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Online Tutorials
Want access to a vast library of floorwork and pole tutorials to supplement your in-studio training? With this subscription you’ll enjoy:

• Access to all of our online Vimeo floorwork tutorials - new tutorials weekly

• Access to our online Vimeo follow along routines

You'll be emailed a new password for tutorials every month whilst you're an active subscriber to get access to our Vimeo tutorials.

Don't forget to film your attempts and progress, and tag us at both @pivotpolestudio and @jessicabuttonspole so we can see!

More Info:

• All subscriptions are billed monthly on the 1st of each month. All payments are wholly non-refundable and transferable

• No commitment; cancel any time

• These are for pre-recorded tutorials and follow along routines and not for Online Live classes

• Please email to cancel your subscription any time

• This is not intended to replace in studio training, but as a supplement to support your dancing

• Please train safely - ensure you warm up and cool down before and after

• Make sure you are training in a safe space that is clear of any obstacles

• We recommend listening to the pre-requisites (if applicable) on moves to ensure training safe

• Please train both sides of your body!