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Are you looking for gym check-in software that's more than just a digital doorman? You need a system that's quick off the mark for member access, keeps your schedule tight, manages memberships like a pro, and wraps it all up in a user-friendly package.

TeamUp jumps out from the pack here, offering a slick solution that nails every aspect of the check-in process, ensuring your members' first touchpoint is as welcoming and efficient as their workout.

Running a gym is all about crafting the perfect fitness experience from the moment your members walk in.

With TeamUp, you're not just checking members in; you're giving them a VIP pass to their fitness journey, all with a software solution that feels custom-made for your gym's needs. It's the difference between a good first impression and a great one.

Dive into this guide to discover the 12 best gym check-in software systems on the market, each with its own perks.

We'll lay out why TeamUp not only meets the mark but also sets the bar for gym owners focused on making check-ins a breeze while offering an unbeatable member experience.

Key takeaways

  • TeamUp is the top choice for gym check-in software, offering customizable tools for all gym sizes.
  • Exercise.com's custom-branded app enhances brand identity, but with higher costs.
  • Zen Planner combines essential check-in functions with management tools for growth-focused gyms.
  • MindBody serves gyms of any size with versatile tools, including online scheduling and advanced POS capabilities.
  • Glofox simplifies check-ins with its mobile app and kiosk, ideal for enhancing service quality and efficiency.

Best gym check-in software at a glance

Product Pricing Features Ideal Number of Customers Value Customer Support Other
TeamUp Logo
From $99/month- Full-service gym management tool
- User-friendly mobile app
- Versatile and scalable for any gym size
All sizes- Thorough approach to gym management
- Excellent customer support
- Range of customization options
Free trial and unlimited customer supportOffers a broad set of tools for comprehensive gym management
Exercise.com Logo
Price on request- Custom-branded app for enhanced check-in process
- Comprehensive gym management features
- Detailed analytics
All sizes- All-in-one solution for managing check-ins, memberships, and analytics
- Focus on member engagement and operational efficiency
Comprehensive customer supportIdeal for gyms aiming for an all-in-one solution to manage check-ins and memberships
Zen Planner
ZenPlanner Logo
From $99/month- Essential check-in functions with additional management tools
- Branded apps and attendance tracking
- Membership management
All sizes- User-friendly and integrates with other systems
- Full suite of membership, attendance, and reporting tools
Pricing information isn't upfront, requiring direct inquiryGreat for gyms looking to manage check-ins alongside other management functions
MindBody Logo
From $139/month- CRM, online scheduling, and automated reminders
- Advanced POS system
- Comprehensive gym management software
All sizes- Wide range of features for managing gym operations
- Easy-to-use interface
- Customizable and accessible from anywhere
Pricing is customized, requires direct contact for costsA leading choice for gyms that want a thorough digital solution to manage all aspects of their business
Glofox Logo
Price on request- Mobile app for contactless check-in
- Check-in kiosk for instant bookings
- Simplifies gym management tasks and improves check-in experience
All sizes- Speeds up the check-in process
- Cloud-based platform ensures easy onboarding
- Customizable member app
-Excellent option for enhancing service quality and operational efficiency
RhinoFit Logo
Basic free plan, then from $57/month- Efficient check-in system with membership management
- Attendance tracking and reporting
All sizes- Well-rounded solution for organizing gym operations
- Focus on efficiency and member experience
Pricing information isn't directly providedGreat for gyms looking for a check-in system that does more, like managing memberships and tracking attendance
GymMaster Logo
From $89/month- Integrates check-in features with a broader range of gym management tools
- Attendance tracking and reporting
- Membership management
All sizes- Comprehensive gym management
- User-friendly interface
- Flexible pricing that adapts to gym size and usage
Extensive support resources including a knowledge baseRecognized for integrating check-in features with a broader range of gym management tools
PushPress Logo
Free basic plan, then from $159/month- Designed specifically for gym owners
- Workout tracking feature
- Free plan for smaller gyms
Small to mid-sized- User-friendly design
- Highly customizable
- "Pay-as-you-grow" pricing model
Knowledge base, release notes, and community forumGreat for managing check-ins and enhancing member engagement and performance tracking
GymFlow Logo
From $129/month- Comprehensive gym management software
- Custom-branded apps
- Insightful reporting
All sizes- Simplified navigation and operation
- Integration capabilities with other systems
- Flexible pricing with a free trial
-Suited for gyms aiming for management software that goes beyond mere check-ins
SimplyBook.me Logo
Free basic plan, then from $9.90/month- Online scheduling solution
- Customizable booking websites
- Over 50 custom features to enhance the booking experience
Small to medium-sized- Wide range of customizable features and integrations
- Flexible pricing based on bookings and selected features
Extensive customer support, including live chatIdeal for gyms needing a comprehensive scheduling and management system
Mariana Tek
Mariana Tek Logo
Price on request- Specialized solution for boutique fitness studios
- Business management and marketing tools
- Versatile and customizable
Boutique fitness studios- Custom-branded app
- Extensive customization and integration options
- Flexible pricing model
Specific pricing details aren't provided, requiring direct contact for quotesGreat for boutique fitness studios looking for a comprehensive solution to manage their operations
Sign In Scheduling
Sign in Scheduling Logo
From $460 per year- Custom-branded app
- Comprehensive membership management
- Detailed analytics
All sizes- User-friendly app design
- Extensive customization and integration
- Value added by streamlining processes and improving retention
Higher cost offset by streamlining processes and improving retentionBest suited for gyms seeking an integrated platform covering everything from check-in to detailed analytics


