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When looking for great gym software, you want something that handles member signups, scheduling, and key access control all in one. It should be easy to use and keep your gym secure.

Among the top 13 options we've checked out, TeamUp really stands out because it's built to do all this.

Running a gym is all about creating a great place for fitness, not getting stuck in paperwork. TeamUp makes it easier by fitting right into your gym's setup, especially with its key access feature, Access Control.

It's like having an extra set of hands to help you keep everything running smoothly.

This article will introduce you to the 13 best gym software options, and we'll highlight the key features and benefits of each, showing you how TeamUp is the top choice for gym owners looking to simplify their operations and improve their members' experience with gym software with key access control.

Top gym software with key access at a glance

Product Pricing Features Ideal Number of Customers Value Customer Support Other
TeamUp Logo
From $99/monthIntegration with Kisi for 24/7 touchless accessAll sizesSecurity and efficiencyInstallation assistance and comprehensive resourcesIntegration with Kisi's cloud-based smart security technology
Wellyx Logo
From $79/monthTouchless access with key fobs and cardsAll sizesOffline access, cloud connectivity, anti-passback measures-Customizable gym key fobs and cards
PushPress Logo
Free basic plan, then from $159/monthIntegration with various services for lead engagementAll sizesSecurity and efficiencyKnowledge base, release notes, community forumIntegration with SugarWOD, MailChimp, Slack, and more
Mindbody Logo
From $139/monthSimplified member checkins, attendance monitoringAll sizesFlexible billing and payments, cross-device accessibilityKnowledge base, release notes, community forumDigital waivers, performance reports, financial insights
Zen Planner
Zen Planner Logo
From $99/monthMobile app-based access control systemAll sizesAccess levels based on membershipsComprehensive resources for setup and managementIntegration with billing and CRM systems
Fitli Logo
From $39/month24/7 access control, customizable access levelsSmall to mid-sizedAutomated checkins and attendance tracking-Integration with billing and CRM systems
Pike13 Logo
From $139/monthKey access control with 99.9% uptimeAll sizesIntegrated point-of-sale system, real-time attendanceGetting started guide, knowledge base, release notesMobile apps for enhanced user experience
EZFacility Logo
Price on requestPartnership with Authentic8 ID SolutionsAll sizesPCI DSS Level 1 certified, integration with Brivo SystemsComprehensive resources for setup and managementSecure access through RFID cards and key fobs
Motionsoft Logo
Price on requestCompatibility with various entry systemsAll sizesIntegrated with Gantner access controlsKnowledge base, release notes, community forumVisual scanner for key tags and barcodes
GloFox Logo
Price on requestDigital keycard system integrated with physical access pointsBoutique studiosEncryption, two-factor authenticationSupport and training through comprehensive resourcesCustomizable access hours and permissions
RhinoFit Logo
Basic free plan, then from $57/monthBarcode scanning for member accessSmall to mid-sizedVoice greeting feature for a personalized checkin-Door access control with a visual scanner
GymMaster Logo
From $89/month (door access feature not included)Integrated access control system with mobile checkinsAll sizesRemote door unlocking, real-time membership updatesComprehensive resources for setup and managementRFID technology for secure access

Key takeaways

  • Selecting the right gym software with key access is essential for smooth fitness center operations and member satisfaction.
  • TeamUp is the standout choice, offering advanced security and efficiency with 24/7 touchless access through its integration with Kisi.
  • Other options like Wellyx, PushPress, Mindbody, and Zen Planner provide key access control systems for seamless member checkins and gym management.
  • Fitli and Pike13 cater to small to mid-sized businesses with customizable access control and membership integration.
  • RhinoFit, GymMaster, and Motionsoft offer versatile access control solutions, ensuring efficient member access, security, and convenience. RhinoFit even offers a free plan for smaller gyms.


TeamUp stands out with its advanced gym access control system, seamlessly integrating with Kisi to offer 24/7 touchless access via mobile apps and fobs.

This integration simplifies gym entry and bolsters security by allowing detailed control over who can access the gym based on membership status.

