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COVID-19 Tools & Resources

Fitness business stories

How Hotpod Yoga helped customers create the hot yoga experience at home during COVID-19

We asked London-based hot yoga franchise, Hotpod Yoga to share with us how they were able to create their immersive experience from home as well as what advice they have for other owners struggling with online classes.

COVID-19 Tools & Resources

7 ways to support your community during lockdown

As we enter a new lockdown, remember that supporting your customers, uniting your community, and staying prepared will ensure your gym or studio comes out stronger than ever.

Marketing fitness

Check-in with your customers before re-opening your gym

Learn how your customers are feeling about coming back to in-person classes by checking-in with them ahead of re-opening your gym.

COVID-19 Tools & Resources

Our best resources on re-opening after lockdown

From encouraging customers to come back to class to the tools and features to help you do so, check out our top resources for re-opening your gym or studio after lockdown.

Fitness business stories

How Tim Fearnett successfully runs his CrossFit box during COVID-19

We asked Tim to share with us some of his observations about running a fitness business during a global pandemic and what advice he has to share with other fitness business owners who have also had to pivot this month.

Fitness business tools

Taking your fitness classes online with TeamUp's new Zoom integration

Host engaging, personable fitness sessions with the TeamUp + Zoom integration.

COVID-19 Tools & Resources

How to keep your customers engaged online during lockdown

Being at home all day can be isolating. Your customers' health and wellness will benefit from you putting an effort into keeping them engaged online. Start by offering online classes.

Online classes

Navigating through future lockdowns

Don't let future lockdowns stand in the way of connecting with your customers and continuing with your classes. Be prepared, transition to online classes, and have your re-opening plan of action ready to go.

Fitness business stories

Creative ways to connect during lockdown

Check out some of the creative ways our customers bonded with their communities during lockdown. You may even be inspired to come up with a few ideas of your own.

COVID-19 Tools & Resources

Our best resources on running online classes

Check out our top resources and tool for running online classes and managing memberships during COVID-19. We are constantly adding to this list with new articles and tools to help you.

Fitness business tools

How to offer your customers in-person + online membership packages

If your customers still can't decide between coming to class full-time or sticking to classes online, why not offer them a membership package where they can do both? Customise your packages to give your customers the option to workout in your gym or studio, or the comfort of their own home

Marketing fitness

How to encourage your customers to come back to class

Welcome your customers back to class by introducing new skills and your plan of action for creating a safe and healthy environment to exercise. Check out which tools can help you get them back in the gym in no time.

Fitness business stories

An essential guide to re-opening your gym

This year has provided the fitness community with some challenges as well as an opportunity to restructure. These include figuring out how to re-open gyms and studios. This essential guide to staying up to date, learning how to prepare, adapt, act, and repeat is the tool you need to get your in-person fitness business running again.

Fitness business stories

Here's what 343 Pilates customers said about returning to in-person classes and how it impacts your business

A studio owner ran a survey to understand how their customers were feeling about returning to class. The results will directly impact your decision making over the next few months.

Fitness business tools

Asking the right questions with safety forms

Safety questions are a vital part of your business. Now that you are planning re-opening, you can use TeamUp to ensure you ask the right information at the right time.

Fitness business tools

COVID-19: Choosing to offer 1:1 training

Now rules allow, should you start offering one to one training outdoors? What are the implications and how do you best communicate your decision to your clients?

Fitness business tools

Running online classes: frequently asked questions

Common questions you're asking about online classes.

Fitness business tools

COVID-19 How to message your customers about your business plans

Five golden rules to keep in mind when communicating with customers.

Fitness business tools

COVID-19 How to access UK government support for your fitness business

The UK government has announced several support measures for business owners. This article gives insight into the impact for fitness businesses.

Fitness business tools

How to manage customer changes during COVID-19

Recommendations on how to navigate COVID-19 and the necessary changes to your classes.

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