TeamUp is the leading choice for gym check-in software in 2024, offering many features beyond simple check-ins. It's a full-service gym management tool, including bookings, class and event management, and financial reporting, all accessible via a user-friendly mobile app.

This software is designed to fit the needs of any gym size, making it versatile and scalable.

TeamUp has plans starting at $99/month for gyms with up to 100 members and up to $309/month for larger establishments with over 601 members. They offer a free trial and unlimited customer support.

TeamUp stands out for its thorough approach to gym management, providing excellent customer support and a range of customization options that set it apart as the top option for gyms in 2024.


  • Offers a broad set of tools for comprehensive gym management.
  • Pricing adjusts based on gym size and usage, making it cost-effective.
  • An easy-to-use interface and mobile app improve the gym experience for everyone.


  • May require some time to learn all the features.
  • Custom setups might need additional effort to get started.


Exercise.com is well-known in the gym management field for its effective check-in system and a wide array of additional features that support gym operations.

Its standout feature is a custom-branded app that eases the check-in process and helps gyms strengthen their brand.

The software includes everything from membership management to detailed analytics, making it a comprehensive tool for gyms.

Exercise.com is ideal for gyms looking for an all-in-one solution to manage check-ins, memberships, and analytics, especially for those focused on enhancing member engagement and operational efficiency.


  • The custom-branded app enhances the gym's brand and check-in efficiency.
  • Offers detailed reports for more thoughtful decision-making and improved operations.


  • The extensive features come with a higher cost, which might not suit smaller gyms.
  • There's a bit of a learning curve due to the software's comprehensive nature.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is a strong competitor in the gym check-in software category for 2024, combining essential check-in functions with additional management tools. It offers everything from branded apps and attendance tracking to membership management, making it more than just check-in software. Its ease of use and integration capabilities make it a versatile choice for any gym.

Zen Planner is great for gyms that want to do more than just manage check-ins, providing a full suite of membership, attendance, and reporting tools, perfect for gyms aiming for growth and efficiency.

Zen Planner offers three membership tiers: Studio, Engage, and Ultimate, starting at $99, $248, and $348 per month, respectively.


  • User-friendly, making it easy for staff and members to get started.
  • Integrates with other systems, offering a comprehensive management solution.


  • New users might find the wide range of features a bit complex.
  • Pricing information isn't upfront, requiring direct inquiry.


MindBody is a leading gym management software that serves fitness centers, studios, and gyms of any size.

It goes beyond basic check-in tasks by offering tools for customer relationship management (CRM), online scheduling, automated reminders, and an advanced point-of-sale (POS) system.

These features help gym owners manage everything from signing up new clients to handling payments smoothly.

Mindbody has four pricing tiers: Starter, Accelerate, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus, with the most basic package starting at $139/month. Its pricing model includes a percentage share of sales and a "finder's fee" for new clients from the Mindbody ecosystem.

MindBody is ideal for gyms that want a thorough digital solution to keep clients engaged, streamline daily tasks, and grow their business, supporting a broad spectrum of operational activities.


  • Wide range of features for managing all gym operations.
  • Easy-to-use interface and dashboard for both staff and clients.
  • Customizable and accessible from anywhere, thanks to its cloud-based setup.


