Yvonne John shares why TeamUp's features help her run her dance business

Yvonne John, owner of Feeling the Fitness, breaks down which TeamUp tools are essential for running her business and why On Demand was a game changer.

There's no rush. There's no hassle. They deal with a problem and they make sure it's solved. I cannot put enough emphasis on customer service. So if you need a software that's going to give you the help that you need when you need it this is the one for you.

My name is Yvonne, I run Feeling the Fitness. I've been going for about nine years now. I started with Zumba and then about six years ago I added Clubbercise, which is another dance fitness program. And last year I added personal training and coaching to the brand. So we're expanding and I've got more to add this year. I used to use Bookwhen. And then I was part of a group, a coaching group called Get More Clients, also Fully Booked Formula, and they recommended it. It was one of the ones that they said, really good. If you're going to go for a system, use it. And I think it took me a good year before I moved from my current system to you guys. For a couple of reasons. One it's a headache to move stuff. It's just a nightmare. And two you are more expensive. But there were things that I needed and I'd outgrown the other one. And everything I was told was on this. And actually, it's got so many functions I can't cope. It's exactly what I need and some. So at times, you need to rein yourself in. There are that many features.

There's a little bit of a learning curve because I was doing membership and things like that. And I wanted I think I wanted pro-rata, really, I didn't I just wanted everything to start from wherever people paid. So it took a little while just because it was so different to what I was used to. But we got there it was fine. One of the best things was being able to offer free classes and free should mean free. Free shouldn't mean put your credit card details in free should mean it's free. All you do is you register your details and you get the class for free. If you then decide to commit, then we start talking about how you're going to pay. So believe it or not, that's not for everybody. But for me that was huge. So that was one of them.

Being able to send clients notifications before and after the class. So one of the things that I used to find was I would have people booking on to a class and particularly for the free classes. Sometimes I could make it for whatever reason, it really doesn't matter. But what I would then have to do prior to TeamUp was manually email people to say, don't worry, life gets in the way. Rebook it, it's fine. Just come along. Now, I could trigger and on the notifications on TeamUp, and it would automatically send it to somebody who hadn't intended, that it was OK, you haven't lost your free taster. Go ahead and rebook. Life gets in the way, yada, yada. So that right there was worth its weight in gold.

That was huge. So fast forward to COVID. They were on it so quick I had to turn around everything and change from in-person to online in 24 hours. And TeamUp was right there with me. Absolutely. I think it might have been maybe a week it took them to integrate Zoom from when the announcement of it happened. So that was going from e-mailing people and obviously forgetting some people. So it'd be a bit of a nightmare to suddenly having an integration with TeamUp where it was, if you booked, you just press the button, game-changer. So that was huge.

And finally On Demand. Wow, just wow, it's brilliant. And not only have I got my Zumba stuffed up, I've now got another program if you like, that I have my group coaching, my training stuff. So there will be a program in print and there'll also be videos of everything that you're supposed to do and how long you supposed to be doing it for. Now, I've got that on a link that I could put in the On Demand and give to my PT clients because that was one of the things I was going back and forth with TeamUp saying I needed something for my PT clients. Well, because I've got on demand, I can attach all these different things. That's fantastic. I can put videos welcoming people, telling them if you don't understand how to do X, Y and Z, do it like this.

Because now I've got the platform. Oh, I could go on. So I would definitely recommend TeamUp for anybody in the fitness business, particularly now with the On Demand section being a must. If you're face to face, it's going to work. If you're a hybrid system, when you're using On Demand and face to face, it's going to work. But if you're going to be working online integrated with Zoom, and I think it's integrated with other things as well, it will work. So absolutely. I recommend it.

One on one of the major benefits of using TeamUp is the customer services and a lot of other software companies have bots, I think they're called, or you might have to email, whatever customer service is, usually you can get them on the phone if don't get on the phone you can leave them a message they will call you back, but you can leave a message on the actual application. They will get back to you every single time you can. You can book slots. I think they're 10-minute slots, 15-minute slots, 30-minute slots. If you've got something more detailed, they will go through it. There's no rush. There's no hassle. They deal with a problem and they make sure it's solved. I cannot put enough emphasis on customer service. So if you need a software that's going to give you the help that you need when you need it this is the one for you.

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