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When you're searching for the perfect gym POS software, you're looking for a system that makes sales smooth, manages your stock without a hitch, and processes payments securely—all while being a breeze for you and your team to use.

Among all the options we've scoped out, TeamUp doesn't just tick these boxes; it excels at them. It's the tool that seamlessly slots into your gym's daily grind, turning the hassle of sales transactions into smooth sailing.

Imagine a POS system that's like your gym's personal assistant, dedicated to making every sale as effortless as a well-executed workout plan. That's what TeamUp brings to the table.

This piece is going to walk you through the 12 standout gym POS systems out there, breaking down what makes each one tick and why; when it comes down to it, TeamUp stands head and shoulders above the rest for gym owners who want to streamline their sales and elevate their members' experience from good to great.

Key takeaways

  • TeamUp stands out as the top choice for gym owners seeking a reliable and efficient POS system that provides a seamless and personalized customer experience.
  • offers a versatile POS system integrated with comprehensive gym management features, promoting efficiency and ease of use.
  • Mindbody provides a cloud-based software solution with a fully integrated POS system, suitable for gyms prioritizing retail management alongside their POS needs.
  • PushPress offers user-friendly POS software designed to simplify gym operations and enhance customer experience, making it an excellent option for small to mid-sized gyms.
  • WellnessLiving offers a broad management solution with strong POS capabilities, making it ideal for wellness businesses seeking streamlined operations and efficient sales processes.

Top gym point-of-sale (POS) software

Product Pricing Features Ideal Number of Customers Value Customer Support Other
TeamUp Logo
From $99/monthRemote management of gym operations and POS functionalitiesAll sizesSeamless sales transactions, inventory managementFree trial period and unlimited customer supportIntegration with accounting, marketing, and online booking systems Logo
Price on requestVersatile POS system integrated with sales, billing, and scheduling operationsAll sizesEfficient navigation and operational tasks, in-depth reportingComprehensive customer supportSuited for gyms prioritizing comprehensive software solution alongside POS needs
Mindbody Logo
From $139/monthFully integrated POS system for on-site sales and payment processingAll sizesVersatile POS functionalities, efficient invoice managementDirect engagement with Mindbody for cost detailsCombined POS capabilities with gym management functionalities, suitable for retail management
PushPress Logo
Free basic plan, then from $159/monthUser-friendly POS software designed for gym operations, automated billing, and client managementSmall to mid-sizedEasy-to-use management solution, comprehensive suite of featuresKnowledge base, release notes, and community forumBalances affordability with functionality
WellnessLiving Logo
From $105/monthBusiness management software with a POS system for transactions and inventory managementAll sizesWide range of features, customizable interfaceComprehensive support resourcesBroad management solution with strong POS capabilities
Zen Planner
Zen Planner Logo
From $99/monthPOS functions integrated with scheduling, billing, and membership managementAll sizesSimplified operational management, notable customer supportDirect customer support contactAppeals to smaller fitness studios seeking unified platform for managing various aspects
Arbox Logo
Free basic plan, then from $49/monthIntegrated POS system supporting various payment methodsAll sizesEfficient POS system, highly customizable, seamless integrationCustomer support channels include email and phoneComprehensive management system, ideal for gyms seeking reliable and versatile system
PerfectGym Logo
Price on requestPOS system integrated with gym management softwareLarge fitness centersExtensive integration capabilities, user-friendly interface-Suitable for larger fitness centers requiring multifaceted management solution
Glofox Logo
Price on requestPOS functionalities integrated with scheduling, booking, and membership managementBoutique studiosStrong POS system, mobile application enhances client engagement-Ideal for fitness businesses seeking streamlined operations and improved customer experience
ClubReady Logo
Price on requestCentralized POS system managing member registrations, renewals, and paymentsAll sizesIntegrated POS and member management system, scalable and user-friendly-Offers scalable solution for small gyms to large multi-location health clubs
GymMaster Logo
From $89/monthPOS system managing inventory and member paymentsAll sizesUser-friendly interface, customizable and integrable with third-party systemsExtensive support resources including a knowledge baseDetailed management solution with advanced access control and POS capabilities
EZFacility Logo
Price on requestPOS system streamlining gym operations and inventory controlAll sizesIntegrated management suite, customizable and accessible remotely-Suitable for expanding operations in the fitness industry, branded mobile app enhances engagement


TeamUp is a cloud-based management solution for gyms and wellness centers, offering remote management of gym operations and POS functionalities.

With TeamUp, gym owners can effortlessly handle membership fees, process payments, and manage bookings for classes and equipment, all within a unified platform.

Keeping track of gym supplies and equipment is essential for successful gym management. That's why the software offers an inventory management feature.

It helps gym owners and staff keep an accurate tally of their stock, which is especially important for managing retail operations. The platform is known for its straightforward and easy-to-use interface. It's intuitive, which means that even if you're new to using a POS system, you'll find it easy to navigate.