  • Pricing is customized, so you'll need to contact them to determine costs, which might delay planning.
  • The full suite of features might be overwhelming for gyms new to using such comprehensive software.


Glofox is gym management software that offers a mobile app for contactless check-in and a check-in kiosk for members to view schedules, check availability, and book classes instantly. It streamlines the check-in process and reduces the workload on front desk staff.

Glofox's commitment to customer support emphasizes providing timely assistance, ensuring gym owners and staff can make the most of its features.

Glofox simplifies gym management tasks and improves the check-in experience.

It's an excellent option for fitness centers, studios, and gyms looking for a comprehensive solution to enhance service quality and operational efficiency, making it a valuable tool for gym growth.


  • The mobile app and Check-in Kiosk speed up the check-in process.
  • Cloud-based platform ensures easy onboarding and a smooth experience for members.
  • Customizable member app enhances marketing and member engagement.
  • Transparent pricing aims to reduce operational costs and boost revenue.


  • There may be a learning curve for new users.
  • Costs could increase as gyms grow and need more features.


RhinoFit offers a dynamic gym management package that includes an efficient check-in system, membership management, attendance tracking, and reporting.

This makes it a well-rounded solution for organizing gym operations and ensuring members and staff have a smooth experience.

RhinoFit is great for gyms looking for a check-in system that does more, like managing memberships and tracking attendance, all aimed at improving efficiency.


  • Sophisticated check-in system that works seamlessly with membership management tools.
  • The interface is clear and simple, making the check-in process quick and easy.
  • Flexible in its setup, allowing for customization and easy integration with other software.


  • Pricing information isn't directly provided, meaning costs can vary based on your gym needs.


GymMaster is recognized for integrating check-in features with a broader range of gym management tools, establishing itself as a comprehensive solution for 2024.

It includes everything from branded apps and tracking attendance to managing memberships and compiling reports, all designed to make gym operations smoother and enhance the experience for members.

GymMaster is perfect for gyms looking to broaden their management approach beyond mere check-ins. It provides a full suite of tools for managing memberships, tracking attendance, and reporting, suitable for gyms aiming for operational excellence and growth.

GymMaster offers three plans: "Foundation" at $89/month, "Advanced" at $129/month, and "Professional" at $209/month. They also have a custom-priced "Enterprise" plan for unlimited members.


  • Offers a wide variety of features for complete gym management.
  • The system is designed to be straightforward, ensuring ease of use for everyone.
  • Its pricing adapts to your gym's size, and it can work well with other software you might already use.


  • New users may need some time to get used to all its features.


PushPress stands out in the gym management software landscape, specifically designed by and for gym owners, addressing the unique challenges within the fitness industry.

Beyond traditional check-in functionalities, PushPress offers a comprehensive platform with workout tracking—a valuable feature for sports performance gyms.

Members can log their workouts and track progress, enriching their gym experience and motivation.

PushPress offers a free plan for smaller gyms. Their Pro Plan starts at $159/month and the Max Plan at $229/month, with competitive payment processing rates for growing fitness enterprises.

PushPress is particularly beneficial for gyms seeking a system that manages check-ins and enhances member engagement and performance tracking, offering a solution that grows with the business.


  • User-friendly design, making it straightforward for gym staff and members to adopt and use daily, reducing the complexity often associated with gym management systems.
  • Highly customizable to cater to various gym types such as boot camps, CrossFit, and yoga studios, allowing for a tailored fit to specific business models.
  • The "Pay-as-you-grow" pricing model provides financial flexibility, charging no monthly fee until the gym bills over $7,500 per month, aligning costs with the gym's growth.


  • New users may face a learning curve with the extensive features available.


GymFlow offers a full-service gym management software solution designed to enhance operational efficiency and member experience. It features a suite of tools, including custom-branded apps, attendance tracking, membership management, and insightful reporting. The software's ease of use stands out, with a fast and hassle-free check-in process facilitated by a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both staff and members.

Gymflow offers pricing plans based on the business size in the US. The Starter Plan costs $129/month, the Growth Plan costs $179/month, and the Pro Plan costs $229/month. All plans include automated billing, membership management, scheduling, check-in, lead management, live reporting, and support options.

GymFlow is suited to gyms aiming for management software that goes beyond check-in functionalities, seeking to provide comprehensive services that streamline operations and improve member interactions.


  • Simplified navigation and operation, thanks to its user-friendly interface, contributes to a positive experience for gym-goers and staff.
  • Integration capabilities with other gym management systems provide a unified approach to managing gym operations.
  • Starting at $129 per month, GymFlow offers flexible pricing with a free trial, allowing gyms to explore its features without an immediate commitment.


