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Carlos Codie, owner of Elite Speed & Sports Training shares with us how he teaches his athletes important life lessons in responsibility and accountability using his booking software.

Carlos Codie, owner of Elite Speed & Sports Training shares with us how he teaches his athletes important life lessons in responsibility and accountability using his booking software.

With so many distractions all around us, teaching kids to work hard, set goals, and push themselves is no easy feat. Which is why Carlos Codie, owner of Elite Speed & Sports Training in Texas, has dedicated himself to mentoring, training, and helping kids be confident successful athletes. We got to sit down with Carlos and ask him about his experience training kids from the ages of 8 to 18, and what it was like to have to navigate lockdown and still help his kids stay motivated and encouraged.

Not only did Carlos tell us about his methods and philosophies for coaching and training, but he also shared with us how he helps teach his kids how to be accountable by using their TeamUp gym management software to manage their own memberships. Check out our interview below to get tips on how to run programs for kids and athletes as well as how to adopt Carlos's methods for your own business.

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My name is Carlos Codie and I am the owner and operator of Elite Speed and Sports Training here in Haslet, Texas, and we specialize in athletic development from ages six up to professionals. I have been training kids for about seven years now, originally independently at sports fields and schools that would allow us to come out and train.

What made you want to train young and high school athletes?

I was tired of watching an unlevel playing field in my area for kids who were not up to speed with some of the basics of training. The area I lived in wasn't typically known for elite athletes when I first started coaching. Then within three to four years of launching, we were building and sending elite athletes left and right to Division 1 colleges, not only just going, but with scholarships. I went from training eight kids to 48 kids in the last year alone.

What is your definition of an elite athlete and how do you find kids to join your program?

To me, an elite athlete is one who executes at a high level not only on the field, but also in the classroom and their community, and they do what it takes to separate themselves from the average athlete. I've been very fortunate to help develop athletes to the elite status, Top 10 National Rankings from ages 8-18. At Elite Speed & Sports Training we welcome all levels of athlete. I really don't decide who I train. They decide if they can handle my style and stay, and if they don't at least I tried my best. I personally really enjoy the development part. It's very rare you get an athlete that's ready to go and perform at the national level.

We offer unique training. In Texas, there are a lot of competitors. We figured out a way to set ourselves apart. We are not in a standard gym setting and have created a space that offers the most realistic way to train, hot, cold, it doesn't matter, you're covered.

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How did you go about marketing to kids and their parents and growth?

Being in Texas, track and field is pretty big, so you'd see a school with kids and athletes start competing and they'd start communicating who they were training with. Of course, I have my pages on Facebook and social media so that was where people were contacting me. It was more the kids, I was dealing with. High school kids want to go where the good high school kids and athletes are, and social media helped make that connection.

When did you realise you needed gym management software for your program?

When I opened my first actual facility I realized I needed gym booking software because I knew it was going to grow and I didn't want my phone constantly getting texts and calls. I looked up a lot of different gym management software providers which is when I found TeamUp's gym member management software. We signed up in January 2020 and I launched my facility in March 2020 right before COVID.

Are your high school kids responsible for their memberships and if so, how do you teach them to be?

When someone comes in and if it's a kid 14 and up and they have a cell phone I explain to both the parent and the child how to download the TeamUp app and schedule their training sessions. I think if a kid has that responsibility they can execute it. Being able to manage their own memberships helps with their maturation and shows them that they are ready to become more than just an athlete. For the high schoolers, I tell the parents don't do it for them. They know when they need to be here and they are responsible. Parents can book for the 14 and under but the high schoolers are responsible for their own bookings and sessions.

How have you run your program during COVID?

When I opened my new facility on March 8th, we got shut down on April 1st. Once we were able to return we came back to 50% so we got to run one track meet all summer. We trained and split the training inside (outside not so much) and the number of athletes training at a time went from 20 to 15. We made adjustments and we have stuck by that and it actually helped me manoeuvre around the facility better. You want to be able to see everyone and be able to coach everyone so it helps to have less in the facility at a time.

How have you kept your kids engaged and motivated during COVID?

We would do a few Zoom calls and once school got back in we resumed and went back to our regular schedule. We run indoor and outdoor track. I told the parents we were going to train and start preparing and stay on the same schedule just like we have the past four or five years, whether or not we are going to have an indoor season. We ended up having a couple of indoor meets and a national championship that just ended last weekend and that we went well and still had a couple of kids finish top five in the country.

How do you emphasize community in your program and kids?

It takes a family community to have a successful track and field program. When I have my meetings, I let people know this is a family and if you don't come in with a family-oriented attitude this isn't going to work. Yes, this is an individual sport and I want your kid to be successful, but I don't market my training just for track athletes. I market my training for all athletes to come and experience track training. If you can train correctly and you can train in track, you can play any sport in the country it doesn't matter what sport it is. If you can get your body ready for an 800 m race and you allow me to train you and get you ready consecutively for four months, you can do anything and run circles around anyone in any sport, I promise you.

What are your future goals for Elite post COVID?

We have just as big a responsibility as a high school coach. Everyone now has select, select, select. When you have a kid that comes to you and says I want to run track full time and I want to dedicate my next years to track and field, it's my responsibility at that point to make sure that kid is successful. I have been very fortunate to send a lot of kids to college on Division 1 scholarships. And I make sure they know that doing the work pays off. My next goal is to partner up with the local school systems in my area to help all kids be more active. Yes, not everyone is an athlete, but everyone should stay active.

Thank you very much for sharing with us Carlos and good luck in your upcoming meets. To learn more about Elite Speed & Sports Training check out their website and Instagram page.

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I highly recommend TeamUp. And it's very simple. It's not complicated. And they respond when you do have questions and you don't understand something.

To use gym software for your team and club training programs, check out our club management software.

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