TeamUp integrates with accounting, marketing, and online booking systems, streamlining POS and management tasks. It also provides reporting and analytics tools for valuable business insights.

TeamUp offers plans starting at $99/month for gyms with up to 100 members and scaling up to $309/month for larger establishments with over 601 members. They also provide a free trial period and unlimited customer support to ensure the software aligns with your business needs.

With its impressive customization options and user-friendly interface, TeamUp stands out as the top choice for gyms looking for a reliable and efficient POS system that can provide a seamless and personalized customer experience.


  • Comprehensive management features, including POS capabilities.
  • User-friendly interface for easy adoption and daily use.


  • The subscription model may necessitate budget adjustments.
  • The initial setup might involve a learning curve for tech newcomers. is a gym management platform with a versatile POS system that seamlessly integrates with sales, billing, and scheduling operations.

It offers membership management, product sales, and scheduling tools complemented by in-depth reporting and analytics.

The platform simplifies navigation and operational tasks, promoting efficiency, and is suited for gyms that prioritize a wide-ranging software solution alongside their POS needs.


  • Flexible POS system integrated with comprehensive gym management features.
  • Intuitive interface that supports ease of use.


  • Customized pricing may require negotiation to fit within budget constraints.
  • The platform's broad feature set may necessitate a learning period for staff.


Mindbody offers cloud-based software for the fitness and wellness industry that includes a fully integrated POS system for on-site sales and payment processing. The system supports multiple payment methods, efficient invoice management, and inventory tracking.

Mindbody's POS capabilities are user-friendly, customizable, and beneficial for gyms with retail management.

Mindbody combines POS functionality with gym management capabilities, making it a comprehensive option. However, for gyms focused on optimizing their POS experience, specialized POS platforms may be a better choice.

Mindbody offers different pricing tiers: Starter, Accelerate, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus, each with its own features and services. The Starter plan is available for $139 per month.

Its pricing model includes a percentage share of sales and a "finder's fee" for new clients from the Mindbody ecosystem.


  • Versatile POS system supporting diverse payment and sales processes.
  • User-friendly design and hardware compatibility enhance service delivery.


  • Some users have reported slower payment processing speeds and responsiveness from customer support.
  • Tailored pricing requires direct contact with Mindbody for details on cost.


PushPress is a gym management software solution that simplifies gym operations and enhances the customer experience. It's user-friendly POS software designed for gym owners, staff, and clients, which reduces manual work and cuts costs. The automated billing, retail sales, signups, and client management tools like checkins, scheduling, and digital waivers make it an efficient gym management system from sales to member engagement.

PushPress is a great option for small to mid-sized gyms looking for an easy-to-use management solution that grows with them. It strikes a balance between affordability and functionality.

PushPress offers a free plan for smaller gyms. Their Pro Plan starts at $159/month and the Max Plan at $229/month, with competitive payment processing rates for growing fitness enterprises.


  • Intuitive software design for easy operation.
  • Comprehensive suite of features from billing to member management.


  • Advanced features and integrations come with higher-tier pricing.
  • Internet dependency for optimal software use.


WellnessLiving offers business management software developed for wellness businesses, including gyms and spas.

It automates tasks and streamlines operations with features like client management, online booking, POS, and marketing tools. The POS system manages transactions, memberships, and inventory effectively.

The user-friendly software provides businesses with customizable options to fit their specific needs.

However, it might lack some niche fitness management features. WellnessLiving is better suited to wellness businesses seeking a broad management solution with strong POS capabilities.

Security-wise, WellnessLiving is HIPAA compliant, ensuring data protection in cloud-based storage.

Prices range from $105 to $285 per month, with enterprise options available upon request to suit businesses of all sizes.


  • Wide range of features, including a robust POS system.
  • Customizable and user-friendly interface.


  • May lack depth in certain specialized fitness management areas.
  • Pricing varies, potentially affecting smaller businesses with tight budgets.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner streamlines gym management by integrating POS functions with scheduling, billing, and membership management. The system offers straightforward features that facilitate gym operations without extensive training. It also handles inventory and sales effectively, supporting gyms with retail operations.

While praised for solid customer support, some users report issues with bugs.

Zen Planner is suitable for gyms looking for an all-encompassing management tool that includes POS functionalities, especially appealing to smaller fitness studios seeking a unified platform for managing various aspects of their business.

Zen Planner has three membership levels: Studio ($99/month), Engage ($248/month), and Ultimate ($348/month) to suit different business needs.


  • Simplified operational management with integrated POS.
  • Notable customer support for issue resolution.


  • Occasional software bugs affecting user experience.
  • Lack of clarity on pricing and specific security measures.


Arbox offers a gym management solution with an integrated POS system that supports various payment methods. It consolidates operations, reducing the need for separate systems, and is recommended for gyms seeking a comprehensive and reliable management system.

