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Parks and recreation software streamlines administrative tasks and enhances the user experience, regardless of the facility's size or type. 

Equipped with features like online registration and payment processing, the software caters to the needs of today's digitally-connected communities, offering convenience and accessibility.

By using this versatile technology, parks and recreation management can effectively meet the diverse needs of different communities, ensuring efficient service delivery and a satisfying recreational experience for all users.

Implementing this software enables parks and recreation management to easily address varied needs, ensuring effective service delivery and a fulfilling recreational experience for all individuals.

Key takeaways

  • Parks and recreation software solutions like Omnify, TeamUp, and CommunityPass enhance facility management and user experiences.

  • They streamline operations, boost revenue, and simplify administrative tasks.

  • These software solutions provide data analysis capabilities for tailored services.

  • Benefits include improved community satisfaction, increased revenue, and streamlined operations.

  • Choose software that aligns with your organizational goals, is user-friendly, and is scalable for long-term viability.

Two women running in a park.What is parks and recreation software?

Parks and recreation software helps managing community parks and recreation centers. This software helps keep recreational facilities running smoothly and efficiently. It helps with organizing activities, managing bookings, and handling memberships.

This software makes scheduling events and tracking finances easier, so admin staff can focus on providing great recreational experiences. 

Thanks to its data analysis features, it's also useful for marketing and understanding what community members like.

Top parks and recreation software solutions

There are many parks and recreation management solutions available, each with its own strengths. 

Let's explore the top options on the market to help you find the best fit for your needs.


TeamUp is a versatile software solution for fitness facilities, studios, and sports management centers, including ice rinks, baseball facilities, athletic performance gyms, and driving ranges.

It streamlines bookings, memberships, and payments, focusing on community-based recreation programs and specialized sports management.

Features include robust reporting tools, appointment scheduling, customizable membership plans, automated waitlists, integration with popular payment processors, and a mobile app for on-the-go management.

The software also supports multiple locations and provides unique functionalities for families and children's activities. TeamUp's flexible pricing model starts at $99/month for smaller gyms and scales to $309/month for larger facilities.

A free trial is available to assess its suitability for specific business needs, and comprehensive customer support ensures reliable assistance for efficiently managing operations and providing a seamless experience for clients.

Sign up for a free trial today.


Glofox offers online booking, payments, a custom app, marketing tools, scheduling, and resource management.

Glofox supports fitness operators in 80+ countries, providing a scalable solution with a user-friendly interface. It aims to reduce complexity by consolidating operations, optimizing efficiency, and driving growth.

Pricing is flexible, based on the specific needs of each center. It helps operators cut costs and increase revenue, with many seeing significant growth within 18 months.


Omnify streamlines operations with its suite of tools for facility scheduling, reservations, and payments. 

It enables membership management, custom court time slots, waitlist management, promos, discounts, automated emails, and QR code check-ins. 

Omnify offers analytics and reports and can be integrated into websites. It's accessible via the Omnify GO mobile app. Pricing plans include Free, Growth, Accelerate, Scale, and Enterprise, with costs and features varying by plan.

Each software solution offers unique functionalities, making them suitable for different parks and recreation management needs.

Omnify's pricing plans cater to various business sizes and can be billed monthly for flexibility.

The Free Plan suits small operations with up to 2 team members. At $99 per month, the Growth Plan is designed for expanding facilities with up to 5 team members. 

For larger organizations that need to support up to 10 team members, Omnify offers the Accelerate Plan at $249 per month. Businesses with over 10 team members can opt for the Scale Plan, starting at $599 monthly. 

Omnify also provides an Enterprise Plan for multi-location businesses, and you can request details.

These plans are tailored to meet the needs of different recreational organizations, providing a range of features and support levels appropriate for each stage of business growth.


ePACT automates emergency and health forms and seamlessly integrates with other recreation management systems. It offers secure Electronic Health Records (EHR), waivers, COVID screening, contactless check-in, and emergency communications. 

ePACT streamlines information collection, replaces paper forms with a real-time dashboard, and ensures SOC 2 compliance for handling sensitive information. This makes managing records for members, participants, and employees more efficient and secure.


Centaman is a cloud-based solution offering a comprehensive package for recreation facilities. 

It's designed to enhance guest experiences and boost signups and retention. Features include academic management, customer support, membership management, online payments, scheduling, and more. 

