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Level 1 Hypopressives Certification Course IHC

The Level One course consists of the theoretical and physiological concepts upon which this method is based. You will discover the benefits of this method and how/why it evolved from a simple rehabilitation tool to a complete body workout. You will learn the Hypopressive breathing technique and how to teach it to your clients/patients and the basic exercise routine that includes 10 poses. Each pose is demonstrated and analysed for better understanding and optimal coaching.

The Hypopressive technique concept compared to conventional abdominal training
Anatomical and physiological effects of the Hypopressive exercises
Health and prevention through Hypopressive exercises
Abdominal and thoracic competency assessment

Exercises for myofascial release and diaphragmatic liberation
Breathing technique methodology
Level 1 Hypopressives exercises sequence, including the progressions, transitions and adaptations
Training methodology for the individual and small groups.
Core competency tests

Duration: 2 days – total of 15hrs