The system ensures that only members that are up to date with fees have access, with automated blocks for those with failed payments.

Operational efficiency is a key benefit, as TeamUp automates checkins and attendance, reducing the need for manual oversight and potentially lowering staffing costs.

It's also built for convenience, making it easier for members to get in and out, focusing on their workouts rather than checkin procedures.

TeamUp's pricing reflects the number of active customers you have each month, starting at $99 per month for 0100 active customers.

They emphasize that all core features are available to everyone regardless of the price plan. A free trial will help you explore and set up the software to ensure it fits your business needs before making any payment​​.


  • Advanced security with Kisi integration.
  • Automated checkins save time and reduce staffing needs.
  • Customizable access controls enhance facility security.
  • User-friendly, with notifications for members about access status.


  • Relies on integration with Kisi, which might not suit all setups.
  • Setup requires initial effort and possible technical support.


Wellyx provides a robust access control system with touchless entry, using fobs and cards for a secure environment. Its offline access, cloud connectivity, and anti-passback features ensure a high level of security. The platform automates checkins, offers real-time attendance tracking, and supports remote monitoring, making it ideal for multi-location management.

Wellyx offers three pricing plans: Excel at $79 per month, Exceed at $119, and Ultimate at $149.

These plans come with a range of features, including memberships and packages, a scheduler, mobile apps, and more, with some features like branded apps and SEO services available as add-ons​​.


  • Secure touchless access and real-time monitoring.
  • Offline functionality for enhanced security.
  • Automated checkins and efficient staff management.


  • Additional hardware for fobs/cards is necessary.
  • Learning curve for comprehensive features is steep.


PushPress focuses on security and streamlined gym management, integrating with multiple services for workout tracking, client checkins, and billing. Its customizable system adapts to gym-specific needs and is supported by an intuitive interface that simplifies operations with visual reports and a priorities dashboard. Customer support and a community forum enhance the user experience.

PushPress has three pricing plans: Free, Pro ($159/month), and Max ($229/month). Each plan is designed to scale with your gym's growth and includes various features to meet your needs.


  • Wide range of integrations for full management coverage.
  • Customizable features for tailored gym operations.
  • Intuitive interface with strong customer support.


  • Feature richness may overwhelm beginners.
  • Scaling features could increase costs.


Mindbody is a gym management software with a key access control system for gyms operating beyond regular hours.

Its system streamlines member checkins, controls access, and monitors attendance, promoting a flexible gym experience. Mindbody goes beyond access control, simplifying billing, offering cross-device functionality through its app, and providing extensive customization for schedules, payments, and client management. The intuitive interface includes digital waivers and financial reports, supported by robust customer service resources.

Mindbody offers pricing plans starting at $139/month for fitness businesses. The Starter plan provides basic features for operations management. The Accelerate plan offers advanced tools for growth.

The Ultimate plan is a comprehensive package with extensive features and resources. The Ultimate Plus plan provides the highest support and features. Contact Mindbody for pricing details and more information.


  • Efficient member checkins and facility access control.
  • Extensive customization options for gym operations.
  • Strong customer support with a comprehensive knowledge base.


  • Higher starting price point.
  • Feature richness could be overwhelming for some.

Zen Planner

Zen Planner offers a gym management solution with 24-hour access control via a mobile app, simplifying the member checkin process. Gym owners can adjust access based on membership levels and integrate with billing and CRM for up-to-date access management. The software allows for customized access hours and permissions, providing flexibility in managing member experiences. Zen Planner focuses on convenience for both members and owners, with easy checkins and remote access management.

Zen Planner offers three pricing plans for fitness studios and gyms. The Studio plan costs $99/month and includes member management, reporting, and a mobile app.

The Engage plan starts at $248/month and includes online presence tools, lead-generating websites, SMS capabilities, and reputation management.

The Ultimate plan, beginning at $348/month, includes automated sales and marketing, social media planning, content AI, expert-written marketing campaigns, and conversational AI.


