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Learn how to use your TeamUp marketing tools to celebrate the launch of your On Demand library.

Learn how to use your TeamUp marketing tools to celebrate the launch of your On Demand library.

The launch of your brand new On Demand content library is definitely cause for celebration. What better way to celebrate than by sharing the great news and content with your customers? Though it's likely that some of your customers already know what on-demand content is or have subscribed to an on-demand service in the past, now is the perfect opportunity for you to encourage your customers to start using yours. With a well-rounded offering and combination of live classes and on-demand videos your customers will be thrilled and will no longer need to search elsewhere for additional fitness content.

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But first and foremost, if you want your customers to take advantage of your on-demand content you need to let them know it exists. In this guide, we will take you through several ways to market your On Demand library using your TeamUp marketing tools. We also cover a few tips to keep in mind in order to protect your content and make sure it gets delivered to only your customers. Let's go!

Announce your launch in your newsletter

Email marketing is one of the best and quickest ways to communicate your updates and news with your clients at once. Using your TeamUp email marketing integrations including MailChimp and ConstantContact you can ensure the news of your brand new On Demand library gets straight into your customers' inboxes.

In your e-blast or newsletter you can include all the details of what your library will include, which prepaid and recurring membership plans include access, and if a customer doesn't have that membership how they can purchase, and any other information you'd like them to know. You can even add a link to your library into the template you use for your emails so that your customers will always be able to access it from all of your future newsletters.

Automate your communication with Zapier

In your dashboard, you have access to over 1500+ marketing apps and websites through the Zapier integration. By integrating with Zapier you can connect all of your email marketing and social media tools to reach all of your customers at once without having to switch back and forth between platforms. It will pull all of your clients' contact information directly from your customer profile tool in your dashboard into one place where you can reach all of your clients across multiple channels at once.

Share on social and boost your posts

Social media is a very effective marketing strategy and an excellent way to let your community know about your new library. Through posts, stories, and even sneak peeks of the type of content your library will include you can both share your big news and encourage your community to repost and help you spread the word.

If one of your goals for selling on-demand content is to attract new customers don't be afraid to boost your posts to spread the news even further. You can customise your promotion groups across your channels to ensure that your posts reach ideal potential clients and direct them right to your TeamUp customer site and library. Social media management apps (that you can access through your Zapier integration) and tools like LinkTree allow you to include links in your Instagram profile to your schedule, content library, and website. Your customers will appreciate how easy you made it for them to access you at just the click of a button.

Customise your prepaid and recurring membership plans

Your TeamUp content library is accessed through the prepaid and recurring memberships you offer. Whether you create new memberships that include access or add access to existing memberships, do not forget to mention that in the membership description. Access to on-demand content can make all the difference in a customer choosing one membership plan over another. Make it bold and clear in the title and descriptions to help you boost your sales for that type of plan. "10 Classes + Unlimited On Demand Videos" "Unlimited Combo Pack: Classes + OnDemand". You can also use your reports to see which of your membership plans need a bit of a boost and determine if including on-demand videos in that package will help.

Send your clients notifications to their email and mobile device

When a customer purchases a prepaid or recurring membership or plan that includes access to your on-demand content don't forget to send them a confirmation notification (which you can automate in your TeamUp dashboard). Make it even easier for your clients to find your content library right and know exactly where to go for future viewing. You can automate your notifications and ensure they can get straight to your customer on their phone, tablet, or laptop. You can even add the link to your post-class notifications that go out to customers of those memberships with a link in case they want to review and watch the class again later.

Celebrate your new library with discount codes

Celebrate the launch of your library by giving your current and potential new customers a discount code that they can put towards their membership or future membership with access to your On Demand library. You can use catchy code names like "OnDemand10" with the percentage of the discount or price amount reduced with the code. Your customers will appreciate the gesture and your new customers will get to give your services for a test drive at a lower price bracket before committing full-time (which they will because you offer the best).

Welcome new clients through your customer referral program

Encourage your customers to help you attract new customers to your on-demand content through your customer referral program. Every time a new customer signs up with a referral code, your customer who provided the code can receive a credit that they can use towards their own on-demand memberships. Your new customer will love the well-rounded services you offer and your existing customer will get to benefit even more from your services and continue experiencing the value.

Protecting your content: access and delivery

Before we wrap up, let's go over a few important details regarding your library to ensure the safety and protection of your content and access by your customers.

Be explicit with access details

Whether you grant unlimited access to your on-demand content or require that your customers subscribe to certain membership plans in order to view it, make sure your clients know the requirements and what they need in order to access your library. If your customers do not have memberships that include access, make it easy for them to figure out which they need and help them with the transition from one plan to the next.

The last thing you want is for customers to share your content publicly without your permission. Putting your videos behind a membership wall can help your customers understand that this content although included in their membership is not free and therefore cannot be shared with those who do not have given access to it. You can take it a step further and add a consent and privacy form or waiver to your memberships that your customers need to sign before purchasing the memberships that include on-demand access.

Stay consistent with content delivery, distribution and promotion

Just as it is important to stay consistent with your classes and services, it's just as important to stay consistent with content delivery, distribution and promotion. It's not fair to your customers to guarantee a certain number of new videos and posts a week knowing that can't deliver that amount. Give yourself a healthy goal and that is achievable and within your availability and you can always grow that goal if you want to deliver and distribute more content.

Review new data to make sure you're on the right track

Monitor and track your content using the new On Demand report through your TeamUp reporting tools. Use your report to see if your clients are watching your content. You can also compare that data with your live classes as well to see what the best all-around class content formula for your clients is and customise your memberships to meet your clients' needs.

Make it easy for your customers to access at all times

Your content library is built directly into your customer site thus already making it easy for them to access, but it doesn't hurt to include the link to your library in your marketing posts to give them another place to easily find the link to your library. If you regularly post your class schedule on social media or in your newsletter add a link to your content library so that your customers know they can always access it from there. You may even remind customers that haven't checked it out in a while to give your new content a browse. It's a win-win for being extra attentive and your customers will appreciate the reminder.

Your customers won't want to miss out on celebrating your exciting new service and taking full advantage. Use your marketing tools to continue the celebrations and get the word out and we can't wait to watch your library grow.

To learn more about TeamUp's On Demand content library on your website and in the app, sign in to your TeamUp dashboard or sign up for a free trial.

Thanks for reading!

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