Monthly Contracts
GI Membership
Full Membership - Unlimited Trainig
£85.00 per month

GI Student BJJ Membership
Full student Membership, For full time students who hold a valid student card, Card must be shown at the academy when signing up for your membership, Or shown at receprion on your first training session if you have signed up online
£65.00 per month

NOGI Membership
Full NOGI Training package
£40.00 per month

FULL BJJ & NOGI Membership
FULL BJJ & NOGI Membership
£95.00 per month

Student Full BJJ & NOGI Membership
Student Full BJJ & NOGI Membership, Open to all Full time students who hold a valid student card
£75.00 per month

Children's BJJ membership
Children's BJJ Membership for all age groups from age 4 to age 15 years
£35.00 per month