Five plans are available with different features and prices: Free, Basic ($49/month), Standard ($129/month), Professional ($299/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing).

The Enterprise plan is priced based on custom needs and includes unlimited sessions, service types, products, on-site implementation, custom development, VIP support service, etc. A 20% discount is available if billed annually.


  • Efficient POS system that supports a range of payment methods.
  • Highly customizable and integrates well with existing gym infrastructure.


  • The subscription-based pricing model may be a consideration for budget-conscious gyms.


PerfectGym offers gym management software complemented by a POS system that caters to fitness clubs' administrative and operational needs.

The software's client portal and mobile app facilitate easy member access to account management, class bookings, and performance tracking.

It stands out for its ability to integrate with third-party apps and devices, enhancing functionality with features like biometric tracking.

PerfectGym is particularly suitable for larger fitness centers that demand a multifaceted management solution, with a focus on member engagement and streamlined operations supported by a robust POS system.


  • Extensive integration capabilities with third-party apps and hardware.
  • User-friendly interface and strong customer support enhance user satisfaction.


  • The complexity of the system may pose challenges for smaller operations.
  • Frequent updates can introduce unexpected issues, requiring attentive management.


Glofox is a gym management software that provides scheduling, booking, membership management, detailed reporting, and POS functionalities.

It offers a web-based and mobile application for clients to easily book and pay for services and products, emphasizing mobility and enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience for fitness businesses.

Glofox is ideal for fitness businesses looking to streamline operations and improve the customer experience through advanced technology, featuring a comprehensive POS system and mobile app capabilities.


  • Strong POS system for merchandise and service sales.
  • Mobile application enhances client engagement and convenience.


  • Pricing information requires direct inquiry, which may hinder immediate budget planning.
  • The platform's wide range of features might require customization to fully align with specific gym operations.


ClubReady is a club management software crafted for fitness facilities, including gyms, health clubs, and sports clubs, aiming to streamline operations and elevate the member experience.

Its point-of-sale (POS) system, central to its offerings, efficiently manages member registrations, renewals, and payments.

It also encompasses class scheduling, inventory management, and staff scheduling, all integrated with ClubReady's comprehensive member management system for seamless operational flow.

ClubReady's suitability spans from small gyms to large multi-location health clubs, offering a scalable solution that grows with the business.


  • Integrated POS and member management system streamline financial transactions and member data management.
  • Scalable and user-friendly, suitable for gyms of all sizes.


  • Pricing is based on facility size and features, requiring direct inquiry.
  • Customization and integration strengths imply a potentially complex setup for specific needs.


GymMaster offers gym management software with features like membership management, automated billing, a mobile app, and a standout POS system that manages inventory and member payments.

GymMaster is tailored for gyms needing a detailed management solution with advanced access control and POS capabilities, ideal for different gym sizes and operational demands.

GymMaster's plans start at $89/month for "Foundation," $129/month for "Advanced," and $209/month for "Professional." They also have a custom-priced "Enterprise" option for unlimited members.


  • User-friendly interface simplifies operations for owners and staff.
  • Customizable and integrable with third-party systems, enhancing gym management flexibility.


  • Customized pricing suggests a varying investment depending on gym size and needs.
  • The system's comprehensive nature might introduce a learning curve.


EZFacility provides gym management software with a POS system to streamline gym operations. It includes online scheduling, membership management, transaction handling, billing, and inventory control.

A branded mobile app enhances client engagement, providing schedules and notifications at their fingertips.

EZFacility caters to a wide range of fitness businesses looking for a holistic management solution that includes a versatile POS system suitable for expanding operations in the fitness industry.

Contact the company for pricing. Startups and small teams may get special offers.


  • POS system integrates with a broad management suite for thorough operational oversight.
  • Customizable and accessible remotely, ensuring business management flexibility.


  • Lack of detailed pricing information necessitates direct contact for budget planning.
  • The requirement for internet connectivity might limit functionality in low-coverage areas.


*Product and pricing information correct as of March 2024.


What features should I look for in the best gym POS software?

Look for software that offers membership management, class scheduling, payment processing, and robust reporting capabilities.

Can gym POS software integrate with other systems?

Yes, the best gym POS software typically integrates with accounting software, CRM systems, and fitness equipment for a seamless experience.

How can gym POS software streamline operations for my fitness business?

By automating tasks like member checkin, class registration, and billing, gym POS software can save time and improve efficiency for staff and members alike.

Is there support available for setting up and troubleshooting the software?

Yes, reputable gym POS software providers offer customer support, training resources, and troubleshooting assistance to help you maximize the software's benefits.

Is gym POS software scalable for businesses of different sizes?

Absolutely, the best gym POS software is designed to scale your business, whether you operate a small boutique gym or a large fitness franchise.

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