Starter Programs
Consultation & Taster Session
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 5 days.
Book your free taster and receive a consultation with your coach to talk about your experiences to date, any injuries and restrictions you have to ensure we are aware of these moving forward and discuss what your goals are so we can set some targets for you to achieve.

This is followed by a session in the gym to let you experience, first hand what our training and coaching approach entails.

Please note that we apply a fee of £10.00 which can be used as credit towards membership or intro course moving forward. THis ensures you are serious about coming in and avoids no-shows which we have experienced on multiple occasions. Thank you for your understanding.

Unity Intro Course
Starts on May 12, 2021. Expires June 4, 2021.
At Unity Gym we pride ourselves on coaching quality movement and ensuring our members understand the mechanics behind the movements.

What does this mean for you, as someone interested in joining?

It means moving weights you never thought you could, teaching you movements like handstands to box jumps and from Olympic lifting to rope climbs.

Each movement takes time and progressions are based on each person’s ability. We have found that new guys joining the gym are apprehensive about starting the class. We soon ensure they are more than capable, just read the testimonials to find out (

The Intro Course is the stepping stone. It gives you the confidence In yourself to progress into the main class and provides a welcoming environment in order for our coaches to give you the progressions and attention required to progress and challenge you. It also gives us a good opportunity to get to know you and finding out your goals and what makes you tick.

The specifics:
You will purchase an 8 session pack where you will attend 2 sessions a week on Wednesday at 7:00pm and Friday at 7:00pm. Due to COVID we are restricted to 5 spaces and cannot be flexible on times.

Unity Intro Programme:

The aim of the ON RAMP / Into Course is to expose you to the fundamental movements to allow you to move effectively and ensure we build a good foundation for progression. We will prepare you to enter the performance classes knowing that you can confidently carry out the movement safely and efficiently.

Fundamental movements we teach you are:
1. The Squat
2. The Front Squat
3. The Press
4. The Push Press
5. The Push Jerk
6. The kettlebell swing
7. The Deadlift
8. The Medicine Ball Clean

We will also be teaching you Kettlebell skills for conditioning, gymnastic skills for midline stability, Olympic lifts the clean, clean and jerk and the snatch. Plyometric skills like box jumping, jump rope work. All these and many more will be covered in the ON RAMP.
We guarantee you will see a significant improvement in your performance from your first session to your last.

On completion of the 4 weeks you are free to attend the performance classes. These are still coach led and will ensure the programming is tailored to each athlete’s ability.

If you have any more questions please get in touch.
Annual Membership - One off Payment
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 12 months.
Save £375 when you pay for an Annual Membership upfront

This includes our introductory courses and unlimited booking in performance classes.

Half-yearly Membership- one of payment
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 6 months.
Pay for 6 months up front and save 30% on monthly membership
All Memberships
Drop In
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 1 day.
Here for work or just visiting? Feel free to drop in for a session.

The DAD WOD Group Training - Pack of 10
Begins on the date of the first registration. Never Expires.
Pack of 10 DAD WOD classes for the price of 8

This is ideal if you are an experienced DAD Wodder and would like to commit to 10 weeks of training.

This is an introductory offer available until the 30th November

The DAD WOD Group Training x 1 Class
Begins on the date of the first registration. Never Expires.
This entitles the user to one DAD WOD class. These can be purchased as and when you would like to attend the class