Personal Trainer and owner of JB Fitness UK, James Bramwell shares how TeamUp helped him offer his clients a professional customer experience

Learn how TeamUp's software helped James offer his personal training clients a professional booking experience. James shares how software has helped him elevate his business and why he can't live without it.

"Initially, I came to TeamUp for my scheduling and my payments, and that is still the primary coming role it plays in my business. But the financial reports, I'd also say actually as a CRM, it's amazing in the way that I can speak to clients to set up to send out automated emails after a first session or maybe a full session."

How TeamUp helped me create a professional customer experience for my clients

I'm James and our company is J.B. Fitness UK. We're a personal training company based in London, England, Northeast London, to be specific, and we deliver one in one personal training and small group personal training. And yes we've been going for probably the last eight years or so and we've been using TeamUp for the last five and a half years since about late 2015. And it's been amazing. It was about 2015, and I was just starting to go over into some type of small group, semi-private personal training. And I'd been a personal trainer for the previous four and a half, five years. And I wanted to go into business and I was looking at a way that I could get people to take online payments. That was a really big thing to make my business a bit more professional. I meant to try and get recurring online payments as you know monthly payments are a big thing in our industry to make your business a bit more bulletproof and to make your income a bit more predictable.

So it's really about professionalism and also improving the customer experience and allowing them to start booking in sessions and helping my group side of the business to be, again, to be a lot more professional. I think that's the best way to describe what I was looking for. I asked around about different platforms and without namedropping others there were different things I saw in other ones. But I came across TeamUp and there was a simplicity, but a great way to integrate with my business. And when I presented it to existing clients, and new clients, they loved it. They loved it. And it was an amazing way to make my payments automated. So that was fantastic for the online recurring direct debits. That was fantastic for me.

But also when it came to booking in sessions and people just seeing the professional business and when it came to getting the new clients, that helped to separate me from the others where they were able to have something which works with them, which is very intuitive and gave me a great first impression of new people. If I'm honest the support from TeamUp is amazing, second to none. I've really enjoyed that. I'd say that I recommend TeamUp to everybody. I work with quite a lot of personal trainers and another business. Where we do a bit of business coaching and we just I'm always recommending TeamUp just because the feedback and the help you get is fantastic, if I'm honest with you. And what I'd say is that any help you need, TeamUp often have an answer very quickly. And if they're not sure if they will find out for you or they're open suggestion. And I'd say the great thing about the software is it does a lot more than you realize.

So initially I came to TeamUp for my scheduling and my payments, and that is still the primary coming role it plays in my business. But the financial reports, I'd also say actually as a CRM, it's amazing in the way that I can speak to clients to set up to send out automated emails after a first session or maybe a full session. The information it gives you about how long they've been training with you, you can even now start putting in like injury reports from each client as well. So that's a great way to communicate about members if you've got more than one coaching your business. So just the actual breadth of different features on the software is second to none. Lockdown and COVID have been rough for everybody.

There have been some plus points so that it's not all negative, but generally, we've all had to, in essence, turn our businesses upside down. So we've had to do to keep ongoing. And we've gone from being completely 100 percent in-person to being 100 percent online for a period of time and now we're back again being online. And in essence, we have done online sessions or delivered online session all the way through from the first lockdown, from March 23/24th in the UK up until now. So the best part of ten months. And again, TeamUp was amazing. They managed to get a Zoom integration very quickly and do great to integrate. So it means that many of our members can click in straight away and it takes them straight to it.

So again, for people who are maybe technophobes or a little bit worried about using tech, I'll say that TeamUp makes it so much easier. And it also means that I do I use one of the features where before every session we send out a pre-session reminder twelve hours before. And within that session, it has to link. So, that means that every session they get a link, they click it and you're good to go. And those types of integration just make that transition so much easier. And I think making things easy for your members, it's half the battle if I'm honest with you. You can make it easy. You can make it simple. Then transitioning from one to the other just becomes a lot simpler and it means they have a bit more trust in me. And that's where TeamUp again, it just help helped me to build that trust between or further enhance the trust between ourselves and our members.

The last thing I'd say is TeamUp amazing. You need it. It's only going to enhance your business. Your members are going to love it. You're going to love it. I didn't mention it, but a great app as well the app helped to book me in sessions as well. So get TeamUp it's for payments, amazing scheduling, amazing for CRM, and more. They can do more than you ever could.

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