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Use this guide to learn how to take full advantage of the two TeamUp referral programs.

Use this guide to learn how to take full advantage of the two TeamUp referral programs.

Did you know that as a TeamUp customer there are two types of customer referral programs you can use to increase your business's revenue? In this guide, we're going to walk you through those two programs and how you can use customer referral codes to generate extra cash, attract new clients, and connect with a wider network of fitness businesses. 

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What’s a customer referral code?

Customer referral codes are one of the most useful and powerful marketing strategies to generate new business and revenue. Simply put, a referral code is a custom code that can be used to encourage someone to sign up for a service, join a program, purchase a product, and so on. A referral code typically comes with an incentive that makes the deal more attractive for the referrer and the referee.

The helpful recommendation by someone already familiar with your business plus the added bonus for the referrer makes for a great plan to boost your revenue and add more value to your customer experience.

Benefits of a referral code program

Alongside earning extra revenue for your business there are many benefits to implementing a referral code program:

  1. Adds value to your customer experience
  2. Builds customer loyalty and improves customer retention
  3. Creates genuine leads with the influence of trusted sources
  4. Competitive fun that empowers existing members to contribute to your business growth, while also benefiting from the growth
  5. Shareable and automated - no extra leg work on your end
  6. A cost-effective growth strategy that requires little to no extra budget on your end to share
  7. Easy strategy for collecting more user-generated content that you can share in your marketing and branding

TeamUp referral code programs

In TeamUp, the two ways to use referral codes are:

  1. Customer referral programs: Provide your members with referral codes they can share for new members to redeem. When redeemed existing members receive an account credit incentive.
  2. TeamUp customer referral program: You have your own TeamUp referral code that you can use to refer other fitness businesses. When redeemed you receive a gift card from TeamUp that can go towards anything you want.

While both customer referral programs can help you earn extra revenue, they are different and you want to make sure you're using them properly to take full advantage of the benefits.

Here's a breakdown of how each program works and where you can share information about them with your community.

Building your customer referral program

In the built-in customer referral code program in TeamUp, you can set up your program so that both your members and new members receive an incentive for redeeming a code.

A simple way to do this is to create a free class or trial membership to give new members a taster of your business that will be automatically applied once they sign up using the referral code shared with them by one of your members.

You can then set an account credit you'd like to provide your members with once the code is redeemed.

Customer referral program in TeamUp

The handy referrals report and referral leaderboard report also give you insight as to whether your program is working successfully to bring in new business and which of your members are referring the newest members.

customer referral leaderboard

Sharing your referral program with your members

New members are just a couple of clicks away. You just have to make sure they know about it. Your members can share their codes directly from their customer site or from their member app.


Here are some places you can use some simple referral marketing to remind your members about your customer referral program:

Marketing content

Social media and your newsletter are great places to announce your referral program and frequently remind your members to take advantage of the referral perk. If they have friends and family members who want to check out your business, your members will love the benefit they receive by encouraging them to do so.

BFunctional Instagram Referral Program

Pre and post-class notifications

If you send your reminders to your members before and after class, don't be afraid to add in that they can bring their pals to their next class when they sign up with your referral code. The helpful pre or post-class reminder to do so get them to act quickly and keep it top of mind for the next class.

Your business website

Create a page or blog post on your website where your members can easily find instructions on how to use your referral program. This will make it easy for you to send out your referral marketing and referral incentive ideas to your customers too and show new members how they too can take advantage of your program.

Using your TeamUp referral code to earn extra income

As a TeamUp customer, you have your very own referral code you can use to refer other fitness businesses to TeamUp and earn a prepaid gift as a thank you.

refer a business

When another fitness business uses your code to sign up for TeamUp, instead of our standard free trial, they'll receive a free extended 45-day trial (15 extra days). Once their trial period is over and they make their first payment, you'll receive your gift card to redeem however you'd like. Straight to the bank, to your favourite store, to buy new equipment, you name it.

TeamUp business referral program

Our friend, Pip Roberts at Now Studio Bristol once used her referral bonus to purchase a pair of slippers she could wear in her studio and told us they remind her of us every time she wears them. We love that!

You can even see how many times your referral link was viewed if a referral has been approved, and how much you've earned by referring new businesses.

amount of referrals

When another business uses your code to redeem their extended 45-day trial courtesy of your business will be automatically applied.

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Share your TeamUp referral code with other fitness businesses

To start earning revenue from referrals, here are some helpful places you can share your referral code with other fitness businesses:

On your website

A really easy way to share your referral code on your website is by embedding your TeamUp widget onto your website, as well as a logo that links to your referral code link. Use a catchy call to action such as “Sign Up and Get an Extended 45-Day Trial” so when other fitness businesses in the area see what you’re using they’ll be able to sign up on the spot, hassle-free.

In a blog post

When included in an informational blog post about the apps and tools you use to run your business or your experience running your business and paired with clever SEO keywords, your referral code will definitely get some hits. You can also take that blog post and share it directly with people inquiring about your software experience and inform them that there's a code included they can use to receive an extended trial. Helpful and resourceful.


Connecting with other professionals and leaders in the industry has never been as easy as it is with Linkedin. Just a quick “connection invite” away, it's easy to connect and network with other business owners. For people shopping for software and inquiring about your recommendation, messages and comments are a quick and easy place to send them your code.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are commonly used to crowdsource information about running a fitness business. Many people inquire in these groups about the best software to use, and it’s an excellent opportunity for you to share your experience and drop your code in the comments so that you experience the benefits once they choose to use your recommendation.

To sum it up

Referral programs are a very useful way to earn valuable new members and generate additional revenue for your business. Take advantage of your customer referral program and your TeamUp referral program to grow your business and see it thrive.

We hope this blog post helped you understand how to best use your referral programs. If you have any questions about setting up or getting started, check out our referral program support guides or contact our team.


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