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High Priestess Tarot Workshop

Accessing your Intuition with the High Priestess

Each card in the tarot represents part of the human experience. The High Priestess represents our ability to tap into our intuition.

Have you ever ignored your first impulse only to scold yourself that you should’ve listened to your instincts? Do you constantly find yourself needing other people to help make decisions?

Join Sheila Masterson, tarot reader, yoga teacher, and intuitive coach for an afternoon of exploring your intuition.

In this two-hour workshop we’ll discuss what intuition is, why it’s so hard to hear, and what you can do to develop your listening ability. We’ll also practice some yoga, meditation and journaling to explore our individual intuitive experiences. Please bring your yoga mat, some water, and a journal to this class.

Tapping into this intuitive knowing is something that everyone can access.