12 best Lagree studios in Los Angeles, CA

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In Los Angeles, where fitness is as much a part of the culture as the Hollywood sign, finding the right workout spot can be as crucial as finding the perfect coffee shop. 

This guide to the 12 best Lagree studios in the city caters to the essence of L.A. life. 

Whether you're weaving fitness into your fast-paced lifestyle or seeking a transformative workout experience, each studio on this list promises to deliver the essence of Lagree's dynamic method. 

Dive into this curated selection and discover where your fitness journey can take an exciting turn in the heart of Los Angeles.

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Key takeaways

  • Los Angeles hosts a variety of unique Lagree studios, each offering specialized fitness experiences and diverse membership options.
  • Studios are conveniently located in key areas like downtown L.A. and West Hollywood, aligning with the city's vibrant fitness culture.
  • Emphasis on holistic well-being and supportive environments is a common theme across these studios.
  • Facilities feature modern amenities, certified trainers, and classes that showcase the dynamic Lagree method.


At Lagree213, a downtown L.A. fitness landmark since 2008 and revitalized in 2019 by Ben and Lisa, the focus is on crafting a transformative fitness experience. 

Every session is about more than exercise; it's a journey towards personal strength and balance, guided by certified Lagree trainers in a vibrant, modern setting.

Membership pricing:

  • New Member: $49 for 2 classes + grip socks
  • 8 Classes Per Month: $189
  • 12 Classes Per Month: $259
  • Month Pass (1 Class/Day): $279
  • Full Month Pass: $249
  • Private Sessions: $89$749
  • Yearly Package: $2,199

Address: 835 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA

The Megaformer Studio

The Megaformer Studio is a top choice for fitness enthusiasts. 

Known for using the advanced Megaformer machine, it offers intense workouts yet easy on the body. 

Whether you're joining a group class or taking a private session, the studio caters to all fitness levels. 

It's a friendly place where everyone works towards being their best selves, surrounded by motivation and expert guidance.

Membership pricing:

  • 4 Class Monthly Recurring Membership:
    • Price: $129.00
    • Details: 4 classes per month
    • Commitment: 3 months (The payment is every 30 days.)
  • 8 Class Monthly Recurring Membership:
    • Price: $219.00
    • Details: 8 classes per month
    • Commitment: 3 months (The payment is every 30 days.)
  • Monthly Unlimited - 1 Month Commitment:
    • Price: $355.00
    • Details: 30 classes per month
    • Commitment: 1 month
  • Monthly Unlimited - 6 Month Commitment:
    • Price: $275.00
    • Details: 30 classes per month
    • Commitment: 6 months

Address: 375 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

My Mega Fit

My Mega Fit is a hub of high-energy and supportive fitness in Los Angeles. 

This studio welcomes everyone, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, offering a range of classes that challenge your body and promote a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Membership pricing:

  • New Members: 2 Classes for $49 + socks
  • New Members: 1 Week Unlimited for $69
  • Class Packs: $159$500
  • Memberships: $160$289/month

Address: 1413 1/2 W. Kenneth Rd., Glendale, CA 91201

Lagree Underground

Lagree Underground in West Hollywood represents more than just a fitness studio; it's a challenge embodied in every session. 

Offering rigorous Lagree workouts that push your boundaries, this studio turns each workout into a fulfilling achievement. 

The energy and guidance of instructors like Noelle, Mikael, Jinny, Mona, and Luke make it an ideal destination for those who have adopted Lagree as a lifestyle and crave exhausting and exhilarating workouts. 

Membership pricing:

  • New Members: $35 for 2 classes
  • 1st Month Membership: $199 (up to 30 visits)
  • Month-to-Month: $209 (8 classes per month)
  • Autopay 8x Monthly: $179/monthly (8 classes per month)

Address: 7912 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

Did you know?

Instructor Noelle at Lagree Underground is known for her high-energy sessions, embodying the growing trend of celebrity fitness trainers in Los Angeles who are as popular as the studios.

Live Lagree

Live Lagree is where Los Angeles' fitness enthusiasts find a blend of high-energy classes and expert guidance. 

It's not only about physical fitness; it's about building a supportive environment that nurtures both body and mind, making every session a step toward overall well-being.

  • New Client 2 Class Pack: $60 (2 classes)
  • 5 Class Pack: $160 ($32 per class)
  • Monthly Unlimited: $350 (Unlimited classes)

Address: 141 South Barrington Place, Los Angeles, CA

Pilates Platinum  

Pilates Platinum takes Pilates and Lagree to the next level. 

With locations in Texas and California, including Hollywood and Venice Beach, this studio offers a quick, 45-minute workout combining heart-pumping cardio and muscle-strengthening exercises. 

Using the latest Megaformer machines, no two workouts are the same, keeping your fitness routine exciting and effective. 

It's the perfect place for anyone looking to challenge themselves and have fun at the same time.