  • The cost may rise for gyms needing more advanced features or as they expand.


SimplyBook.me extends beyond traditional gym check-in software by offering an online scheduling solution perfect for small to medium-sized gyms.

Its features include easy scheduling, admin and statistics for management, customizable booking websites with brand alignment, and email and SMS reminders.

Over 50 custom features can be added to enhance the booking experience, and it integrates with numerous services like payment processors and Google Services, streamlining operations and client interactions.

SimplyBook.me offers various tiers catering to different needs, starting with a Free plan at $0/month for 50 bookings. The Basic plan at $9.9/month expands to 100 bookings with additional features. The Standard plan at $29.9/month includes 500 bookings and Payments PRO. The Premium plan at $59.9/month offers 2000 bookings. 

Additional options include booking packages starting at $14 and SMS packages starting at $5. Setup assistance is available for $80, including a $60 premium subscription.

SimplyBook.me is an excellent option for gyms needing a comprehensive scheduling and management system that can adapt to their specific operational requirements, facilitating efficient management of bookings, memberships, and promotional efforts.


  • Wide range of customizable features and integrations, allowing gyms to enhance their booking experience and operational efficiency.
  • Pricing based on the number of bookings and selected features offers flexibility to accommodate various business sizes and stages.
  • Extensive customer support, including a comprehensive help center and live chat, ensures readily available assistance.


  • The breadth of features and customization options might be daunting for some users.

Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek offers a specialized solution for boutique fitness studios, moving beyond just check-in functions to provide a wide range of management features.

It's designed with independent fitness professionals in mind, offering tools for business management, marketing, CRM, customer experience enhancement, business insights, and multi-location management. Mariana Tek's platform is versatile, helping streamline studio operations and boost member satisfaction.

Mariana Tek is ideal for boutique fitness studios looking for a comprehensive solution to manage their operations while offering a personalized experience to their members.


  • Features a custom-branded app, creating a personalized member experience.
  • Offers extensive customization and integration options, allowing studios to enhance their capabilities and offer a unique branded experience.
  • Flexible pricing model likely adapts to studio size and needs, providing cost efficiency.


  • Specific pricing details aren't provided, requiring direct contact for quotes.

Sign In Scheduling (formerly 10to8)

Sign In Scheduling emerges as a comprehensive gym check-in software, with features extending well beyond the check-in process to streamline gym operations and improve the member experience.

Its custom-branded app reinforces brand loyalty and makes the check-in process efficient, reducing wait times.

With comprehensive membership management, including attendance tracking, Sign In Scheduling helps gyms keep members engaged and reduce churn.

The Standard Plan costs $460 per year per site and includes 200 customizable monthly appointments, automated reminders, bulk email capability, in-app chat, advanced analytics, and GDPR compliance.

The Pro Plan, priced at $612 per year per site, offers similar features with added perks like multiple booking pages, SMS capability, in-app chat and phone support, HIPAA tools, and a voice booking feature.

Sign In Scheduling is best suited to gyms seeking an integrated management platform that covers everything from check-in to detailed analytics, ideal for enhancing member engagement and operational efficiency.


  • User-friendly app design simplifies the check-in process and enhances the member experience.
  • Supports extensive customization and integration, serving as an all-in-one solution for gym management needs.
  • While generally pricier, the value added by streamlining processes and improving retention justifies the cost.


  • The extensive feature set might overwhelm smaller gyms or those new to comprehensive digital solutions.


*Product and pricing information correct as of March 2024.


What criteria should I consider when choosing gym check-in software?

Look for software with features like barcode scanning, mobile check-in options, customizable member databases, and integration capabilities with your existing systems.

Can gym check-in software handle different membership types?

Yes, the best gym check-in software can accommodate various membership tiers, including day passes, monthly subscriptions, and class packages.

Is gym check-in software user-friendly for both staff and members?

Absolutely, the top gym check-in software is designed with intuitive interfaces for easy navigation by both staff at the front desk and members checking in.

Does gym check-in software offer real-time attendance tracking?

Yes, many gym check-in software solutions provide real-time data on member attendance, allowing you to monitor peak hours and plan staffing accordingly.

Can gym check-in software help with member engagement?

Certainly, some gym check-in software includes features like push notifications, personalized messages, and rewards programs to enhance member engagement and retention.

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