Centaman's high customization allows it to adapt to organizational needs, supported by 24-hour backup, disaster recovery plans, and site redundancy. It caters to organizations of all sizes, providing a versatile solution for various facility types.


CommunityPass caters to recreation organizations, schools, and community programs. 

It offers online program and class catalogs, contactless sales, various pass options, member pricing, and student management features. 

The software streamlines the administrative process and improves customer experience. CommunityPass's pricing tiers range from $3000$10,000 yearly, varying based on the features and services required.


RecTrac is a cloud-based solution for small to large recreational organizations. It includes payment processing, expense/income tracking, roster management, barcode scanning, and reporting. 

RecTrac supports multiple platforms, offering various support options like FAQs, email, phone support, and training through webinars and in-person sessions. Pricing is available upon request from the vendor.

Top parks and recreation software at a glance

Product Pricing Features Ideal Number of Customers Value Customer Support Other
TeamUp Logo
$99 - $309/month Managing bookings and memberships, payments, robust reporting tools, appointment scheduling 50 to 1,000 members Comprehensive solution for community-based programs Comprehensive customer support (Unlimited free help, email, and phone) Flexible pricing accommodating different business sizes, free trial available
Glofox Logo
Custom pricing Membership management, booking system, marketing tools, customer insights Small to medium-sized parks and recreational facilities Enhanced engagement with members Email, chat, and phone support Mobile app for easy management and member access
Omnify Logo
Free - $249/month. Custom pricing for enterprises available Facility scheduling, custom court time slots, QR code check-ins 2-200 employees (various industries) Flexibility and scalability Email, phone, help center, and chatbot support Used in health, wellness, fitness, hospitality, and educational management
ePACT Logo
Not visible on site Automates emergency and health forms, secure EHR, contactless check-in 51-500 employees Efficiency and security in managing records Phone and email support Used by recreational facilities and services
Centaman Logo
Not visible on site Comprehensive package, high customization, 24-hour backup Markets like Zoos, Waterparks, Museums, etc. Customization and reliability Phone, email, and customer support portal Over 30 years of industry expertise, scalable and customizable solutions
CommunityPass Logo
$3000 - $10,000 yearly. Custom quote available Online catalogs, contactless sales, member pricing Schools, recreation centers, community organizations Streamlined administrative process Phone, email, and 24-7 emergency support Tailored for schools and various recreation organizations
RecTrac Logo
Not visible on site Payment processing, roster management, barcode scanning Medium to large-scale organizations Support for multiple platforms Email, FAQs, and phone support. 24-7 support at extra cost Comprehensive suite for parks and recreation management

Key features of parks and recreation software

The key features of parks and recreation software include event management, facility booking and management, reporting, activity tracking, and more.

Let's take a closer look at some of these key features.

Event management

Event management capabilities in parks and recreation software streamline the organization of events. Beyond basic scheduling, these features facilitate registration form setup, staff role assignments, and attendance tracking. 

They also automate reminders to participants and generate detailed reports on event performance, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of event coordination.

Resource scheduling

Resource scheduling features in the software ensure the efficient allocation of facilities, equipment, and staff. 

This functionality includes managing complex permits, handling both in-house and online reservations, coordinating leagues and meetings seamlessly, preventing double bookings, and optimizing resource utilization.

Activity tracking

Activity tracking tools in the software monitor and report on organizational activities. This includes tracking participant numbers, operational hours, and facility and equipment usage. 

Importantly, it allows for collecting participant feedback and analyzing trends in activity usage, providing insights for future planning and improvements.


The software's reporting features deliver comprehensive insights into various operational aspects. These include financial, activity, usage reports, and customer satisfaction surveys. 

These detailed reports are invaluable for strategic planning, decision-making, and evaluating organizational performance.

Inventory management

Inventory management software tracks equipment and supplies, records quantities, locations, issuances, and returns, and generates inventory reports. It ensures effective inventory control and policy compliance.

Budget tracking

The changing landscape of parks and recreation planning emphasizes a shift towards more strategic budget tracking and resource allocation. 

The approach moves away from traditional linear planning to a more cyclical, community-centric model

This new methodology includes integrating parks and recreation planning with broader socio-economic and environmental considerations, such as public works, stormwater systems, and urbanization challenges. 

Parks and recreation software plays a crucial role in this shift, enabling more effective budget tracking and resource allocation that aligns with the community's evolving needs and priorities, thereby supporting the creation of sustainable, resilient, and livable urban spaces.