Membership pricing:

  • Session Packs:
    • 1 Session: $32
    • 3 Sessions: $80
    • 5 Sessions: $127
    • 10 Sessions: $233
    • 15 Sessions: $329
    • 20 Sessions: $424
  • Monthly Unlimited:
    • $239 per month (Limit of one class per day)
  • New Members:
    • First session: $20
    • First month: $179 (Limit of one class per day)
  • Private Training:
    • 1 Person: $115
    • 2 Persons: $190
    • 3 Persons: $225
    • 10 Pack for 1 Person: $1,000
  • Shed to Wed:
    • 4 weeks: $217/month
    • 8 weeks: $207/month
    • 12 weeks: $196/month
  • Bring a Friend Unlimited:
    • $141 per person for one month
  • Consecutive Monthly Unlimited:
    • 6 months: $180/month
    • 3 months: $207/month
  • 30 Day Package:
    • 4 Classes: $85
    • 8 Classes: $157
    • 10 Classes: $191
    • 12 Classes: $218

Address: 1330 N. Highland Ave, Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 

Pilates Plus LA

Pilates Plus LA stands as a dynamic intersection of fitness modalities, blending traditional Pilates' foundational principles with the innovative Lagree method's innovative techniques. 

This studio goes beyond conventional Pilates, carving out a unique space that caters to both Pilates enthusiasts and those drawn to the intensity and precision of Lagree. 

It's a community centered on holistic wellness, where every workout is an opportunity to explore and push your fitness boundaries, regardless of whether you're just starting out or are an experienced athlete. 

Here, you'll find the perfect balance between Pilates's core-strengthening, flexibility-enhancing elements and the challenging, results-driven approach of Lagree workouts.

  • New Client First Class: $20
  • New Client First Month: $199
  • Confident Pack: $170 (5 classes)
  • I Am Determined (Auto-Pay): $269/month (One class booking per day)

Address: 16101 Ventura Blvd #210, Encino, CA 91436

Did you know?

Pilates Plus LA's expansion beyond traditional Pilates aligns with the increasing demand for hybrid fitness classes in Los Angeles, blending different workout styles to cater to diverse preferences. (Source)


At G:50 in Los Angeles, experience a fitness journey enhanced by modern facilities and passionate instructors. 

It's a studio where each class is an opportunity to challenge yourself in a welcoming, accessible environment, ensuring a holistic approach to your health and fitness goals.

  • New Members 2 Week Unlimited: $149 (Unlimited classes for 2 weeks)
  • New Members 3 Class Pack: $99
  • 6 Months Prepaid: $1,350 (Payable in 2 payments)
  • 4 Classes Per Month: $130/month (3-month commitment)
  • Monthly Unlimited: $289/month (Unlimited classes, 3-month commitment)

Address: 8474 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Dr Pilates

Dr Pilates is a welcoming studio specializing in the Lagree method, an enhanced form of Pilates. 

Founded by Dr. Patricia Bender, the studio combines Pilates with elements like strength and cardio for a well-rounded workout. 

Beginners and long-time Pilates lovers will find classes that fit their needs, all in a supportive and friendly environment where fitness goals are within reach.

Membership pricing:

  • New Client Special:
    • 3 Class Pack: $80
  • Class Packs:
    • Single Class: $35
    • 3 Classes: $95
    • 5 Classes: $150
    • 10 Classes: $290
    • 20 Classes: $575
  • Monthly Memberships:
    • One month Unlimited: $320
    • Unlimited Monthly (6 Month auto-renewal): $275
    • Single Session: $120
    • 5 Session Pack: $550
    • 10 Session Pack: $950Private Sessions:

Address: 5665 Melrose Ave. Unit 109, Los Angeles, CA

Pilates Plus Silver Lake

Pilates Plus Silver Lake, renowned for its innovative approach to fitness, provides a transformative experience with every session. 

This studio uniquely integrates the Lagree method with traditional Pilates, offering high-intensity, low-impact workouts suitable for a wide array of fitness enthusiasts. 

At Pilates Plus Silver Lake, you're not just exercising; professional trainers guide you through personalized sessions that combine the best of Pilates and Lagree, ensuring your fitness path is effective and inspiring.

Membership pricing:

  • Single Session: $37
  • 5 Session Pack: $159
  • 10 Session Pack: $349

Address: 2630 Hyperion Ave., #104, Los Angeles, CA

Motivate Studios

At Motivate Studios in Silver Lake, every class is more than exercise; it's an inspiring journey. 

Here, you'll find a blend of strength, cardio, and flexibility in an atmosphere that energizes and motivates, perfect for those who want to transform their fitness routine into an exhilarating experience.

Membership pricing:

  • 8 Classes (30-Day Membership): $169
  • Unlimited Classes (30-Day Membership): $299

Address: 2468 Glendale Blvd, Silver Lake, CA

Club Lagree Pasadena

Club Lagree Pasadena is a fitness oasis where your goals are within reach. 

The studio combines strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility in every move, offering high-energy classes that are both challenging and rewarding. 

It's a place where passionate instructors lead the way, helping you conquer each day with newfound strength and balance.

Membership pricing:

  • New Client: $39 for 2 classes
  • Single Class: $39
  • 4x Per Month Auto Renew: $120

Address: 678 East Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA


*Information and pricing correct as of March 2024.

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