  • Mobile app simplifies member checkins.
  • Customizable access permissions for different membership levels.
  • Seamless billing and CRM integration.


  • Requires app download and setup by members.
  • Customization requires initial setup time.


Fitli caters to small and mid-sized gyms with its online management software, including 24/7 access control. The system automates checkins, integrates seamlessly with billing and CRM, and allows for customized access based on membership levels.

Members enjoy the ease of app-based checkins, while owners can manage access remotely. Fitli's pricing plans are designed to suit various business needs, from solo entrepreneurs to larger enterprises.

Fitli offers several pricing plans, starting with the Solo plan at $39 per month for monthly payments, providing ultimate flexibility. They have plans catering to different needs, including Grow at $69 per month, Expand at $89 per month, and Enterprise at $109 per month for businesses requiring more extensive features and support.


  • Automated checkins and integrated gym management features.
  • Customizable access controls for personalized member experiences.
  • Varied pricing plans for different business sizes.


  • Best suited for smaller operations.
  • Full functionality requires app adoption by members and owners.


Pike13 offers a comprehensive sports club management software with an efficient key access control system. Known for its impressive 99.9% uptime, Pike13 ensures gyms remain operational outside regular hours without interruption.

The integrated point-of-sale system facilitates the sale of memberships and merchandise and keeps the access control system synchronized, ensuring seamless member access.

The platform boasts an easy-to-use interface that streamlines administrative tasks, allowing gym owners and staff to easily access schedules, client data, and reports from any device.

Security is a priority, with Pike13 offering a detailed student database that includes visit history, upcoming events, stored payment methods, and more, all essential for managing access effectively. Pike13's mobile app further enhances the user experience, supporting convenient checkin and checkout processes.

Pike13 has three pricing plans with monthly and annual billing options. The Essential plan starts at $129/month (annual) or $139/month (monthly). The Advanced plan starts at $179/month (annual) or $199/month (monthly). The Premium plan begins at $237/month (annual) or $279/month (monthly) and offers premium features.


  • High reliability with 99.9% uptime.
  • Integrated point-of-sale for streamlined access control.
  • Comprehensive student database for enhanced security.


  • Pricing plans may be higher for smaller facilities.
  • The wealth of features requires a learning curve for new users.


EZFacility collaborates with Authentic8 ID Solutions to offer a key access control system that simplifies member checkins.

With a focus on security, the software boasts PCI DSS Level 1 certification and integrates with Brivo Systems for round-the-clock access control and remote management.

This allows gym owners to set staff access permissions and monitor access attempts effectively.

The software supports automated check-ins and customizable access hours through RFID cards or key fobs, enabling gym owners to manage access from anywhere.

Pricing is not listed online, so you must contact the company. Startups and small teams may be eligible for a freemium package or other offers.


  • Enhanced security with PCI DSS Level 1 certification.
  • Remote access control management with Brivo Systems integration.


  • Pricing information is not transparent.
  • Dependence on third-party solutions for access control.


Motionsoft is tailored for large gyms, providing a key access control system that integrates seamlessly with various entry methods, including biometric solutions, to facilitate convenient member entry. Its compatibility with Gantner access controls offers comprehensive security for the facility, making it suitable for gyms of all sizes.

The software is designed to enhance gym operations with its Check-In Software, which synchronizes data across locations and integrates with scheduling tools for classes and personal training. Motionsoft is known for its user-friendly interface, featuring clear graphics and simple design, which simplifies staff training and improves the member experience.


  • Versatile access control compatible with multiple entry systems.
  • Comprehensive security with Gantner access controls integration.


  • Primarily suited for large facilities.
  • May require additional hardware for biometric solutions.


Glofox offers gym management software specially designed for boutique fitness studios, incorporating a sophisticated key access control system to boost both member experience and operational efficiency.

This system allows for digital keycard access, directly integrating with the studio's physical entry points and streamlining member entries and exits.

Security is a top priority for Glofox, which uses encryption to safeguard member data and includes two-factor authentication to strengthen access control.

