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Learn how easy using TeamUp's management software can make running your business. Find all the answers to your questions about TeamUp's pricing, support, tools and features, and how to get started.

Learn how easy using TeamUp's management software can make running your business. Find all the answers to your questions about TeamUp's pricing, support, tools and features, and how to get started.

Congratulations! Investigating fitness management software is the first step in building and running a successful business. The right management software will not only make it easier for you to manage your admin and day-to-day, but it will also allow you to run your business exactly how you want and offer your clients an unbeatable and seamless customer experience. We're here to tell you how TeamUp can help you do that and more.

In this guide not only do we breakdown how to use TeamUp's booking software, but we will also share with you our pricing model, the unlimited customer support and guidance you will receive as a TeamUp customer, and which tools and features will make an immediate impact on your business's flow and growth. So let's get started.

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Who is TeamUp and what do we mean for your business?

TeamUp is the most recommended fitness management software for gyms, studios, personal trainers, CrossFit boxes and their in-person, online, and on-demand services. We work with thousands of fitness business owners to provide them with the tools and features they need to smoothly and efficiently run their businesses, manage their clients and staff, automate and collect payments, and execute all bookings and registrations.

TeamUp is a global platform and our clients and our team of remote employees are located across the world. We specialise in fitness in both in-person and online classes, as well as appointments and scheduling for private and one on one sessions. Whether you're a CrossFit affiliate, yoga teacher, personal trainer, Pilates studio owner, group fitness instructor or anything everything and anything in between, our software is built to enable you to run the best version of your business.

Getting started with TeamUp

Signing up for TeamUp is easy. Being a TeamUp customer is even easier. To get started using TeamUp, you can first sign up for a completely free trial. We want our customers to be able to explore their new dashboard, tools, and features and understand how to use them, so when you sign up, we provide you with a step-by-step guide to setting up your dashboard and account. Once you are all signed up you will be able to log in to your TeamUp dashboard from any mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

When your trial is concluding you will receive an email and alert to add your payment details in order to continue using your software. If you do not add your payment details immediately that is ok, however, you will need to before the final date of your trial in order to save your dashboard and continue scheduling classes and accepting payments via TeamUp.

How much does TeamUp cost?

With TeamUp, you pay for the number of active customers you have per month, not the features or tools you need. Everything TeamUp offers is included in your dashboard the moment you sign up for a free trial. TeamUp's pricing model is scaled and will automatically adjust depending on the number of active customers you have registering for classes and purchasing memberships that month. Use the slider on this page to view the exact price based on your number of active customers.

If your business falls into a certain range, but you have a month where you have fewer or more active customers, depending on the number that your active customer number now falls into your pricing scale will automatically adjust that month, ensuring that you always pay for the exact number of active customers you have.

How do TeamUp's payment processors work?

TeamUp partners with the best payment processors to provide you with the most seamless and secure way to automate and collect payments. Our two most recommended processors are GoCardless and Stripe. We also partner and integrate with Paysafe, PaySimple, PayPal, Braintree, and more. If you have a payment processor that works best for you we can either help you get set up with the same processor or introduce you to one of our recommended partners.

Each processor has its own fees and you can choose whichever works best for you depending on whether you prefer to accept direct debit or online bank transfers. TeamUp doesn't charge or take any fees for usage of these processors and they are fully integrated so that your customers can complete their purchases entirely on your TeamUp customer site or member app. You have your own account with the payment providers so that the money goes straight into your account without any payment gate in between.

Using the processors you can set up recurring or one-off payments and accept payments for store items as well. Each of our offered payment processors is also fully GDPR compliant and compatible with all SCA legislation. 

Can you run online classes using TeamUp?

Running online classes has never been as easy as it is now that you can use TeamUp and Zoom side by side. To use our Zoom integration you must first create a Zoom account if you have not already. Once you have created a Zoom account you can connect your account with your TeamUp account within the integrations section of your dashboard. When you schedule an online class in your dashboard, instead of using a physical venue, you will select your Zoom online venue.

Your customers do not need to have their own Zoom accounts or integrate their TeamUp consumer accounts to be able to take an online class using Zoom. When they register for an online class through your TeamUp customer site or their TeamUp member app they will be sent a link to open the Zoom meeting before class begins and be automatically checked off the register once they enter the meeting (this is a unique TeamUp feature).

Can I offer on-demand content through TeamUp?

