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Use the Kisi integration to enable access control smart security in your facility.

Use the Kisi integration to enable access control smart security in your facility.

Our newest integration with Kisi grants you full access control over your facility. Using Kisi's cloud-based smart security technology you can install digital locks at your facility's entry points that will allow you to control when and who can enter your facility at any time.


When enabled in your TeamUp account, Kisi syncs with your customer and staff data so that you can create and customise access groups and access periods for your staff and members. Better security, more control, and a safer experience for you and your community. It's a game-changer!

In this guide, you'll learn the benefits of having smart security and access control in your facility and we'll walk you through creating access groups with Kisi and setting your access permissions and duration periods in your TeamUp account. Let's go.

What’s access control for a fitness facility?

Access control is a digital security method that enables you to set security entry points at your facility and grant access or limit access to your members and staff during a certain period of time.

Without access control and security checkpoints, any person could enter your facility when it is unlocked, meaning members who have late or failed payments, non-active members, and even non-members can walk in at any time.

Because the Kisi integration syncs with your TeamUp account you have the ability to set who is granted access based on membership types and upcoming registrations. This means you'll know at all times who is in your facility and which customers and staff will be in advance.

Using a Kisi device such as the mobile Kisi app (iOS or Android) or a Kisi fob or keycard, members can scan their device at your installed Kisi reader to enter your facility during their permitted times.

Open gym and 24/7

Smart security is also very beneficial to gyms and studios that offer “open gym” or “24/7” access. Even if all members can enter during those larger periods of time, it will prevent someone who doesn't have that type of membership active from entering your facility. With access control, you'll also still be able to verify who is at your facility, check-in on members, and review data such as usage and popular hours of operation that can help you stay informed about your business. 

The benefits of setting up access control in your gym

Fitting your facility with smart security offers numerous benefits to you, your members, and your staff including:

  • Cloud-based functionality allows you to manage your control on any device
  • Control and permissions are set automatically to reduce manual check-in
  • Access based on membership types creates easier member management
  • Ability to grant temporary or drop-in access through the Kisi app day of
  • Immediate syncing to enable accessibility in real-time.
  • Fast streamlined communication between TeamUp and Kisi to manage data, members, and onboarding for new members
  • Stronger security preventing people from entering your facility at any time
  • Smart technology reduces unnecessary facility costs and personnel to enforce additional manual security parameters
  • Restrictions that prevent unpermitted access
  • Ability to permit or deny entry to non-paying or blocked members
  • Within your Kisi control centre, you'll be able to review reports, monitor usage, and track attendance to ensure that your members are getting the safest, most secure experience at your business.

To explore smart security with Kisi and TeamUp keep reading to get started.

How to use access control in TeamUp

To begin using the Kisi integration you must first create an account with Kisi to obtain an API key that will be inserted into your Kisi integration settings in your TeamUp account.

Kisi integration

Kisi TeamUp settings

Once you have enabled the integration your Kisi account will sync with your TeamUp account to retrieve your customer and staff data to begin creating access groups.

Creating access groups in Kisi

To avoid any confusion:

  • Access groups and entry points are created, and can be edited, and deleted from your Kisi account
  • Access control over group permissions such as membership types and upcoming registrations are managed from your TeamUp account

For a step-by-step on creating an access group in Kisi, please follow their access group instructions here.

Creating access group permissions in TeamUp

Once you have created your group it will automatically sync with your TeamUp account where you'll be able to manage the group's access permissions.

manage access control in teamupManage Access Groups

In your access group settings, first choose how you want to authorize your access, based on memberships (individual or all) as well as based on upcoming registrations for your classes, appointments, and courses. You can select multiple options or no options, it's up to you. 

Access group settingsMembership permissions

You can then choose the duration of access the groups will have, either from the preset list or by customising the time before or after a session a member can enter.Access duration period

**For an open gym or 24/7 facility, you can select the full-day use option which would allow your members to enter at any time.

Advanced access group settings

You can also set whether or not you would like to limit or allow access to members with failed payments or members with manual blocks on their memberships.

Advanced settings

Once you saved your access group permissions you can see the types of memberships and registrations synced with that access group on the main page.

Final permissions settings for access groups

PS: Since no membership and registration rules would need to apply to staff, you would not need to assign any membership or registration to their access group.

That's all there is to it!

For pricing for a Kisi reader and installation, please get your quote here

To find further guides and help in setting up your Kisi integration, check out our Kisi overview set-up guide here. You can also find more articles about Kisi and the benefits of access control on TeamUp, here.


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