The system enhances operational efficiency by automating checkins and checkouts, tracking attendance, and integrating smoothly with billing and CRM systems. Gym owners can set access hours and permissions according to membership levels, with digital keycards facilitating easy access for members.

Remote management of access rights is supported, and installation of digital keycard readers is coordinated with Glofox's support team for optimal setup.

If you're interested in GloFox's gym management software, the best way to get pricing that is suitable for your needs is to visit their website and contact them. Their team will get back to you with a custom package based on your requirements.


  • Enhanced security with encryption and two-factor authentication.
  • Operational efficiency with automated checkins and integrated systems.


  • Digital keycard reader installation is required.
  • Pricing information requires direct inquiry.


RhinoFit's gym management software includes a key access control system that efficiently oversees member access, utilizing barcode scanning to verify membership status and offering a voice greeting for a personalized entrance.

Its Access Tracking Feature keeps a log of entries, provides occupancy insights, and integrates with Door Access Control units for comprehensive access management.

Members enjoy the convenience of mobile device checkins, and gym owners can manage access rights remotely. The RhinoFit Door Access Control unit is easy to integrate with existing door systems and includes a visual scanner for key tags or barcodes, ensuring seamless operation.

When talking about pricing, RhinoFit has three pricing tiers for its gym management software. The "Startup" plan is free for up to 20 active members, the "Standard" plan costs $57 monthly, and the "24/7" plan, which includes door access control features, is priced at $149 monthly. Each plan comes with a range of features designed to suit the needs of different gym sizes and operations​​.


  • Personalized checkin experience with voice greeting.
  • Real-time occupancy insights and remote access management.


  • Requires the purchase of a Door Access Control unit.
  • Setup and integration with existing door systems may require technical support.


GymMaster integrates a secure access control system with its membership management software, enabling remote door unlocking and mobile device checkins for efficient access management. The system's GateKeeper component updates membership statuses in real time, restricts access based on payment status, and facilitates automatic checkins, connecting door readers to the membership database for seamless operation.

RFID technology is used for access and is compatible with electronic barriers like turnstiles and door locks. Installation support is provided, with expert advice available for setting up the system. GymMaster enhances user experience by allowing entry via smartphones or RFID key fobs, streamlining checkin and ensuring secure access.

GymMaster's pricing starts from $89 per month for the "Foundation" plan, with other plans including "Advanced" at $129 per month and "Professional" at $209 per month. They also offer a custom-priced "Enterprise" option for unlimited members.


  • Real-time membership status updates and automated checkins.
  • Flexible access options with RFID technology and mobile devices.


  • Installation may require professional assistance.
  • Pricing starts higher than some competitors, potentially affecting smaller gyms.


*Product and pricing information correct as of March 2024.


What is gym software with key access, and why do gyms need it?

Gym software with key access is a system that controls entry to fitness facilities, typically using electronic key fobs or cards. Gyms need it to enhance security, streamline member checkins, and track attendance efficiently.

How does gym software with key access work for members?

Members use electronic key fobs or cards to gain access to the gym. These devices are usually scanned at entry points, allowing easy, secure entry during authorized times.

What are the key benefits of gym software with key access for gym owners?

Gym owners can automate checkins, reduce staffing costs, enhance security, and customize access based on membership types and schedules, providing a better member experience.

Can gym software with key access integrate with other gym management functions?

Yes, many gym software options with key access integrate seamlessly with billing, CRM, and attendance tracking systems, streamlining overall gym operations.

How can gym owners customize access using these systems?

Gym owners can set access hours and permissions based on membership levels, allowing them to tailor the member experience to specific needs, like 24/7 access or premium membership perks.

Is support and training available for setting up and managing gym software with key access?

Yes, most providers offer resources like setup guides, knowledge bases, and customer support to assist gym owners in effectively managing the key access system.

What hardware is required for gym software with key access?

The hardware needed typically includes electronic key fob readers or card scanners installed at the gym's entry points. The specific requirements may vary depending on the chosen software provider.

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