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Facility management software is a key player in enhancing the operations of gyms and fitness centers. 

It simplifies complex tasks like equipment maintenance, scheduling, and member management. This technology automates day-to-day operations, allowing gym staff to focus on enhancing client experiences.

The software's impact extends to data analysis, providing insights into gym usage and member preferences. These insights enable gym owners to make informed decisions, tailoring services for improved customer satisfaction. 

In the fitness industry, embracing this technology is crucial for operational efficiency and staying ahead in a competitive market.

Key Takeaways

  • Facility management software, such as Fyxt, TeamUp, Asset Essentials, and UpKeep, is essential for gyms and fitness centers to streamline operations and enhance facility maintenance.

  • These software solutions automate tasks like equipment maintenance, scheduling, and member management, allowing staff to focus on improving customer experiences.

  • Key features include maintenance management, preventative maintenance scheduling, equipment tracking, user permissions, and security controls.

  • Selecting the right facility management software requires considering integration capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, customization, security features, and overall budget.

  • Choosing the appropriate software can significantly boost operational efficiency, improving client experiences and success in the competitive fitness industry.

Facility-Management-SoftwareWhat is Facility Management Software?

Facility management software for gyms and fitness centers is a specialized tool to streamline gym operations and enhance facility maintenance. 

Its primary purpose is to simplify the complex tasks of running a fitness center, such as scheduling maintenance, managing gym equipment, and overseeing day-to-day operations. 

This software integrates various aspects of gym management into a single, user-friendly platform, improving operational efficiency and facility oversight.

Top Facility Management Software Options

The fitness industry has several leading facility management software options like Fyxt and TeamUp, each offering unique features and functionalities to cater to the diverse needs of gyms and fitness centers.

Here are some of the best facility management software solutions.


Fyxt is renowned for streamlining maintenance operations in commercial real estate. 

Its intuitive dashboard, adaptive workflow automation, and comprehensive suite of lease administration and risk management features stand out. 

Fyxt is particularly effective for complex commercial portfolios and offers dedicated 24/7 customer support. It's recognized for its innovative approach to preventive maintenance.


TeamUp emerges as a versatile option in the fitness industry, offering a suite of features tailored for the operational management of gyms and fitness centers. 

Its strengths lie in online booking systems, comprehensive membership management, and streamlined payment processing. 

TeamUp enhances user engagement through on-demand class management and appointment scheduling, making it an essential tool for client-facing activities. 

The integration of family and child functionalities and robust reporting capabilities position TeamUp as a holistic solution.

The pricing of TeamUp is flexible, starting at $99/month for smaller gyms and scaling up to $309/month for larger facilities, accommodating different business sizes. 

A free trial is available for evaluating its fit for specific needs. Additionally, TeamUp provides comprehensive customer support, ensuring reliable assistance for managing and growing fitness businesses.

Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials is designed to manage a broad range of assets efficiently. It excels in work order streamlining, preventive maintenance scheduling, and asset life extension. 

Notable features include mobile work order capabilities, barcode scanning for assets, and an effective inventory management system. 

This software optimizes resource use and shifts from reactive repairs to preventive maintenance.


UpKeep offers diverse maintenance management solutions, from reactive and preventive to predictive maintenance. 

It integrates with sensor technology for enhanced efficiency, and its CMMS handles various maintenance tasks automatically. 

UpKeep supports asset management and regulatory compliance and provides comprehensive analytics. 

Its pricing plans include the Lite Plan at $20 per user per month, catering to fundamental maintenance needs, and other plans scaling up to accommodate more complex requirements.

Each software solution offers unique functionalities essential for enhancing operational efficiency and management standards in gym and fitness center environments.

Top Facility Management Software at a Glance




Ideal Number of Customers


Customer Support



Starts from $20/user/month

Reactive, preventive, and predictive maintenance integration with sensor tech, comprehensive analytics

Various industries including roofing, facilities management, educational institutions

Strong mobile capabilities and scalable solutions

24/7 chat, email, and phone support

Real-time work requests, inventory management, checklists


Starts at $99/month

Free trial available

Online booking, membership management, payment processing, class scheduling, family and child functionalities

Gyms, studios, recreational facilities (50 to 1,000 members)

Enhances operational management and customer interaction

Unlimited free support, email, and phone

Flexible pricing that accommodates different sizes


Not visible on site

Streamlining maintenance, adaptive workflow automation, lease admin

Medium to large-scale in commercial real estate sector

Innovative approach to preventive maintenance

24/7 email, chat, and phone support

Particularly effective for complex commercial portfolios

Asset Essentials

Not visible on site

Work order streamlining, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset life extension

Various industries including education, manufacturing, government

Optimizes resource use and shifts from reactive to preventive maintenance

Phone and email support

Efficient inventory management system

Key Features of Facility Management Software for Gyms

Facility management software usually has several key features, like maintenance management and preventative maintenance, to help gym owners and managers streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience. 

