Why Brad Wendes thinks TeamUp is the best software for Parkour businesses

Brad Wendes shares why he uses TeamUp's software for his Parkour Academy and why other Parkour businesses in the UK also use TeamUp.

"Whether you want memberships, pay as you go or you want flexibility for your classing and your pricing and you want ease of use for your customers, it is the best system out there."

Why we chose TeamUp for our Parkour business

My name is Brad Wendes and I'm a Parkour coach, acrobat by trade, which I guess is a little bit different to a lot of people. In school when they said go and get a real job, I just kind of ignored that. I've just been playing for my entire adult life. So we run the Kinetix Academy. We've got a seven thousand square foot unit in North Essex, a little bit outside London. We do parkour free-running, acrobatics, we do predominantly classes for children, but we also run classes for adults or preschoolers, and pretty much anyone wants to come up and we jump around and have fun. There are only seven Parkour facilities in the UK and I think four of us are in mainland England. So myself and the other gym owners all have a great community. We're all friends. We all get along. None of us are in direct competition with each other, so we just help each other out.

And one of the gym owners started using TeamUp back when we were running satellite classes out of schools and leisure centres, must be maybe five or six years ago and we looked into it and we looked into the different options. And the thing that we really liked about TeamUp and when signing up originally was not only was it was a recommendation from a good friend of mine, someone I trust, but also the different payment options, something I really like about the TeamUp system is that all of us run our payment models in completely different ways, but we use the same software so we can talk about the results we're having. But we could switch from a pay as you go to a monthly membership, to class packs, to all those kind of things and see what works. And it's really nice to have not only the backup of my friends, but also the TeamUp support, but have the flexibility to run my business the way I want to, but also with community support from my friends having the same software.

So within TeamUp and the things that we like most were the simple integration of the timetable, as we now only have one site, it's actually really straightforward for our customers to get on. Look at the day and book. We have used some of the COVID tools, and actually when we lockdown firsted in the UK the COVID tools in TeamUp really, really helped because we could just blanket hold everyone's membership and that's what we did. We didn't charge our membership while we closed the tool. And so we just held everyone's memberships and we put a stop on all of the classes ongoing and then we could reassess on a month by month basis. But having those blanket COVID tools, and they're still quite useful when restrictions have changed over the last few months, we've gone back into lockdown, we've had numbers, we've had to restrict the numbers of our classes. It's been really simple to do and TeamUp got that straight away. You know, by the time lockdown came around, we had COVID tools in TeamUp and that was a great certainly for the last year.

As we started to reopen, we could then up our numbers or we could adjust our classes in a blanket fashion and as restrictions changed and rules changed, which they did on a monthly basis over here. So it really did help us in the last year letting our customers know what's going on. I'll be honest, I haven't used any of the On Demand tools. I keep meaning to look at it because I think that's something really useful. We do make a lot of videos, most of our videos on YouTube channel or in our social media platforms. And I do need to look more into the On Demand stuff because I think if we really use what we do, I just haven't had the time to explore it.

When we were looking for booking systems, not only were we recommended by someone I really trust, but we looked at a few different booking systems and there's a few out there, certainly for the fitness industry and for class-based businesses and TeamUp is the best. It's not without its flaws. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect yet, but it's getting better. And support is quite good, pretty good system for support, but it is certainly the best system out there at present for class-based and small fitness organizations or small class-based organisations. Whether you want memberships, pay as you go or you want flexibility for your classing and your pricing and you want ease of use for your customers, it is the best system out there.

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