts. The franchise has expanded impressively to over 1,000 locations worldwide, thanks to its unique approach to fitness that leverages scientific principles to enhance workout efficiency and effectiveness.

Orangetheory Fitness's model is predicated on data-driven training methods that appeal to the health-conscious consumer, positioning it as a forward-thinking leader in the industry. This data-centric approach, coupled with the comprehensive total body workouts, positions Orangetheory as an attractive franchise for entrepreneurs keen on investing in a scientifically validated fitness regime with a substantial growth perspective.

Orangetheory: The Science Behind It - YouTube

  • 9Round

Founded in 2011, 9Round has established a significant presence in the competitive fitness franchise landscape with its innovative 30-minute kickboxing-themed workout. 

Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top growth franchise, 9Round's ambition is evident in its strategic expansion, targeting the launch of 300 new locations globally within the next year. 

This fitness franchise has built its growth on a unique workout circuit that combines the intensity of kickboxing with the rigor of functional training, attracting a wide customer base and delivering a compelling fitness proposition.

For gym owners and fitness professionals, 9Round presents a business model that thrives on efficiency and effectiveness, encouraging high customer turnover due to the brevity and intensity of its workouts. 

The brand's expanding international footprint underscores the franchise's appeal and reflects a robust business model that supports franchisee success.

  • Pure Barre

Pure Barre, since 2012, has emerged as one of the premier barre fitness franchises, scaling to over 1,000 locations worldwide. Its innovative approach merges the discipline of barre with cardio and strength training, offering a comprehensive, low-impact workout suited for a diverse range of clients. 

The community-driven atmosphere of Pure Barre Studios is a cornerstone of its business model, attracting a devoted clientele and supporting strong retention rates.

Barre for Beginners: What to expect in your first Pure Barre Class - YouTube

The business model of Pure Barre provides a structure that is conducive to rapid scaling and operational efficiency, making it an attractive venture for those involved in or considering entering the fitness franchise industry. With its well-established presence and continuous innovation in workout routines, Pure Barre represents a substantial opportunity for potential franchisees looking to impact the fitness sector.

  • Crunch Fitness


Crunch Fitness distinguishes itself with a business model emphasizing accessibility and variety, contributing to its position as a rapidly growing fitness franchise since its establishment in 2002. 

With a robust selection of fitness classes and an environment that promotes fun and inclusivity, Crunch Fitness addresses the diverse needs of today's health-conscious individuals.

Crunch Fitness Gym Review - Is It Worth It In 2022? Complete Breakdown of Pros & Cons After 6 Months - YouTube

For entrepreneurs in the fitness industry, Crunch Fitness offers a model that balances affordability with a broad suite of services, appealing to a wide demographic and driving member engagement. 

The franchise's success is underpinned by its strategic positioning and commitment to providing value to its members, indicating a sustainable growth path for the brand and its franchisees.

  • The Camp Transformation Center


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The Camp Transformation Center has made a name for itself with a specialized emphasis on weight loss and comprehensive body transformation. This franchise has effectively spread its presence with over 100 centers across the United States by offering a synergistic blend of high-energy interval training, nutritional guidance, and supplements. 

The franchise has experienced a notable 13.3% growth rate over three years, which speaks to its effective community-centric approach and the robustness of its fitness model.

Tailoring its services to accommodate a variety of health and fitness objectives, The Camp provides a spectrum of membership options. The brand's growth trajectory and appeal are a testament to its successful fusion of community engagement and an innovative approach to health and fitness.

  • Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp stands out among the fastest-growing fitness franchises, bringing high-intensity interval training into a dynamic group setting.

 Since its inception in 1998, the company has expanded rapidly, with over 70 operational locations in the pipeline across multiple continents, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

At the core of Barry's Bootcamp is the signature full-body workout, blending cardio with strength training to drive the heart rate up, challenge the muscles, and ignite calorie burn.

The brand has crafted a marketing persona that resonates with the energetic, ambitious millennial — individuals who are as serious about their fitness as they are about a successful lifestyle, encompassing everything from fashion to nutrition. 

The studios reflect this ethos, boasting bespoke elements such as local artists' hand-painted murals and design features inviting social media shares.

Through strategic business practices and branding, Barry's Bootcamp has secured a significant place in the fitness franchise market. This growth reflects the rising consumer interest in fitness lifestyles and the brand's aptitude for meeting these demands with a distinctive business approach and technological integration.

Key Success Factors and Investor Insights

How Are These Franchises Innovating in the Fitness Industry?

These fitness franchises are paving new paths in the industry by customizing their offerings to meet the varied demands of modern clients and integrating technology to enrich the workout experience. 

F45 Training has carved out a niche with its energetic, functional group sessions. Orangetheory Fitness distinguishes itself with workouts grounded in scientific research. Planet Fitness stands out for its affordable memberships and inclusive environment. 

The Camp Transformation Center emphasizes transformative group training focused on weight loss, and Barry's Bootcamp merges high-energy cardio with strength sessions to create an intense workout environment.

What Makes These Franchises Attractive to Investors?

The attractiveness of these fitness franchises to investors lies in their promising expansion capabilities, distinctive operational models, and robust financial outcomes. 

They've shown impressive development with an upsurge in facility count and membership. The compelling returns on investment they present play a crucial role in drawing investor interest.

How Do These Franchises Maintain Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction?

These franchises ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction by delivering diverse workout options, fostering welcoming spaces, and upholding high service standards. Planet Fitness, for example, appeals to a broad audience with its budget-friendly memberships and non-intimidating atmosphere. In comparison, Barry's Bootcamp retains members through its stimulating and gratifying fitness sessions.

What Are the Financial Implications for Franchisees?

For franchisees, the financial stakes involve significant opportunities for profit, considerable initial investments, and recurrent royalty fees. The initial financial outlay and maintenance costs are balanced by the prospects of a lucrative return, underpinned by the franchisor's proven business model and brand strength.

What Should New Franchisees Expect in Terms of Growth and Support?

New franchisees should anticipate extensive operational, marketing, and educational support from their franchisors. This includes exhaustive training for staff, sophisticated marketing assistance, and access to detailed guides for operations, ensuring that the franchises operate smoothly and grow steadily.


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