These are some key features all great facility management software should have.

Maintenance Management

Facility management software offers robust tools for tracking and scheduling maintenance activities, ensuring gyms operate at their best.

This includes regular inspections and equipment servicing, addressing issues promptly to minimize downtime.

These features are essential for maintaining a clean, safe, and productive facility, and they contribute significantly to resolving work orders efficiently and extending the lifespan of gym equipment and assets.

Preventative Maintenance

A proactive approach is critical in maintaining gym equipment and infrastructure. Facility management software aids in scheduling and tracking preventative maintenance tasks. 

Regular checks and adjustments to equipment and systems help prevent breakdowns and prolong their useful life, ensuring uninterrupted gym operations and the long-term health of equipment.

Equipment Management​​​​

Effective equipment management is streamlined through facility management software.

It automates tracking equipment condition and status, including recording purchases, maintenance schedules, and retirements.

This automation simplifies managing equipment lifecycles and ensures timely maintenance, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of the gym.

User Permissions and Security​​

Facility management software enhances security by managing user permissions, access controls, and activity logs.

It ensures authorized individuals have access to specific areas of the facility, improving overall integrity.

Criteria for Selecting Facility Management Software

When choosing facility management software for gyms, certain criteria like integration capabilities and security are essential to ensure the software meets your specific needs and enhances operational efficiency.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the criteria you should consider when choosing Facility Management Software.

Integration Capabilities

When selecting facility management software, prioritize its ability to integrate with existing systems such as accounting and CRM applications. 

Seamless integration streamlines workflows, minimizes manual data entry, and boosts operational efficiency.

User Interface

A user-friendly interface is essential for effective software use across all staff levels. 

Consider interfaces that offer accessibility features and mobile compatibility to ensure flexibility and real-time access from various devices, enhancing asset management solutions.

Specific Gym Needs

Conduct a needs analysis focusing on your facility's size, complexity, and challenges like maintenance and space requirements. 

This analysis ensures the software aligns with your specific operational needs, whether for a small gym or a larger fitness center.


Security is paramount in facility management. Look for software offering comprehensive security features, including administrative logs for events and assets, access restrictions for different facility areas, and web access for real-time data retrieval and multiple-user accessibility.

Customization and Scalability

Customization allows the software to adapt to your specific operational needs, from selecting and customizing modules to defining workflows and personalizing information fields. 

Scalability ensures the software can accommodate growth, handle increased data volumes, and support expansion to new departments or locations.

Cost Considerations and Budgeting

Understand the pricing model of the software, whether it's a flat rate, user-based, or data-processed pricing. 

Budgeting involves estimating the total cost of ownership, including initial purchase, subscriptions, implementation, training, and maintenance costs. 

Consider potential efficiency savings and reduced downtime. The software should offer flexibility in choosing components that best suit your operational needs.

Each of these criteria plays a vital role in ensuring that the facility management software you choose effectively supports and enhances the operations of your gym or fitness center.

FAQs for Facility Management Software

What is facility management software, and how does it benefit a gym or fitness center?

Facility management software is a digital tool that helps manage and automate various aspects of a facility's operations, such as maintenance, equipment tracking, and space utilization. For gyms, it streamlines operations, reduces downtime, and ensures equipment is well-maintained for optimal usage.

Can facility management software integrate with other systems used in a gym?

Yes, many facility management software solutions offer integration capabilities with other systems like ERP, accounting software, or customer relationship management (CRM) systems, ensuring seamless data flow and efficient operations.

Is it possible to customize facility management software to fit the specific needs of a gym?

Absolutely, many facility management software solutions are customizable, allowing gym owners to tailor workflows and features according to their specific operational needs and challenges.

How does facility management software handle security and user permissions?

Most facility management software includes robust security features, such as user permissions controls, data encryption, and compliance with relevant standards, to ensure sensitive information is protected and accessible only to authorized personnel.

What should gym owners consider when choosing facility management software?

Gym owners should consider the specific needs of their facility, the software's ease of use, integration capabilities, customization options, security features, and overall cost, including any additional expenses for implementation and training.

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