Starting your software journey: tools and features to get to know

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Familiarise yourself with the top TeamUp tools and features that will help you learn how to best use your software.

Familiarise yourself with the top TeamUp tools and features that will help you learn how to best use your software.

Getting started with new software doesn't have to be challenging. Rather than worry about having to learn how to use your new system and all of your new tools and features at once, why not start out the essentials? Exploring TeamUp, creating and scheduling classes, and learning how to automate and collect payments are some of the best tools to familiarise yourself with as a new TeamUp customer.

To make your onboarding and software journey as smooth as possible, we've put a list together of the top TeamUp tools and features to get to know once you have signed up for our software. Before you know it you'll be running your system like a pro. Here's where to start:

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A streamlined dashboard to manage all admin

Your very own TeamUp dashboard is going to be like your second home. Not only can you completely manage all of your business admin and tasks right from your dashboard, but it was built with you in mind. Meaning that all the features you see in front of you in your dashboard are updated and added thanks to customer feedback and advice. With TeamUp, you won't go unheard and your input matters to us. This is why we provide you with the tools that will help you run your business the way you want, starting with your dashboard.

Online bookings and registrations

Easily one of TeamUp most useful and beneficial capabilities is the online booking feature. To allow customers to attend your in-person or online classes they will not only need to register, but also pay online in advance either through a recurring, prepaid, or pack membership plan or drop-in. If a customer does arrive at your class without having done so, and you have availability in your class you can still require them to go through these quick steps in order to be properly registered in your TeamUp system.

Online bookings and advanced class payments will help you eliminate no-shows and late-minute class cancellations. By being required to properly register online and in advance your customers will be able to easily see your class availability on your calendar and know which classes are available or unavailable to book. 

A detailed and clear calendar and class and course builder

What types of classes will you offer at your gym or studio? The good news is with TeamUp your class offerings and courses and workshops (if you offer them) can be completely customised by you. And once they are published, your class and course offering will live in your business calendar where any of your customers can come and book at any time. The calendar shows all of your class details including what type of class it is, the venue, the instructor and the availability which is updated every time a customer of yours books a spot in that class.

Your customers can also use filters to find their favourite classes, instructors and venues, as well as view in-person versus online classes. Create and schedule classes right into your calendar and add and archive as you please. Keeping things fresh is part of the fun, and you can see what works best for your business and what your customers love attending the most.

Customised membership plans to offer your clients the best

The best part about being a business owner is getting to run your business your way. The way you create and offer your memberships are totally up to you. With unlimited options on recurring memberships, class packs, and drop-ins, you can design your membership plans for your customers just the way you like. On Demand access is built into your prepaid and recurring membership plans. Your customers will love having options for them to choose from and find a membership that best meets their needs.

Customer relationship management to get to know your clients

Organise and manage all of your customers in one place. Using the dedicated built-in CRM you can learn everything you need to know about new and existing customers before they even come to class. Add fields for them to enter information into their profiles so that when they sign up for a class or purchase a new membership, their data gets automatically stored in your dashboard. No more lack of personalisation or awkward greetings. Start class knowing your customers and allow them to get to know you from the moment they walk in the physical or virtual door.

Detailed reporting tool to see what's happening at all times

With intuitive reporting for everything from class attendance to invoices, your business decision making be better than ever. Your reports are not only detailed but customizable to ensure you are collecting the information you need the most. You both view your reports via your dashboard or export them to print. Keep them on hand for whatever you need and watch as your business grows thanks to being fully aware of all the happenings in your business.


Powerful integrations to connect you with over 3000+ apps and websites

Your communication with your customers will be stronger than ever thanks to the high-powered premium integrations you will find in your dashboard. By integrating with Zapier you can your website with over 3000+ applications and websites to automate your communication and email marketing. The Zoom integration will allow you to give classes any time anywhere. No more worrying about closing down the studio due to bad weather or needing to take a personal day. Mailchimp and Constant Contact will help you get your updates and announcements to your customers quicker than ever and help them feel even more involved in your community. OpenActive and Classpass will get you in front of new customers eyes and help you keep your classes full.

Advanced payments and to-dos

Never worry about chasing down customers for a late payment again. When you use one of TeamUp's recommended payment providers not only will your payments be automated, but you'll be able to see just how much revenue and income you generate and have the power to generate at any given time. Your customers will love how seamless paying for classes and memberships are and you'll be able to avoid awkward conversations with them when it comes to money. It's all online and off your plate, and if you do handle cash or a customer has to make an offline payment, you can still process it through your dashboard to keep your books as accurate as can be.

Forms and waivers to keep you and your clients up to date

Know everything there is to know about a customer before they even come to their first class. Not only does knowing your new customers' names set you off on the right track but having information about their fitness history, if they have past injuries you need to be aware of, and what their goals are can take you from being just a coach or trainer to being someone your customer truly believes in and relies on.

When you dedicate your time to your customers and invest in your relationship with them, they'll come back again and again. Using your forms and waivers to communicate with your customers when they first join is the first step in solidifying your relationship.

An automated waitlist to keep classes full

Keep classes full at all times using the waitlist feature. When a class is full, the calendar will reflect that there are currently no open spots, however, it will give your customers the option to sign up on the waitlist for that class. If a customer cancels their spot in class in advance, the first person on the waitlist will be automatically notified and registered for the class, making it easier for you to keep classes full and not have to worry about customers cancelling last minute or pulling a no-show.

Don't waste any more time trying to manage your business without the support of a software system built to make running your gym, studio, box, or PT business seamless and easy.

To get started using TeamUp for your business check out or essential how-to guide and sign up for your free trial.

Thanks for reading!

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