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Move LA: Small Groups, Level 1

Small Groups is going to be a group of 5 people and one trainer. They will meet 3x per week for a 1 hour workout session, for a 6 week block. These 5 people will COMMIT. They will commit to showing up, they will commit to the trainer, and they will commit to each other.

These 5 people will be each other's support network, motivation, and hopefully great friends by the end.

The workouts won't be the gruelling Bootcamp workouts you see on TV, they are about learning to LOVE (or at least not hate!) exercise. They will be about moving your body in a way that feels good, getting stronger, feeling energetic, and gaining consistency. We want you to leave feeling whole, not broken. There will be a ton of one to one coaching from your trainer, similar to a personal training session, but with friends!