Check-in with your customers before re-opening your gym

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Learn how your customers are feeling about coming back to in-person classes by checking in with them ahead of re-opening your gym.

Learn how your customers are feeling about coming back to in-person classes by checking in with them ahead of re-opening your gym.

As you begin to re-open your gym or studio, it's normal that some of your customers will be more eager to return than others. Whether it's because they are more comfortable exercising at home, or are not quite sure about rebooting their fitness journey, or another reason they have not let you know of. So how do you as a fitness coach or trainer find out how your customers are feeling about coming back to class? Ask them!

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Checking in with your customers before you re-open will not only show them that you are still invested in their wellbeing and being your client, but it can also give you the quick answers you need to make important decisions ahead of your re-opening.

We've put together a list of the different tools you can use within your TeamUp dashboard to easily connect with your customers as well as a template of questions to guide you in getting their valuable input.

What do you want to know? Your check-in template

Planning your questions for your customers ahead of time will ensure that you get the info you need while also avoiding coming off too serious or business. Ultimately, what you want to know is how your customers feel about returning to in-person classes at your gym or studio, and if they are hesitant about coming back, finding out what you can do to help.

Here are a few questions some of our fitness customers have asked their own customers about returning:

  • How likely are you to return to classes regularly?
  • What can we do to make you feel more comfortable?
  • Would you be interested in taking classes both in-person and online at this time?
  • What types of classes are you interested in taking?
  • What will help you return to class?
  • Do you feel comfortable using or bringing your own equipment?
  • How do you think you'll feel in the long term?
  • Would you be interested in taking online classes again in the future if we re-instate them?

In a recent case study, a Pilates studio owner asked her customers many of these questions, and although some of the responses were surprising, they gave her the insight she needed to make important decisions regarding her studio. Using their detailed responses she was able to form a plan that would help her re-open while meeting her customers' immediate needs, and seeing specifically who may need a little extra encouragement.

Asking your customers exactly what you need to know and providing them with answers to their own questions and concerns will help them decide how to move forward and help you determine how to run your business.

How should we reach out?

To get all of your answers at once, while remaining personal and professional, we recommend reaching out via email with a survey attached. Email marketing and surveys are very convenient tools that can help you both connect with your customers and collect information quickly. While you can allow each individual customer to contact you or even contact them yourself, this format will save you time and help you be objective as a business owner.

TeamUp tools to help you check-in with your customers before re-opening

There are several TeamUp tools that will make the process of sending out your survey and collecting information about your customers return quick and easy.

Email marketing integrations

Using the Zapier, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and more of TeamUp's email marketing integrations you can easily send mass emails to your customers right from your dashboard. The integrations make it an easy step to include in your business flow. You can create customised survey forms with your questions about re-opening using tools like Google Forms or Survey Monkey and link to them right from your email template. You will be able to get your answers from your customers quickly and in an orderly fashion to help you plan.

Run reports on class attendance

Reporting is one of the most helpful tools in helping you re-open and check-in on customers. Mostly because it's the easiest way to track who has and has not come back, as well as who has or has not registered for upcoming classes. Using your reports you can easily see who might need to be checked-in on. You may even realise that some customers didn't know you were back open, and because you reached out they were now informed and want to come back.

One on ones via Zoom and appointments

If you do have customers that need a little extra one on one time, you can schedule appointments either in-person or using TeamUp's Zoom integration. You can use your TeamUp appointments tool to block time for customers to meet privately either in the studio or in a Zoom room. Your customer will appreciate that extra dedication and become a loyal member for life.

Have your customers update their sign up forms

Health and safety are and will be the biggest concerns for most customers. To show your customers that you are doing everything you can to ensure their safety, include a new section regarding COVID-19 on your sign up form and request that your customers resign before coming back to class. You can help any customers who may not be able to come back make a plan so that they can stay on track while keeping your gym and studio a safe space for your other members. Keeping health and safety a priority in your facility will help your customers feel more comfortable with their decision to return.

Follow up with your customers after you reopen

After sending your survey and letting your customers know you have re-opened your doors, it's important to follow up. Check and see who came back full time, who is coming back slowly, and who still hasn't returned. Be sure to send a little extra encouragement their way to see what's holding them back and what you can do to help. Remember that everyone's' level of comfort is different, but as long as you show your customers the support they need and motivate them to put their fitness first, they will return eventually.

Need some extra advice? Check out our tips on encouraging your customers to come back to class as well as our best resources for re-opening your gym or studio.

Thanks for reading!

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