Accept card payments in person with a connected POS terminal

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A powerful point-of-sale system for a more connected business, as well as happier customers who can now tap to pay.

A powerful point-of-sale system for a more connected business, as well as happier customers who can now tap to pay.

In a world where fewer people carry cash, being able to accept credit and debit card payments in person is essential. And by that, we don't mean plugging card numbers into your system manually.

TeamUp's new In-Person Payment feature brings you the latest point-of-sale or POS hardware to accept swipe, chip and PIN, and contactless card payments at the front desk of your gym or studio.

It's not just your customers' faces you'll be putting a smile on, but yours too when you discover the card reader is connected to your TeamUp account. It's a feature built to simplify your day to day.


Frictionless transactions with an easy-to-use card reader

Easy setup, quick response and transaction speeds, built-in security features, hardware and software that work as one; in-person payments really don't get much better than this. Getting started with TeamUp's In-Person Payment feature is a business investment that will keep on giving.

In-person payments made convenient

Accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as digital wallet payments.

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Hassle-free sales

Pair the terminal with your TeamUp account using a unique registration code, assign the POS hardware to your business location, and away you go.

No more will customers have to make a dash for cash—you can now accept all major credit or debit cards, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, at your front desk.

Less admin for you

Best of all is the fact that the POS terminal is connected with your business account. Unlike with standalone card readers, you won't need to go through the time-consuming process of logging the transactions manually.

Thanks to the hardware-software integration, any sales made using our terminal are recorded for you, so you can leave the majority of your bookkeeping to the TeamUp system.

All your transactions in one place

Payments processed with the card reader will appear in your reports alongside any other sales you make. With all your transactions recorded in one place, you can track sales and get a global overview of your business operations, regardless of the payment channel.

A man using In-Person Payment processing hardware to make a contactless payment in a gym.Reduced security concerns

No more typing card numbers into your system manually, which isn't only time consuming but also makes your customers uneasy and leaves room for error. To take a payment, simply swipe the card's magnetic strip, use the chip-and-PIN method, or have the customer tap their contactless card or smartphone on the reader.

What's more, credit and debit card brands offer built-in security features (like PIN authentication and EMV technology) that protect against fraud, making card payments via POS hardware all the more secure.

Enhanced customer experience

If someone were to give you the option of paying by cash or card, you'd nearly always choose card, right? So why not give your clients that option! After all, when it comes to making payments in person, cash really is no match for card or digital wallet payments.

The fast transaction speed reduces wait times, preventing long queues forming at your front desk, and we all know that shorter wait times make for happier customers.

Also, any of your team members can use the portable card reader to make a sale. This removes reliance on account administrators to process the payment, once again optimizing the service you offer.

Increased business revenue

Aside from making your fitness business look more professional, accepting card payments is also a great opportunity to boost your revenue. Businesses that give customers the option of paying by card or digital wallet see higher spending, particularly on impulse purchases, when compared to cash-only payments.

By expanding your payment options, you make it easier for customers to pay, and therefore increase the probability of them making a purchase.

The business move that makes the difference

Start saying 'yes' to contactless payments in your gym or studio.

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Get started with In-Person Payments

Here's a brief outline of the steps to set up your payment processing hardware:

1. Order either the Stripe Reader S700 or the BBPOS WisePOS E card payment machine directly from Stripe. You'll need a Stripe account to get started.

2. Once you've fully charged your card reader, power the device on and connect it to the Wi-Fi network at your gym or studio.

3. A registration code will be displayed on the screen, which you'll need later to pair the card reader with your TeamUp account.

4. Next, log in to your TeamUp account and go to Settings > Collect Payments > Payment Methods. Click Manage in the Terminals section.The TeamUp account interface to set up a Stripe Terminal.5. On the next screen, click Add to connect your terminal.

6. You'll then be prompted to enter the registration code, as well as provide the address where your terminal will be used to take payments.

For more detailed instructions about setting up your POS hardware, click here, and for help taking your first payment using your card reader, click here.

Start using TeamUp's In-Person Payment system

Accepting card payments at the front desk of your gym is convenient for your clients, and it's convenient for you—especially when the point-of-sale terminal is connected to your booking software.

Got any questions before you get started? Check out our FAQs or contact Support to find out more about TeamUp's powerful POS system that supports the most popular payment methods.

Simplify your day to day with tap to pay

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Seamless in-person card payments

Smooth transactions with a card reader for gyms and studios.

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