Facility management

Modern technology in parks and recreation software is making the management of facilities more effective and user-friendly. 

Technologies like Wi-Fi and mobile apps are now common, offering visitors interactive tours and easy-to-access information about park features. 

This not only enhances the visitor experience but also improves the way parks communicate updates and changes.

These tools also support inclusivity, with features designed for accessibility, ensuring all visitors, including those with disabilities, can enjoy the park's offerings. 

From audio guides in apps to tactile maps at kiosks, technology is helping make parks accessible to everyone.

Operationally, the software helps manage tasks like maintenance scheduling and resource allocation. 

It provides valuable data on visitor patterns, helping to manage peak times and ensure that facilities are well-maintained. 

This leads to better visitor experiences and more efficient use of resources.

In summary, parks and recreation software does not just simplify administrative tasks; it enriches the park experience for all visitors and makes facility management more efficient and inclusive.

Online bookings

Online booking features provide a convenient, web-based method for booking facilities and event registrations. 

This simplifies the booking process for customers and reduces staff workload, allowing more focus on community activities and facility maintenance. 

It improves organizational efficiency and offers a seamless experience for both customers and staff.

Benefits of using parks and recreation software

Parks and recreation software offers numerous benefits like greater community satisfaction, streamlining operations, and simplifying membership management. 

Let’s explore some of the best benefits of parks and recreation software.

Enhanced community satisfaction

Parks and recreation software greatly enhances community satisfaction by allowing easy online activity registration and convenient payment methods from home. 

This ease of access and reduced paperwork leads to a more positive experience with the recreation agency, improving overall community engagement and satisfaction.

Increased revenue

The enhanced satisfaction from using parks and recreation software can lead to higher program attendance, thereby increasing revenue. 

This additional revenue can be reinvested into the community to improve program offerings and facilities further, creating a virtuous cycle of improvement and increased participation.

Improved operations

The software plays a crucial role in streamlining operations. It effectively manages maintenance schedules, activity planning, facility bookings, and marketing communications. 

This comprehensive management capability elevates current operations and ensures that the system is scalable and can grow with the organization.

Elimination of complicated memberships and billing

Parks and recreation software simplifies membership management by eliminating the need for manual handling of complex and customized billing options. 

This significantly reduces administrative burdens, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Steps to choose the right parks and recreation software

Choosing the right parks and recreation software requires a careful approach to ensure it aligns with your organizational goals and needs.

Identify organizational goals

Start by identifying your goals with the software. Consider effectively improving customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, streamlining operations, or managing memberships. Your goals will guide your selection process.

Define criteria

Define the software's criteria, including essential features like event management, resource scheduling, activity tracking, reporting, inventory management, budget tracking, facility management, and online bookings. 

Consider factors like price, user-friendliness, data security, scalability, and the ability to import historical data and customize solutions.

Research solutions

Research various software solutions, comparing features, reviews, and prices. Focus on solutions that align with your criteria and ensure the software can integrate your existing data and adapt to specific needs.

Evaluate user-friendliness

Assess the user-friendliness of the software. It should be easy to navigate and use for both staff and community members, ensuring effective utilization and a positive user experience.

Assess support and training

Ensure the software provider offers robust support and training. Adequate customer support and comprehensive training are crucial for seamless software implementation and ongoing usage.

Consider scalability

Choose software that can grow with your organization. It should adapt to changing needs and increased demand, ensuring its long-term viability and relevance to your operations.

FAQs for parks and recreation software

How can parks and recreation software benefit a gym or fitness center?

Parks and recreation software can help gyms manage class schedules, track membership, handle events, and offer online booking and registration services, enhancing overall operational efficiency and member satisfaction.

What are the key features to look for in parks and recreation software for a fitness business?

Important features include membership management, facility and resource booking, event scheduling, fitness tracking, and integration capabilities with other management tools.

Can parks and recreation software assist in member retention and engagement?

Yes, this software often includes features that aid in member engagement, such as personalized scheduling, notifications for upcoming classes or events, and tools for feedback and communication.

Is parks and recreation software scalable for different sizes of gyms or fitness centers?

Many parks and recreation software solutions offer scalability to cater to different sizes of operations, from small gyms to larger fitness centers with multiple locations.

What should fitness professionals consider when selecting parks and recreation software?

Consider factors such as specific functionality needs, ease of use, integration with existing systems, customization options, customer support quality, and the overall cost of the software.

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