TeamUp's newest feature is the On Demand library. All TeamUp customers now have the ability to upload on-demand content to their library via a hosting platform such as Vimeo (TeamUp customers have a special discount for Vimeo's hosting services), Youtube, or Zoom. All on-demand content can be viewed and accessed only through recurring or prepaid memberships, so if you plan on offering your clients on-demand content they will need to have one of these membership plans.

How do I use the TeamUp app?

TeamUp includes a free member app for your customers to be able to make and manage all of their registrations and memberships right from their iOS or Android mobile device or tablet. If your customer or client is also a member of another business using TeamUp they can have all of their registrations and memberships under the same account without having to switch back and forth between businesses. They can use the TeamUp app to register for both in-person and online classes as well as access your On Demand content library.

Can my whole staff use TeamUp?

You can manage and organise your staff and their TeamUp account usage under one business account by adding multiple users. You can edit each individual staff member's permissions at any time and control what they are enabled to do or not to within the business account. You can also mark staff as instructors so that they will appear on the class schedule and in the filters.

Does TeamUp integrate with Google Calendar?

TeamUp integrates with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Outlook. In your calendar settings within the calendar section of your dashboard, you can add a feed for all or individual instructors.

What type of customer support is included with TeamUp?

No question or inquiry is too much for us. When you're a TeamUp customer you receive our full unlimited "go the extra mile" support. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether you have a question or there is something you'd like to see added to your software, every inquiry is important to us. You can contact our support team via our Intercom chat box in your dashboard, email: or by scheduling a call with us at your convenience, here.

Can I migrate my data over from another software or service?

As a complimentary service, when you sign up for TeamUp we will import all of your data for you and migrate over any data, memberships or remaining pack usage, payment information, and customer details from another software or spreadsheets for free. All you need to do is provide us with the documents and what you would like to be switched over or give us access to your existing provider to extract the relevant information and we will handle the rest. Once all of your data is imported your customers will receive and accept an invite to start using the TeamUp consumer account. We will completely take all the stress out of switching over and handle any issues that may come up without any hassle.

Tools and features to get to know when getting started:

TeamUp's software comes with numerous tools and features that will allow you to manage your clients, staff, schedule, bookings, payments, marketing tasks, reports, and more all in one place. When you begin exploring your software here are the tools and features to familiarise yourself with first:

  • Streamlined dashboard - See everything that's going on in your business at a glance. In your dashboard, you can manage and streamline all of your admin and tasks without having to spend hours in front of the computer.
  • Online bookings and payments - Your clients will pay online and register in advance in order to come to class. No more loss in revenue or empty classes due to no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Online bookings and payments keep your clients accountable and your classes full.
  • Synchronized calendar, classes, and courses - Create and customise any number of classes and courses and schedule them right into your business calendar for them to appear on your customer site and member app. You can use filters, tags, instructor name, class types, and venues to neatly organise your schedule and make it easy for your clients to book their favourite classes.
  • Customer relationship management tool - Get to know your customers before they even come to their first class. Store all of their information, fitness history, injuries and more right in your CRM. Your relationship with your customers can be more than just them showing up at your facility for a workout or class.
  • Customised membership plans - Whether you want to run a recurring membership, prepaid plan, class pack, drop-in, or all of them together, your membership plans can be tailored for you and your customer, however you want.
  • Detailed reporting tool - From memberships to class attendances, to invoices, your detailed reporting tool will let you know what's happening in your business at all times. Check any data from the past or present and use that insight and information to make informed business decisions and plan ahead for the future.
  • Premium integrations - From running online classes with Zoom to automating all of your marketing with Zapier, your dashboard includes some of the most powerful integrations in the industry. Zapier can connect you with over 3,000+ of your favourite apps and websites.
  • Forms and waivers - Your forms and waivers will provide you with up to date information about your customers while you inform your customers about the latest updates regarding your business. Keep your customers safe and aware of all of your policies before they even come to their first class.
  • Automated waitlists - Keep your classes full and avoid last-minute cancellations. If a customer wants to attend a class but has to cancel before the cancellation period, the first customer on your waitlist will be automatically notified and registered for class without you having to manage a thing.

For an in-depth breakdown of each of these tools, check out our starting your software journey guide.

We hope this guide has not only helped you understand what TeamUp can do for your business but also help you see how easy running your business can be with the right software on your side. To hear directly from our customers about why they chose TeamUp for their own business, check out their TeamUp testimonial videos and stories.

To get started with your free trial, sign up for TeamUp and explore all our additional resources and support guides to help you get set up and started.

Thanks for reading!

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