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Unlimited Monthly Membership (min 3 months contract period)
Book in for as many classes as you like and also have unlimited usage of Open Gym too.
If you are new to CrossFit you will need to book onto our Foundations course before you can attend classes. This is a one off class that teaches you the fundamental movements required to safely and effectively do CrossFit.

Twice a week
Book any sessions a week. Classes or open gym sessions.
Foundations course - If you are new to CrossFit this is an essential one off beginners course designed to teach you the fundamental CrossFit techniques and movements. This will help to ensure your safety and that of others whilst maximising your every workout.

GAIN Barbell
This membership is for any/all of the Barbell Classes which are currently on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Drop in
Starts on Feb. 1, 2015. Never Expires.
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