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Beginner Introduction course, 2 x 1 hour 15 minute sessions

Over 2 sessions on Saturday 26th 10am and Thursday 31st 6:30pm you'll learn some basic exercises and important Pilates Principles. If you can't make the Thursday evening get in touch, we'll see if we can make other arrangements.

To join our regular weekly classes you'll need to attend a beginner course or contact us if you have prior experience. Whether you're just starting to exercise or you're already very active, Pilates requires a little extra introduction. We have our own terminology and there's fundamental techniques which you should understand so we can deliver a better class and help you get more out of your self. It is no good trying to exercise and push yourself if you don't understand good posture, how to maintain good alignment and if you don't understand exactly what your Core and Core control are.

The classes will involve some theory but, mostly exercise and you will try out a selection of key Pilates exercises and challenges. We will also explore exercise techniques and mechanisms in your own body you may have missed. You'll be getting a good workout and be learning good movement habits which can influence daily life outside of the class room.

We prefer it if you attend both days and the overall price is cheaper if you do but, if you have spoken to us about missing a day then you can buy a single session. There are no refunds for sessions you miss.